Best Photo Recovery Software

Best Photo Recovery Software

Choose one of these photo recovery software to recover lost, deleted or formatted photos easily and fast.

Losing photos is always the worst experience so recently I’ve been researching and finding out cheap and free photo recovery software that actually work in case of recovering lost and deleted photos on your PC or Mac.

Top 10 Best Photo Recovery Software

If you need a software to recover deleted photographs or you’ve formatted a SSD card full of photos and want to get them back, look through these 10 picture recovery software that will restore your photographs no matter what!

1. Piriform Recuva

Piriform Recuva interface USE PIRIFORM RECUVA

Platforms: Windows
Price: FREE

  • Advanced deep scan mode
  • Recovers damaged or recently formatted files
  • Lets you preview the upcoming recovery
  • Some files may be overwritten upon its installation

This photo recovery software is the best and easiest free software in my list. When files are deleted, the actual information remains on the hard drive until you write new files over it and can technically be restored.

Many things can happen. You empty the recycle bin and then find you have deleted something important, suffer from a virus or just get an error that damages information. In most cases, this free picture recovery software will bring that information back. 

Additionally, Recuva can restore emails. Or, as opposed to restoring, it can completely destroy the files you don’t want anyone to get a hold of. It also works as data recovery software for Android phone internal memory. You will need to create an image for the internal memory of the device, and after that, the software will simply take it for an external disk like a common memory stick.

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill interface USE DISK DRILL

Platforms: Windows/Mac
Price: FREE

  • You can pause and resume the process
  • The interface is very intuitive
  • Quick processing
  • Difficult to understand filetype selection

This free photo recovery software is packed with useful features that protect your files. Recovery Vault is a register that records information about the location and filename of deleted documents.

Guaranteed Recovery copies files that are cleared out of the trash bin. S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring ensures that your hard drive is functioning well and warns the user at any risk of failure.

What I like about this program is a very simple interface. The speed of processing and ease of use are nice. You can install this photo recovery software free on your grandparents’ computers.

3. Search and Recover

search and recover photo recovery software interface USE SEARCH AND RECOVER

Platforms: Windows
Price: $29.95

  • Efficient image recovery
  • Allows restoring deleted files
  • Recovers from drives and popular email programs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with Windows only

Iolo Technologies created a powerful program that allows you to quickly and easily find lost, deleted, or damaged data on your computer.

Deleted files, folders, MP3 files, movies, applications, drivers, web pages and emails can be retrieved from your PC even after you empty the Trash.

Search and Recover can recover data from various media: MP3 and USB devices, digital cameras, etc. The program also contains a security tool for destroying deleted files, a built-in file viewer, etc.

4. DiskDigger

DiskDigger interface USE DISKDIGGER

Platforms: Windows/Linux
Price: FREE

  • Free
  • Simple in use
  • If the filetype is unfamiliar to the program, it won’t find your lost document

This convenient photo recovery free program has two modes. The first is "dig deep" and it serves to recover files it finds on the disc you indicate. The second is "dig deeper" and this one can restore any shreds of information it finds on the disc, regardless of its file system.

Once you start scanning you will be surprised by how fast it completes processing and presents you the list of discovered files. From a big storage device, it can excavate thousands of files.

You will be glad that the photo recovery software designers provided you with filters to ease the search (for instance, you can filter out JPEGs over 100KB). It will also show you many previews, so you won’t struggle much to find the photos you were searching for.

When you do, simply press “restore” and there they are.

5. EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver interface USE EASEUS MOBISAVER

Platforms: Windows/Mac
Price: FREE

  • Can restore iPhone files from multiple devices
  • Simple and fast
  • Limited free version

If you need to recover contacts, you are allowed five at a time. If you lost videos or photos, you only get to restore one. Same goes for texts or WhatsApp chat history, both can be restored with restrictions. But if you lost notes, reminders or calendar events, call history or bookmarks of the Safari browser – those can be restored fully.

The EaseUS data recovery wizard has the benefit of being capable of restoring any filetype. For some reason, the Mac OS paid version will be more expensive than Windows. If you decide to pay, it will open up the tech support. Additionally, the paid version comes with a money-back guarantee lasting a whole month, so don’t worry if you don’t like something.

6. DigDeep

DigDeep photo recovery software USE DIGDEEP

Platforms: Android
Price: FREE

  • Best for Android
  • Scan external and internal memory (SD Card)
  • User-friendly
  • Recover JPG, JPEG, PNG files
  • Lacks filter search results

DigDeep is free picture recovery software for Android devices. It is aimed to scan both external and internal storage memory to detect traces of deleted shots. The program doesn’t require any configuration. Moreover, it starts working after tapping on the home screen icon. Open the app and you’ll see a loading screen.

You need to be patient and wait for some time. The app scans all available folders and files for deleted pictures. The duration depends on the memory size of your device. When it is done, you’ll see a new screen with folders each of which has photos from a definite location. Now you need to check them to look for the pictures you want to recover.

Afterwards, press the restore button. The app will point out the folder that contains the desired pictures. Now you have two options: to browse the mentioned folder or a gallery where the images are kept.

7. Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery interface USE STELLAR PHOTO RECOVERY

Platforms: Windows
Price: $39-79

  • Quick and powerful file recovery
  • User-friendly interface
  • Previews of restored files
  • Restores from CD/DVD drives
  • Recovers not so many files

After opening Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software, you will see quite a large screen with a question of what to recover. Next, a screen with a Windows Explorer-style menu of your frequent locations appears.

You have a few options here to choose from. The first one is the recovery of a lost disk partition.

The program offers to choose a deep scan which will examine the whole disk to detect the characteristic signatures of various file types. When Stellar Phoenix finds a graphics file, the software gives an arbitrary filename to it.

The name contains the image dimensions, for example, "1326x1190-12176.png." (The 12176 is an arbitrary number). By the way, if you want to find a large file, specify dimensions to do it quicker. 

All in all, Stellar Phoenix photo recovery is a perfect choice for non-technical users.

8. CardRecovery

CardRecovery Recovery interface USE CARDRECOVERY

Platforms: Windows
Price: $39

  • Best for JPGs recovery
  • Can’t recover vector pics

CardRecovery is popular image recovery software for Windows. Many users choose it due to high speed and 100% successful recovery of JPG photos. It is one of the best programs if you need to recover defective, damaged and unreadable memory card. Moreover, the program can scan and recover lost images from a regular hard drive.

The developers state that CardRecovery works well with all photo and video types. In fact, I can't say the same because I was lucky to recover nothing besides JPG. You see, the program managed to recover other formats only for 25%. 

Additionally, it wasn’t successful with vector images.  The program couldn't deliver at least one file during reformatted drive tests though it recovered about 50% of proprietary RAW formats during lost file testing. 

CardRecovery also won’t help with proprietary RAW images on a SD card. Agree, it is a big disadvantage if take into consideration the fact that the photo recovery program is designed mainly for SD card recovery. 

In general, CardRecovery is the best data recovery software for JPG images. However, you'd better look for another program if to deal with other formats.

9. Prosoft Data Rescue

Prosoft Data Rescue (for Mac) interface USE PROSOFT DATA RESCUE

Platforms: Mac
Price: $99

  • Top quality file recovery
  • Integrated chat button
  • Physical recovery lab
  • Awesome licensing
  • Examining results without advanced filtering may be difficult

Are you looking for a good photo recovery software for Mac? Prosoft Data Rescue will impress you with the capabilities to recover information from up to five drivers. You may request for additional drives if it is necessary.

For example, if you need to recover data from multiple SD camera memory cards. Deep Scan ran for 35 minutes on my SSD. All in all, it identified about 315MB of unreadable files, including some preference files, empty folders and NowContact document. 

Scanning HDD was better. The developers state that Prosoft Data Rescue needs about 8 hours to manage 1TB HDD. Eventually, the deep scan restored more than 73GB of files which are automatically placed into found and reconstructed folders. 

They also have subfolders for different file types. A search panel will make the searching process more convenient. Unfortunately, it won’t be very useful if the file doesn’t have the original name.

10. iMobiePhoneRescue

iMobiePhoneRescue interface USE IMOBIEPHONERESCUE

Platforms: Android/iOS
Price: $59

  • Good for smartphones
  • Doesn’t require connecting the device
  • Exports some files back to an iOS device or downloads a copy to PC
  • High-quality restored files
  • Can find more files than you deleted
  • The “Recover from iCloud” mode isn’t helpful

Recovering photos with iMobiePhoneRescue is very simple and safe. Using it, you can restore plenty of file types on any iOS device. The developers worked hard to create a user-friendly interface so that you won’t have any problems.

However, you shouldn’t forget that the image recovery process is quite complicated. It means there is no 100 % guarantee you will be able to restore all necessary photos. 

4 different recovery and repair modes is a strong advantage of this picture recovery software. They maximize the chances of getting the expected result. 

However, these modes work not so perfectly well. For example, the “Recover from iOS Device” mode tries to detect even more images than you deleted. That’s why you will have to waste time on identifying the necessary ones.

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