11 Photo Studio Management Software For Full Work Control

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

Photographers require a photography studio management software in order to establish relationships with clients. Such software help tracking the correspondence, sending e-mails automatically, gathering feedback via special surveys and more instead of a photographer.

You will be able to manage practically all the areas of the photography business, from the control of invoicing operations and bookings to handling projects along with the integration of other workflow elements.

Top 11 Photo Studio Management Programs

  1. ShootQ - For large businesses
  2. Tave - The best business management software
  3. Studio Ninja - Powerful integrations
  4. HoneyBook - For small businesses
  5. Dubsado - Convenient bills tracking
  6. Sprout Studio - Offers online galleries and design proofing
  7. Iris Works - Online booking & scheduling
  8. 17Hats - Supports multiple users
  9. Shootzilla - Easy setup
  10. Pixify - Fully-automated booking system
  11. Picspotr - Basic instruments at an affordable price

For this review, I have studied the most well-known studio management software companies, used by famous photographers. For instance, many of them use Freshbooks invoicing and payment capabilities to streamline their workflow by creating recurring invoices.

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Besides, to help you pick an efficient photography studio management software, I took into consideration such aspects as automated operations, invoicing and payment capabilities, signing of contracts, scheduling dates and lead management.

1. ShootQ - Our Choice

For large businesses
  • Automated workflow
  • Time optimization capabilities
  • Monitors the working progress
  • Templates for contracts, invoices and more
  • Ability to delegate tasks to employees
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Verdict: This free studio management software boasts an incredibly vast array of capabilities, for instance, online booking, quick invoicing and online payments. All your meetings and photo shoots are added to the schedule and integrate with the rest of the calendars.

ShootQ is often praised for the high level of customization. Users have the ability to arrange and modify their workflows and pre-template emails, surveys and other documentation. Client-oriented portals may be customized to match the peculiar style of the business.

Besides, it is possible to customize the financial reporting toolset and make it demonstrate only the most relevant info. Due to the synchronization with Quickbooks, photographers will be able to manage accounting matters more efficiently. A workshop module for the digital conducting of workshops is worth mentioning as well.

shootq best photography studio management software interface

2. Tave

Double booking warnings
  • Efficient organization
  • Remarkable customization capabilities
  • Monitors e-mails, contracts and invoicing
  • Scheduled e-mails
  • Top-grade customer support
  • Difficult to figure out

Verdict: Táve rightfully occupies its place on the list of the best photography studio management software. Its customization capabilities are quite robust, enabling users to add tasks and prompts with the integration across the established workflow along with contact forms, contracts and surveys. The deadline date may be assigned to all the tasks, which are conveniently listed in one place and are regularly updated.

The booking quotes are automatically generated by Táve. The lead tracking option assists in following potential clients and offers status updates on all files in the workspace. The software will notify you in case you have double-booking issues (when you have scheduled two meetings/photo shoots at the same time and date).

Táve’s customer support service will provide a prompt answer to any question or request you have. In addition, the developers are constantly updating the software.

tave best photography studio management software interface

3. Studio Ninja

Powerful integrations
  • Extremely straightforward
  • Manages invoicing and payment well
  • Support for digital signatures
  • Cloud-based
  • Decent mobile application
  • Unable to update all current workflows
studio ninja best photography studio management software logo
Studio Ninja

Verdict: Being the best photography management software, Studio Ninja is aimed at making the process of doing photography business smoother. Remarkable interface along with a straightforward feature-set guarantees efficient time optimization and control of tasks’ completion.

Among the main benefits of this software are lead conversion, tracking the status and progress of tasks, customization of workflows for employees and the company. The real-time signing of contracts and paying invoices is possible with Studio Ninja as well.

Thanks to the mobile application, it is easier to monitor the current state of affairs on the move. The software efficiently integrates with other helpful services, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Xero and QuickBooks. Moreover, Studio Ninja will be able to satisfy the photographer’s accounting needs due to detailed financial reports and the integration with Stripe and PayPal.

studio ninja best photography studio management software interface

4. HoneyBook

For small businesses
  • Great options to manage finances
  • Task reminders for leads and clients
  • Automated emails
  • Intuitive
  • Offers iOS and Android applications
  • Weak collaborative capabilities
honeybook best photography studio management software logo

Verdict: HoneyBook is the best photography studio management software for running small businesses. Being cloud-based, this CRM product boosts the efficiency of various business procedures – starting from inquiry to invoicing.

You can freely delegate the processes of handling projects and payments, booking clients, signing contracts online and sending invoices to HoneyBook. Besides, it enables users to see and monitor all the stages of projects.

This software will store all the contracts, invoices and documentation in a single place. It gives users the ability to reply to clients with automated meeting inquiries and subsequent activities via customized templates and notifications.

Users can activate automatic payment reminders to be sent, as well as create task reminders related to different projects. The software boasts the integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, Calendly and Zapier. For more convenience, install the HoneyBook application on iOS or Android.

honeybook best photography studio management software interface

5. Dubsado

Convenient bills tracking
  • Not difficult to master
  • Comprehensive client forms and contracts
  • Excellent invoicing and accounting
  • Robust automated workflows
  • Productive to-do list management
  • Absence of a mobile version
dubsado best photography studio management software logo

Verdict: Dubsado is the best photography management software for those who run small businesses. Aside from such basic options as action items and future bookings, users gain access to constant comparison of their expenses and profits. They can control their financial goals and discover the amount of money owed in unpaid invoices.

In terms of payment, Dubsado pleases users with the possibility to turn one payment option into a universal one and enable alternative options for certain clients. It will greatly help you in cases when clients aren’t satisfied with the universal option. Moreover, unlike plenty of payment platforms, Dubsado accepts tips.

While the majority of CRM products provide a free trial for users to test the software, Dubsado makes it possible to try out the first three clients free of charge.

dubsado best photography studio management software interface

6. Sprout Studio

Offers online galleries and design proofing
  • Custom branding
  • Automated client emails, reminders, confirmations and follow-ups
  • Pre-made templates
  • Features surveys
  • Navigating calendar system isn’t easy

Verdict: Sprout Studio unites a studio management toolset, album design proofing, and online and sales galleries. The software will bring more ease into the processes of tracking clients, sending invoices, receiving payments, creating forms, surveys, etc.

Users have an opportunity to upload pictures to galleries, sell them, as well as prints and all sorts of products via the preferred lab. In addition, it is possible to create gallery templates and gather e-mails from those who visited the gallery of the user’s client.

Sprout is, in fact, the best accounting software for photographers due to the simplified invoicing and the integration with Stripe, Square and PayPal to make payments. Also, the multi-purpose “Business Health” feature gives insight (analytics and graphs) into the financial side of the business.

sprout studio best photography studio management software interface

7. Iris Works

Online booking & scheduling
  • Wonderful customer support
  • Vast range of integrations
  • Intuitive
  • Automated workflow
  • Assists in scouting for locations
  • Unable to do a payment plan setup with invoices
iris works best photography studio management software logo
Iris Works

Verdict: The main aim of Iris Works is to simplify client and studio management procedures by means of online booking photography clients, scheduling, invoicing, automated workflows and handling contracts.

Apart from dealing with business-related issues, the software enables photographers to monitor their preferred places for shooting, as well as share pics with clients through the additional gallery option. Since Iris Works is cloud-based, photographers have a chance to administer their businesses and clients regardless of where they are. The only thing required is an Internet connection.

Thanks to the in-built scheduling system, shooters will be booking and controlling client schedules with great ease. The software offers a lead page for them to extract and monitor new contacts and leads from their site and social network accounts, such as Instagram and FB.

iris works best photography studio management software interface

8. 17Hats

Supports multiple users
  • Straightforward workflows
  • Division of paid work by project
  • Integration with payment platforms
  • Manages invoice reminders
  • Financial management has to be more detailed
17hats best photography studio management software logo

Verdict: 17Hats is the best photography studio management software oriented at those who own small businesses. It will assist in automating the workflow and will help photographers cope with appointments, scheduling and billing.

You may forget about the routine and never-ending paperwork. With 17Hats, it is possible to pre-template and automate contracts, invoices, proposals and other documentation. The software will come in useful mostly for photographers who are smoothly and regularly dealing with a number of clients.

It grants the ability to create new leads in an instant, so it won’t be an issue to turn potential clients into standing ones. Keep in mind that accounting isn’t the strongest side of 17Hats. That’s why if you need more extensive capabilities regarding this matter, look into other accounting software.

17hats best photography studio management software interface

9. Shootzilla

Easy setup
  • High level of customization
  • Ability to transfer from spreadsheet to Shootzilla
  • Manages tasks conveniently
  • Plenty of ready-made templates
  • Absence of invoicing option
  • Lacks marketing management
shootzilla best photography studio management software logo

Verdict: Shootzilla is photographer studio management software that focuses on the ease of conducting business matters. It offers customizable workflow templates adapted to photography-related projects (portraits, weddings and so on) along with simplified switching between the leads and current clients.

The software doesn’t only bring more organization into the workflow but also makes it more diverse. Photographers will enjoy color-coding tasks and assigning icons that indicate what has to be done for a certain project.

E-mail templates can be customized according to the shooter’s preferences. Besides, the software will remind them of the e-mail-related tasks that require consideration, as well as help send those e-mails. Shootzilla’s calendar integrates with Google and Apple calendars.

oncrawl web crawler tool interface

10. Pixify

Fully-automated booking system
  • Extensive feature-set
  • Excellent customization
  • Wonderful integration options
  • Handy booking system
  • Difficult to figure out
  • Time-consuming setting-up process
pixify best photography studio management software logo

Verdict: Pixifi was developed by a wedding photographer who didn’t manage to find the best photography management software for his business needs. It is compatible with practically all devices, provides synchronization with a wide range of software products and has a customizable dashboard.

This software stands out with its fully-automated booking system enabling customers to pick dates and options, place orders, sign contracts and pay for services without any effort from the photographer’s side. The calendar system is also pretty convenient to help avoid double-booking.

Pixifi grants access to numerous photographer email templates and contracts, as well as lets users customize them. Its integrated financials platform handles the processes of sending invoices, tracking expenses and taxes.

pixify best photography studio management software interface

11. Picspotr

Basic instruments at an affordable price
  • Offers a mobile version
  • Facilitates scheduling
  • Effortless invoice creation
  • Provides contract templates
  • Tracks income conveniently
  • Way too basic
picspotr best photography studio management software logo

Verdict: Picspotr is a stripped-down photographer studio management software option that boasts an affordable cost, ease of use and a standard feature-set.

The software pleases users with the ability to track expenses, handle invoicing, sync calendars and so on. Besides, Picspotr provides contract templates: from wedding photography contract to real estate photography contract.

The supported payment platforms are Square, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree Payments and Authorize.net. The service is cloud-based and can be accessed via a free mobile iOS application as well.

In case you require a higher level of customization, marketing and accounting tools, Picspotr won’t be able to fully satisfy your needs. It is targeted mainly at photographers on a tight budget who are searching for a business software product that will bring more structure and organization into their workflow.

picspotr best photography studio management software interface