10 Best Invoicing Software For Small Business in 2023

Generate invoices and email them straight to your clients using the best invoicing software for small business! Armed with such a program, a business owner can create a simple invoice without hiring a team of accountants. I have tested popular software services developed to assist you with your billing and invoicing needs.

Top 10 Invoicing Software For Small Business

  1. FreshBooks - With bookkeeping feature
  2. Zoho Invoice - For startups
  3. Xero - Collaboration tools
  4. Invoice2Go - Best for mobile
  5. Square Invoices - For easy integration
  6. Wave - Free software
  7. QuickBooks Self-Employed - Affordable transaction fees
  8. MoonInvoice - For handling billing for multiple companies
  9. Invoicely - Exceptional reporting features
  10. BQE Core - For simple time-tracking

The invoicing programs described here have plenty of tools for you to get money for your services and run your business successfully. You may create estimates and proposals, track time and expenses, and integrate with payment gateways (forget about waiting for paper checks via email).

While choosing the best invoicing software for small business, pay attention to its price and a number of available customizable invoices.

1. FreshBooks - Our Choice

With bookkeeping feature
  • With double-entry accounting
  • Unlimited invoices and estimates
  • Automatic recurring client billing
  • Team collaboration and time tracking tools
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Verdict: With this invoicing software, you will be able to process invoices, keep track of payments, and set up recurring monthly transactions for your customers. FreshBooks can help you manage your invoicing, billing, collection, and other business expenses more efficiently. You can also choose to have the invoicing software directly integrated with other programs, such as Shopify and Zoom.

FreshBooks has been designed to simplify the billing process for small businesses and individuals. This invoice software for Mac automatically processes bills and pays them as they are due. You do not have to manually input any data, and you do not have to worry about errors because the invoicing software automatically corrects them.

freshbooks interface

2. Zoho Invoice

For startups
  • Excellent reports
  • Multiple mobile apps
  • Modifiable templates
  • Time tracking feature
  • Some functions require developer skills

Verdict: Zoho Invoice has been designed to simplify invoicing by providing the user with a fast and easy way of sending out electronic invoices to customers and clients. The advantage of using this invoice software is that you can create accurate, professional-looking forms that can be used to make payments, issue credit cards, set up pay orders, enter information regarding stock purchases and much more.

You will also find that you are able to generate reports that tell you how much money has been saved, how long it took for your clients to respond, how many bills were sent out, and how many checks were returned. A Zoho invoice form is specifically designed to meet the requirements of both small businesses and large corporations alike. You are able to create customized invoices using the various templates that are included in the software.

zoho invoice interface

3. Xero

Collaboration tools
  • Cheap solution
  • Project tracking
  • Supports sales and inventory
  • Unlimited users
  • Limited to 5 clients per month

Verdict: This type of software allows you to keep up with your invoicing from anywhere in the world, and it has the ability to handle all of your invoicing needs. With Xero small businesses will enjoy many of the same benefits that large businesses take advantage of. These benefits include online accounting and easy web access.

One of the best parts of this accounting software for medium sized business is that it is designed so small business owners don't need any technical knowledge to use it. All they need to do is log in, complete the initial setup, and then they're ready to go.

xero invoicing software for small business interface

4. Invoice2Go

Best for mobile
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoice open notifications
  • Purchase order management
  • Easy-to-navigate UI
  • Lack of integrations

Verdict: Invoice2Go can help manage your invoicing in a way that is both speedy and effective. One of the most beneficial feature of this software is that you are in control of every single detail of your bill payments. You can choose what time of the day you would like to receive your bills and what days you want to pay the bills.

Invoice2Go is also extremely easy to learn, which makes it well worth the investment even for those who know a lot about computers. Another good thing about this software is that it has been designed in such a way as to fit the needs of just about any business with the least amount of customization required on the part of the user.

invoice2go invoicing software for small business interface

5. Square Invoices

For easy integration
  • Payment processing capability
  • Free contract templates
  • Over 100 integrations
  • Includes a mobile app
  • Limited to the basics options

Verdict: The Square Invoices software is free to download and it can be used by anyone. This program is easy to use, it has many advanced features such as invoice printing, tracking of expenses and recurring charges, automatic dates printing and much more. You can save time with automatic bill sending and tracking.

Small businesses can choose which date they want to send their bills, you can also choose to do it automatically or manually. You will be able to set up reminders for each bill so that you know when you need to mail them out, it is also possible to send out statements via email. If you have to print customer checks, you will need a third-party check printing software.

square invoices invoicing software for small business interface

6. Wave

Free software
  • Great invoice management
  • Accept payments from all credit cards
  • With column editing tools
  • Unlimited expense and income tracking
  • No time-tracking feature

Verdict: This software is used to automate the whole billing process for small business owners like you. Wave comes with many features that make it so easy to use. You will get a bill aggregation, which helps you keep track of how much money has been billed and how much you owe clients.

Bill consolidation is another feature included with this invoicing software. It allows you to consolidate all your invoices into one invoice and use it to pay all your bills. If you are not sure if your business needs a bill management system then you should take a look at the features of Wave and find out if it suits you or not. Alternatively, you may use an all-in-one solution like DashClicks as it has everything you need for running your business and promoting it online.

wave invoicing software for small business interface

7. QuickBooks Self-Employed

Affordable transaction fees
  • Easily tracks expenses and income
  • Cheap transaction fees
  • A simple way to connect financial accounts
  • Lack of advanced features in mobile apps

Verdict: QuickBooks Self-Employed provides small and mid-size companies the professional-level tool to manage payroll and invoicing. Software helps you to keep track of payments. Also small businesses can set up a tab for invoices, with QuickBooks, or they can print custom invoices with their specific information.

QuickBooks is ideal for all kinds of invoicing, from basic accounting transactions to complex contract review tasks. This invoicing software comes completely built into the accounting program, so you don't even have to install it on your computer.

quickbooks self-employed invoicing software for small business interface

8. MoonInvoice

For handling billing for multiple companies
  • Great performance
  • Automatically set options
  • Convenient selection of different payment methods
  • Detailed reports
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Free functionality is rather limited
mooninvoice invoicing software for small business logo

Verdict: MoonInvoice is an invoicing solution created for small businesses that want to streamline routine payments and time-consuming elaborate calculations. This too provides more than 66 customizable templates designed for various purposes.

MoonInvoice enables you to generate and send out as many invoices as you need while also personalizing their look and content to your exact requirements. This solution provides both manual settings and automatically selected parameters. For instance, the autopilot mode allows you to receive payments on time without having to create invoices manually. You can also leverage this tool to manage your company’s finances by taking advantage of the available 15 report templates.

mooninvoice invoicing software for small business interface

9. Cloudconvert

Exceptional reporting features
  • Useful reports
  • Feedback about invoices status
  • Great dashboards
  • Not so many customization features

Verdict: This invoicing software is a must have item for any small business that wants to keep accurate records of sales and billing transactions. Invoicely are equipped with the ability to print out checks, receipts, and invoices. It has templates for different invoicing operations. Also it can generate reports for analysis and track the receivables and payables.

Small businesses can use this invoice software to send invoices to customers and suppliers automatically. You can also set up reminders and send out them to your customers. Imvoicely can be downloaded from the Internet for free with some limitations.

invoicely invoicing software for small business interface

10. BQE Core

For simple time-tracking
  • Good customization
  • Time tracking tools
  • Document management options
  • Expensive additional reports

Verdict: This software is designed for small businesses with up to fifty employees. BQE Core helps to reduce the time by eliminating complex recurring bills. It is very user friendly and doesn't require any complex integration with your existing billing software.

This software has an in-built scheduler that controls the generation of bills and the distribution of bills so there is no duplication of tasks. It generates the bills in the most accurate way possible, taking into account factors such as employee schedule and your business sales patterns.

bqe core invoicing software for small business interface