10 Best Document Management Software in 2024

10 Best Document Management Software in 2024

Organize your digital documents and digitize existing paper records with the best document management software. Keep tabs on your business being out of the office or work with your team remotely, without breaking the quarantine regime.

Top 10 Best Document Management Software

  1. Adobe Document Cloud - For companies of any size
  2. eFileCabinet - Encrypted file sharing
  3. Microsoft SharePoint - To create separate sites
  4. M-Files - To store all versions of a document
  5. Neuxpower - Ultimate file compressor
  6. Vienna Advantage - Automatic indexing
  7. Templafy - Customizable interface to match your brand
  8. Adobe PDF Library - Separate APIs
  9. PaperTracer - Automates your contracts
  10. DocuWare - 5 business processes

Whether your company is eco-forward or is simply looking for a better way to organize the sharing and storage of documents, DMS software can help you with the task. An online document management system gives you more flexibility, and allows employees to access files and collaborate on projects from anywhere.

1. Adobe Document Cloud — Our Choice

For companies of any size
  • Simplified document scanning process
  • Automated files import
  • Excels in PDF file management
  • Exports form entries and documents without trouble
  • Only supports several other file types besides PDF

Verdict: Adobe Document Cloud is a suite of four programs for working with documents and three mobile applications. Regardless of your current location, you can get access to your PDFs and share them with anyone. Acrobat Pro allows you to review a report on your smartphone, tweak a proposal on a tablet, and comment on a presentation in your browser.

The program’s conversion abilities are really amazing: users can turn PDF into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, TIFF, or PNG. Moreover, with the program, it is easy to create completely new PDFs, reorder, delete, and rotate pages in a file, as well as modify text and pics. Besides, it provides tools for converting scanned docs into editable PDFs.

Sharing PDFs with collaborators is not a problem as well. Create a link and send it to one or many reviewers providing them access to a document from anywhere.

adobe document cloud management software interface

2. eFileCabinet

Encrypted file sharing
  • Remote control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Co-op features
  • None found

Verdict: eFileCabinet is one of the best document management software on the market for small and medium businesses. It is a cloud-based service that allows remote workers to log into the system from any computer with Internet access and have the same functionality as when working from the office.

You get encrypted file sharing and requests, two-factor authentication, and role-based permissions. You can even set up IP or location-based authentication. There are convenient folders and search by tags, so you can easily find the necessary files. eFileCabinet also stores a portfolio of your frequently used documents for quick access.

efilecabinet document management software interface

3. Microsoft SharePoint

To create separate sites
  • You can create separate sites
  • Customizable metadata
  • Collaborative editing in real time
  • Steep learning curve

Verdict: SharePoint offers a flexible and scalable platform for organizing and managing documents, and collaborating when you create and edit them. It allows you to make custom metadata fields for all files stored in the system, so it becomes super easy to customize the way documents are organized to suit your business needs.

A useful function that is frequently presented in free document management software is the co-editing possibility. This allows you to collaborate with your team members to edit documents in real time, giving you a clear understanding of who takes an active part in editing the document and what each member is doing.

microsoft sharepoint document management software interface

4. M-Files

To store all versions of a document
  • Different access levels for users
  • Back up all versions of a document
  • You can automate workflows
  • No online access

Verdict: M-Files is easy-to-use, comprehensive document organizer software that includes digital archiving features and productivity-boosting systems. The interface is designed on the basis of Windows Explorer and is very understandable. You can choose from on-premises, cloud or hybrid systems.

Version control is another very useful feature of this digital asset management software for photographers. M-Files keeps a history of each document, including the date when it was last opened, who opened it, and what changes were made. This makes it easier to keep track of what has happened to the document from the moment it was created. M-Files provides robust security features to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. It offers granular access control, audit trails, encryption, and compliance features to meet regulatory requirements, such as GDPR or HIPAA.

m-files document management software interface

5. Neuxpower

Ultimate file compressor
  • Instant download, no email required
  • 14-day free trial
  • Compress files for email
  • Program must be run on each subfolder if files are organized that way
  • Volume discounts for 10+ users

Verdict: Neuxpower is a standout in document management with simple, efficient software for editing, managing, and sharing your digital files. Files of PDFs, PowerPoints, Word, Excel, JPEGs, PNGs, and TIFF can easily be compressed with NXPowerLite Desktop. Especially, Neuxpower provides a possibility to customize settings profile for productivity enhancement and to be a point for integration with Windows Explorer for comfortable file compression.

Neuxpower, honestly, has really become my document management best friend. My inbox thanks me. My storage space rejoices. And my productivity levels go up and up. It's not magic, but it might be.

neuxpower document management

6. Vienna Advantage

Automatic indexing
  • Advanced automatic indexing
  • News feed of changes
  • Built-in tools for communication with workers
  • You can’t edit old files

Verdict: Vienna Advantage is a free and open-source document management system designed primarily for small businesses. The neatly-organized interface is easy to navigate and learn.

This electronic document management system has automatic indexing that uses an optical character recognition tool, which “understands” 27 languages and organizes documents by metadata after scanning keywords. In addition, the software indexes all changes made to documents, creating a complete version control archive that can be used to retrieve older versions of files if needed.

A social media-style news feed shows the most recent activity related to documents you've added to favorites or subscribed to. The built-in chat tool, calendar, and email tool on the dashboard allow team members to keep in touch all the time.

vienna advantage document management software interface

7. Templafy

Customizable interface to match your brand
  • Cloud library
  • You can personalize the interface to match your brand
  • You can create any document
  • No way to recover files

Verdict: Templafy is a relatively new DMS for businesses around the world with a focus on big enterprises. You can not only manage, edit and share documents, but also create them from scratch, right in the system

Users can upload digital assets from the best document camera or other medium to the cloud library so that other employees can access them. Brand and content updates are available immediately after download. Users are notified of template changes when they open older files.

This document organization software monitors how often resources are used, while permission controls allow administrators to determine who can access and edit content. Many people like the ability to customize the Templafy Interface to match the company's brand. You can add a picture or fill to the background to make it colored. Unfortunately, you cannot recover lost files, so you will have to resort to free data recovery software.

templafy document management software interface

8. Adobe PDF Library

Separate APIs
  • Optical character recognition
  • Quickly displays embedded content
  • Deep font settings
  • Requires prior experience

Verdict: Adobe PDF Library allows you to combine, edit, split, create and manage PDF files. The editor includes separate C / C ++ c APIs for .NET and Java, which in turn allows programmers to extract captured data from PDF documents.

This document management system can compete with the best OCR software, offering batch adjustments, data compression, indexing, data import/export. You can work with this DMS personally, integrating files with your account and using them on different devices, or in a team, choosing a special plan that opens up shared cloud storage.

It allows you to quickly display the embedded content in a PDF file, including text, graphics, metadata and code. You can also work with editable and printable formats using rasterization and automatic vectorization techniques.

adobe pdf library document management software interface

9. PaperTracer

Automates your contracts
  • Automates contracts
  • Allows tracking reports
  • 2 system versions
  • Up to 10 users

Verdict: PaperTracer automates workflows by integrating paper and digital documents into a centralized database. You can benefit from a cloud-based system with end-to-end workflows.

With PaperTracer home document management software, you can automate your contracts and digitize all your documents in a centralized database. PaperTracer has tracking and reporting capabilities and HIPPA-compliant solutions.

The system is available in two versions: PaperTracer Enterprise, which allows you to choose from customizable templates or create your own unique integrated option, and PaperTracer Express, which offers the most commonly used templates, sized for small and medium businesses.

papertracer document management software interface

10. DocuWare

5 business processes
  • No distracting frills
  • Convenient management
  • Connecting remote employees
  • Prices are hidden

Verdict: DocuWare is a quality cloud-based document management service without needless features. This DMS is unique as it offers specific solutions to your business processes: Document Management, Invoice Processing, Employee Management, Sales and Marketing.

Key DocuWare features include SAP Records, Windows Folder Import, Full-Text Indexing, Barcode Recognition, Task Management, Delete Workflows, Version Control, Wait Window, and Flexible Search.

DocuWare is praised in many document management software reviews because it has features designed to connect remote workers and employees without a desktop. Anyone can easily access the content at home or on the go from any device.

docuware document management software interface