Free Photography Invoice Templates

Download these Free Photography Invoice Templates to create stylish photographer invoices faster and easier. Each invoice for photography can be easily customized to serve all your necessary needs. These templates were designed to help you handle the financial aspect of your business with ease.

Photography Services Invoice Template

This photography invoice sample covers the majority of billing situations. Either you are a portrait, wedding, lifestyle, real estate, or fashion photographer, you can make good use of this template, changing some of its paragraphs, so that it fully satisfies your needs.
free photography invoice templates

Beginner Photo Invoice Template

When you are just at the beginning of your photography path, there are lots of confusing notions and drawing correct photography invoices is one of them. This is a universal template with all the necessary details professionally covered, so you can be sure you will be paid the right way and without delays.
free photography invoice templates

Photography Bill Template

If you work hard and always try to provide your clients with the best results possible, you deserve to get paid for your diligence and effort. This free invoice template ensures you get what you deserve in a trouble-free way.
free photography invoice templates

Sample Photography Invoice Template

Define your fees in a neat and professional manner with the help of this well-structured photography invoice example. Either you want to get money for your work as an event photographer or for a couple of drone real estate videos, this template can serve the task.
free photography invoice templates

Universal Photo Invoice Template

If you can’t cope with the task of generating invoices on your own, and think about hiring somebody for the job, you’d better first check this all-in-one photography invoice template in Word/Excel.
free photography invoice templates

Modern Photography Invoice Template

If you offer your services on a freelance basis, you need to take care of many additional nuances. Another thing to keep in mind is to work as quickly as possible, so you are unlikely to have spare time to create your own photography invoices.
free photography invoice templates

Freelance Photography Invoice Template

Get this photography invoice template to bill your clients for provided photography services and other related activities, like image editing, studio rental, traveling fees, etc. Either you are a staff or a freelance photographer, this template is equally important.
free photography invoice templates

Stylish Photography Invoice Template

What’s the point of learning how to make an invoice if you can download the ready-made templates, shape them to suit your particular needs and send to the clients? This free template looks stylish and professional, so you can be sure you’ll get paid properly for your work.
free photography invoice templates

Photo Invoice Template

Whatever photography genre you’ve chosen as your main direction, this photography invoice example can help you establish prices and request payment for your dedicated work and expenses. It is comprehensive and professional, which ensures a fast and accurate billing process.
free photography invoice templates

Standard Photography Invoice Template

You do your best to take beautiful images for your clients, so it’s high time to treat and invoice your work in the appropriate manner. Here is a great photography invoice template that can remove the burden of billing and ensure you get the compensation you deserve
free photography invoice templates

Top 10 Free Photography Invoice Templates

When the photo session is over, a photographer sends his/her clients, be it an individual person, a couple or a group of people, a photography invoice. In most cases, a shooter is hired either on a conditional basis, when he/she is paid depending on the final product or with a fixed fee.

In case you don’t want to spend time creating your photographer invoice, you can use the ready-made photographer templates for free from FixThePhoto. Each photography invoice template is easy to adapt to your needs, so you can handle billing in a more efficient way.

What to Add to Your Photography Invoice Template?

The first thing to do is download one of the free photography invoice templates presented above. Look through it and decide what paragraphs and details can be altered to suit both your and clients’ needs. There are some things that you should definitely pay attention to.

1. Calculate Itemized List. Your photography invoices must be very clear, so divide the projects into several constituent units. If you end up with a too detailed invoice, don’t worry. It is better than something vague.

2. Detail Markup Costs. There are some other expenses you need to include in the invoice in addition to the cost of regular services. Be specific and keep every markup cost clearly explained.

3. Add Usage Rates. Your photographer invoice must include usage rates, which imply the cost of licensed materials, e.g. stock images, etc.

4. Variety of Payment Methods. There is quite a huge number of methods of how can get paid for your work. Offering several alternatives, you show that you really care about the convenience of your clients.

5. Total and Bill. Study the bill attentively, calculate the total and inform your client. In most cases, it is better to hand-off the invoice. If it is impossible, just make sure your client received the invoice and understood all the details.

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