17 Best Photography Booking Apps to Organize Your Schedule Better

By Tani Adams 13 days ago, Apps and Software

Highly-functional photography booking app can help shooters organize and schedule their photoshoots more effectively. Looking through your inbox to confirm clients’ orders does not work well in this case. So such apps may come in handy, as they simplify and automate the booking process.

Top 17 Photography Booking Apps

  1. SimplyBook.me - Calendar sync feature
  2. Bookedin - Social media integration
  3. Setmore - Automated email and text reminders
  4. Bookafy - Integration with multiple resources
  5. Trafft - Managing several schedules
  6. Booknetic - Automatic booking
  7. Calendesk - Fast online payment
  8. Picktime - Ability to schedule virtual meetings
  9. Appointy - Organizing last-minute deals
  10. Session - Real-time dashboards
  11. Acuity Scheduling - Integration with other photo business tools
  12. Iris Works - Unique booking invites
  13. Sprout Studio - All-in-one business app for photographers
  14. ShootQ - 24/7 client and invoice tracking
  15. Amelia - Highly customizable booking settings
  16. Pixifi - For booking mini sessions
  17. Bloom - Includes an integrated chat messenger

Great photography studio management applications should send reminders and marketing newsletters automatically. You can use them to avoid double booking, create invoices and reports for checking performance or taxes as well as create online payment options. I’ve reviewed the apps that meet these requirements and will come in handy for your photography agency.

1. SimplyBook.me – Our Choice

Calendar sync feature
  • Simple design and trouble-free navigation
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Video tutorials for configuring the website and widgets
  • Budget-friendly pricing policy
  • None

Verdict: Simplybook.me is a booking app for photographers that has handy management solutions and integrates with other platforms. The service allows managing your business like a real professional. With it, you can accept deposits and payments as well as use various online payment gateways for the benefit of your clients.

Besides, the app uses customer profiles to provide you with all the necessary client data. Thanks to the integration with various social media platforms, Simplybook.me supports direct scheduling. An extensive array of options makes the service the optimal choice for large photo studios that can use it to organize and manage their tasks. A free trial allows you to register five users and supports up to 50 bookings.

simplybook.me photography booking interface

2. Bookedin

Social media integration
  • Sends reminders automatically
  • Functional marketing options
  • Processes online payments
  • Protect client history
  • Responsive customer support
  • A bit expensive
  • Color coding should be improved

Verdict: Bookedin is an excellent solution for professional shooters who want to make the booking process faster and easier. Customers can check if you are available online, see the pricing for various types of photo sessions, and an array of services that you provide. They also receive notifications reminding them about upcoming appointments.

Bookedin allows your customers to make a booking via your social media pages. You can get new clients even at night. It is great that the services keep your customer’s booking history and appointment details safe. Besides, it allows you to write custom notes, check the client’s payment history, as well as see canceled appointments.

bookedin photography booking interface

3. Setmore

Automated email and text reminders
  • More reasonable prices compared to similar tools
  • Integrates with third-party calendars
  • Regular reminders
  • Allows accessing client's data with ease
  • Client reviews
  • Occasional problems with synchronization

Verdict: Setmore lets your clients manage their appointments without contacting you. They will receive automatic confirmations and reminders, so you do not need to send these notifications manually. Besides, you can easily customize your Booking Page where you post all offers and services.

To improve your customers’ scheduling experience, you can use your logo, brand colors, and contact info on the main page. You can also add the “Book Now” option to your social media account. On the booking page, customers can set an appointment and view your posts.

setmore photography booking interface

4. Bookafy

Integration with multiple resources
  • Pop-up or Iframe embedding
  • Effective client support
  • Advanced customization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plenty of color-coded appointment types
  • Isn’t PayPal-integrated
bookafy photography booking app logo

Verdict: Bookafy is a real find for both corporations and individual clients. Bookafy’s embedding capabilities can satisfy everyone’s needs: it’s available through iframes and pop-ups, as well as through the free booking page. I am delighted that by using it, I can customize the color, font, and other components to match my branding style.

This resource has gained popularity of a large number of users because it’s reliable and allows choosing the type of use that suits you best. The range of integrations is simply amazing – from Google and iCloud to Salesforce and Zoom. I like their support service because, in addition to a phone call, you can request a video conversation to share your screens.

bookafy photography booking app interface

5. Trafft

Managing several schedules
  • SEO tools
  • You can integrate it with your existing site
  • Automatic reminders
  • Integrates with third-party applications
  • A free version has watermarks
trafft photography booking app logo

Verdict: Trafft is a booking app for photographers for arranging sessions. Using it, customers can make an appointment in just a few steps. Trafft integrates with Zoom applications and can be used to perform an array of tasks like managing the everyday schedules of your employees, including their vacation days.

You can use this app to indicate business hours, locations, and services provided by your company. This information will be visible on your website. Trafft helps you contact clients via automated SMS and emails. Thanks to it, you will be able to manage your schedules more effectively.

trafft photography booking app interface

6. Booknetic

Automatic booking
  • The most affordable booking plugin
  • Intuitive design and UI
  • Full automation and customization of the booking panel
  • No free option
booknetic photography booking app logo

Verdict: Booknetic is a user-friendly and versatile plugin that lets you create and manage online booking systems directly from your WordPress site.

You can develop a limitless amount of services, staff members, locations, and forms using Booknetic. The booking form and calendar on Booknetic can be customized to fit your logo and website design. Also, you can accept payments using a variety of channels, including WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe. In addition, you can link Zoom, Google Calendar, and Outlook, as well as send notifications to your customers and team via SMS, email, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Thanks to this plugin, users can easily book online without contacting you. Additionally, Booknetic gives you the option to customize the booking experience completely.

booknetic photography booking app interface

7. Calendesk

Fast online payment
  • User-friendly
  • Website and app creation
  • 24/7 accepting bookings
  • Confusing FAQ section
  • Calendesk Standard for 750 bookings per month
calendesk logo

Verdict: Calendesk, the cutting-edge online booking system, revolutionizes the customer experience in the realm of photography bookings. Crafted for businesses like yours, it ensures professional service synchronization with your brand identity. With a modern booking calendar, clients can seamlessly book photography sessions, showcasing a personalized look and feel that resonates with your business.

Calendesk takes convenience up a notch by facilitating online meetings, integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams, eliminating unnecessary travel. Its prowess extends to swift online payments through automatic invoicing, streamlining transactions. Bid farewell to conflicting meeting times as Calendesk harmonizes personal, work, and side project calendars, ensuring availability.

photography booking app calendesk

8. Picktime

Ability to schedule virtual meetings
  • Timezone conversion
  • Allows synchronizing your calendars
  • Notifies about booking automatically
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Integrates with the major payment providers
  • A bit complicated to master
picktime photography booking app logo

Verdict: If you are looking for a free photographer schedule app, try Picktime. It is a full-featured appointment booking tool with handy payment, client management, and reporting options. The service also allows booking meetings for photographers with ease.

Picktime offers numerous integration channels with payment gateways, CRM systems, calendar programs, and email marketing tools for managing your photography business. You can use an online calendar as well as various management, payment, and CRM options. Besides, to use this tool, you do not need to provide your contact info. All the booking forms can be customized according to your preferences, so you can create a personalized booking page instead of a website.

picktime photography booking interface

9. Appointy

Organizing last-minute deals
  • Recurring booking feature
  • Customer history tools
  • Intelligent CRM Tools
  • Ability to group customers
  • Pre-payment feature
  • Limited integration capabilities
appointy photography booking app logo

Verdict: Appointy is an app for scheduling an appointment. It provides an array of functions for businesses from different fields. It has many features for various needs and preferences. For example, it allows you to arrange 1:1 meetings and schedule visits to workshops, courses, events, tours, etc.

If you are a beginning photographer who has not managed to create a business website, make sure to use Appointy that provides subdomains for everyone who is registered in their system. Besides, they allow a business to set its active hours, synchronize calendars, and book a meeting at the time that is most convenient for them.

appointy photography booking app interface

10. Session

Real-time dashboards
  • Offers a survey form
  • Lets you create coupons
  • Simple arrangement of mini-sessions
  • Easy contract signing
  • No free version
session photography booking app logo

Verdict: Session is a great tool as you do not have to book each appointment individually. This also simplifies the creation of time slots. Another advantage is that it allows tracking and updating session views, booking, and payment in real-time.

By adding a wedding photography questionnaire or another survey form to your site, you can learn all the necessary details to conduct a successful photo session. It allows integrating your Stripe, Square, PayPal, or Venmo accounts to collect full session payments during booking. It also lets users create discount coupons for customers during booking.

session photography booking app interface

11. Acuity Scheduling

Integration with other photo business tools
  • Schedules meetings in different timezones
  • Confirmations and reminders
  • Allows canceling and rescheduling appointments
  • Personalized rules for various appointment types
  • Smooth payment collection
  • Difficult-to-navigate UI
acuity scheduling photography booking app logo
Acuity Scheduling

Verdict: Many users believe that Acuity Scheduling is the best photography booking app as it lets customers choose recurring appointments, fill out forms, and pay for services in advance. It also allows you to create discount coupons and enables your clients to select more services during the booking process.

Besides, your customers can reschedule or cancel an appointment. Also, you can customize the interval for start times of meetings. You can define how early before the actual appointment or with how much short notice, clients can make a booking. Acuity Scheduling is a user-friendly application that integrates with Zapier and allows you to use other photography business apps.

acuity scheduling photography booking app interface

12. Iris Works

Unique booking invites
  • Excellent automation options
  • Scalable pages
  • Simple mini-session arrangement
  • Excellent CRM capabilities
  • Invoice organization could be better
iris works photography booking app logo
Iris Works

Verdict: Iris Works is a photography booking app that allows your clients to choose an available time on the schedule, draft a contract and pay for services with ease. If your schedule is flexible, Iris allows sending an email with preselected dates/times to customers, so that they can arrange a meeting using their photography booking calendar.

You can benefit from the automated workflow and send contracts, invoices, survey forms, electronic letters, and other material as soon as your clients arrange an appointment using your booking calendar.

iris works photography booking app interface

13. Sprout Studio

All-in-one business app for photographers
  • Online store option
  • Handy integrated reports
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Excellent customization options
  • Steep learning curve because of an array of tools
sprout studio photography booking app logo
Sprout Studio

Verdict: Photographers created Sprout Studio app by combining the most useful features available in photo studio management software, online booking and gallery applications, bookkeeping tools, etc.

Sprout Studio allows shooters to send customers a customized booking offering. Once a client has received a proposal, they can choose a suitable package, draft a contract, and select the required deposit. In the end, a customer should fill out and submit a survey form. The app integrates with Zapier, meaning that it is compatible with various third-party platforms like PayPal, WordPress, Stripe, and Facebook.

sprout studio photography booking app interface

14. ShootQ

24/7 client and invoice tracking
  • Integrates with modern apps
  • Stunning reporting options
  • Simple installation
  • Handy workshop module
  • Occasional bugs
shootq photography booking app logo

Verdict: ShootQ is widely regarded as the best photography booking app designed for shooters whose businesses are constantly growing and need effective management. Its versatile web dashboard focuses on workflow automation and client tracking.

The app completes a variety of administrative tasks thus allowing a user to check a customer’s booking history, view past and present addressees, see significant dates, etc. The app builds graphs and statistics when analyzing referral, booking, and sales data.

shootq photography booking app interface

15. Amelia

Highly customizable booking settings
  • Simple scheduling for various types of booking
  • Integrates with WooCommerce
  • Supports Stripe + PayPal
  • Sends SMS notifications
  • Streamlined interface
  • A bit pricey
amelia photography booking app logo

Verdict: Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that is easy to set up and use. It is absolutely free and provides users with extensive booking functionality. As Amelia integrates with WooComerce, your clients can pay for your services via PayPal or Stripe. It also offers Google or Outlook Calendar synchronization.

Amelia allows customizing various settings to answer all your needs and requirements. Besides, you can adjust the look of your booking page. The integrated tools make appointment arrangement and management easy and intuitive. Both clients and potential service providers can receive SMS reminders. Amelia also lets you cancel and reschedule meetings.

amelia photography booking app interface

16. Pixifi

For booking mini sessions
  • Automation features
  • Personalized workflows
  • Integrates with many payment services
  • Synchronizes with Google Calendar
  • UI/UX should be improved
pixifi photography booking app logo

Verdict: Pixifi is a user-friendly solution for small photography businesses. If you prefer conducting “Mini Sessions”, then this is probably the best photography booking app for you. It allows selling and booking specific time slots.

Pixifi lets clients select convenient times and dates for arranging meetings, checking available and busy slots for events, ordering services and paying for them. All these tasks can be performed by a customer without any help. The app integrates with Google Calendar, enabling users to mark slots as free or taken.

pixify photography booking app interface

17. Bloom

Includes an integrated chat messenger
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Simple customer invoicing
  • Excellent forms for increasing sales
  • Offers a website generator and picture galleries
  • Currently, the app is only compatible with iOS
  • The website generator is still in Beta
bloom photography booking app logo

Verdict: Bloom is an easy-to-use application for both shooters and their clients. A photographer can share a link with clients so that they can see available dates and make an appointment without making calls or sending emails. Via Bloom, customers can select the desired package, a time and date of an appointment, and sign a contract in a few steps.

You can integrate a scheduling option into the sign-up form. With Bloom, it is easy to share contracts and invoices with your customers. Besides, the app integrates with Zapier, Square, and Stripe. Bloom also simplifies the workflow with electronic signatures and template design features.

bloom photography booking interface