7 Best Avatar Making Apps for iOS and Android in 2022

By Tani Adams 22 days ago, Apps and Software

All these avatar making apps will help you quickly create an avatar even if you don’t have any special drawing skills. Regardless if you’re messaging your friends, growing a follower base, or simply want a change, enhancing your profile with an eye-catching cartoon avatar that you’ve created yourself is always a good idea.

If you want to present yourself on social media in a creative manner, this article is exactly what you need, as it covers the most convenient avatar apps you can use to create your own avatar.

Top 7 Avatar Making Apps

  1. Adobe Express - Universal app for media design
  2. Bitmoji - Extensive cartoon avatar creator
  3. Zmoji - Personalized iOS stickers and avatars
  4. MojiPop - AI-based avatar creation features
  5. Myidol - 3D Avatar Creator
  6. Avatoon - Unique face emoji maker
  7. ZEPETO - Avatar creation in gaming form

Personal customized cartoon avatars tend to be significantly more eye-catching and efficient on social networks compared to regular (often uninspired) photos.

Below, you’ll find a selection of the best avatar making apps that will help you breathe new life into your social media profile. Most of the provided tools offer an array of customization options that let you try out various attires, colors, and styles. You can also use them on nearly all mobile devices as long as they run on either Android or iOS.

1. Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) – Our Choice

Universal app for media design
  • Library of examples for inspiration
  • Integration with other Adobe products
  • Free templates
  • Premade vector element sets
  • Interface may seem overly complex for some

Verdict: Adobe Express, previously known as Adobe Spark, has a plethora of tools for creating a realistic and creative profile picture. Here you’ll find a collection of Adobe icons and images, the ability the adjust the colors, pick a suitable template, select fonts, and customize a lot of other design elements to your liking. Afterward, you can instantly share your new avatar on your favorite digital platform.

Unlike Adobe Spark alternatives, this tool has a search feature that allows you to look for assets based on type, task, aesthetics, mood, or color to ensure you’re constantly feeling inspired.

This app offers the functionality necessary to create everything from classic cartoons to manga designs.

adobe express avatar making app interface

2. Bitmoji

Extensive cartoon avatar creator
  • Appearance customization tools
  • Large sticker collection
  • Snapchat integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lacks raster graphics functionality

Verdict: Bitmoji is among the most widely used emoji making apps for photographers and avatar creators. This app was downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play and is also available on iOS while presenting different size requirements on each platform. Even though Bitmoji can be used for an array of different purposes, its feature set is particularly well-suited for making stylish, appealing cartoon avatars.

Other than avatars, you can use the application to make your own emojis and stickers, which you can later send to your friends and other users on various chat platforms. Speaking of stickers, Bitmoji includes an enormous library of them. Additionally, the app allows you to make your own bitmojis by importing and converting one of your photos.

Another interesting feature included in Bitmoji is the ability to use the avatar of one of your friends to design a 3D avatar that is placed in various interesting scenarios.

bitmoji avatar making app interface

3. Zmoji

Personalized iOS stickers and avatars
  • Detailed correction of various facial features
  • Sticker creator
  • Ever-increasing collection of emojis
  • Convenient sharing functionality
  • Convenient sharing functionality

Verdict: Zmoji is a terrific avatar and cartoon pictures app that is available exclusively on the App Store. You can use this tool to design, customize, and adjust cartoon avatars in any way you see fit.

Fueled by your sense of creativity, you can also employ Zmoji to design various emojis, which can later be sent on social media when messaging your friends and acquaintances. The designs you make will be fully personalized while providing the same level of quality that you’ll see when browsing through various GIFs in iMessage and other similar chatting applications.

zmoji avatar making app interface

4. MojiPop

AI-based avatar creation features
  • Fast and easy access
  • Animated stickers
  • Instant sharing
  • Receives daily updates
  • Built-in ads
mojipop avatar making app

Verdict: With the help of MojiPop, you can create your own funny, cartoon avatar in a matter of seconds. In just 2 taps, you can receive access to thousands of caricatures and animated stickers that use your face for expressing all possible emotions and situations. This image cartoonizer relies on complex facial recognition technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to ensure the avatars and stickers are properly stylized while still looking like you.

You don’t even need to give the app access to your device, as you can import a photo straight from your smartphone camera. The design you make using this avatar creator app can be saved on your device, shared on social networks, or added to your keyboard to be later used when chatting to people.

mojipop avatar making app interface

5. Myidol

3D Avatar Creator
  • Broad selection of editing features
  • Convenient sharing
  • Various style options
  • Character Maker and Creator
  • Available exclusively on Android
myidol avatar making app

Verdict: This avatar maker app is designed to transform your selfie into a high-quality 3D avatar by employing facial recognition AI. Afterward, you can customize its skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, facial hair, etc.

Other than that, Myidol lets you enhance your avatar with a large selection of dresses. If you’re interested in creating unique emojis, this app has you covered as well. The current version of Myidol also lets you use your avatar in real-time, as it utilizes Apple’s face capture technology to breathe life into the avatar, as it replicates your laughter, winks, and other expressions.

myidol avatar making app interface

6. Avatoon

Unique face emoji maker
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
avatoon avatar making app

Verdict: Avatoon is designed to help you personalize your avatar in a variety of ways. It lets you adjust the hairstyle, eyes, attire, and other elements to make a design that looks exactly like you. This app is supplied with an advanced editing toolset. Among other things, it lets you utilize built-in backgrounds to customize the expression and pose of your avatar until you’re completely happy with the result.

The app receives regular updates and provides users with new avatars, styles, clothing, and other assets.

avatoon avatar making app interface


Avatar creation in gaming form
  • Large and supportive community
  • Collaborates with popular brands
  • 3D avatars
  • Quality graphics
  • Free version has limited functionality
zepeto avatar making app

Verdict: ZEPETO is one of the best avatar making apps on the market that has over 150million registered accounts. It allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual environment with your own avatar while interacting with the creations of your friends and other users.

The application offers a ton of customization options including popular hairstyles and attires as well as branded collaborations with Nike, Disney, and other companies. You can enhance your avatar with such items to make it stand out and reflect your personality. Additionally, ZEPETO lets you make your own assets that you can sell to other people to earn a bit of money.

zepeto avatar making app interface