14 Image Cartoonizer Software

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14 Image Cartoonizer Software in 2021

Image cartoonizer is a helpful tool that provides the picture with an animated effect. Turn yourself into a cartoon in a few clicks with the help of top image cartoonizer apps for iOS and Android, as well as online cartoon makers for PCs.

To use such applications, you don't need any photo editing skills. Open the application and upload the necessary picture. There is a great choice of tools and filters to help you give the picture the desired look.

Top 14 Best Image Cartoonizer Apps

  1. Prisma: iOS | Android – Our choice
  2. Artisto: iOS | Android – With no ads
  3. Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon: iOS | Android – Offers many drawing tools
  4. Painnt - Pro Art Filters: iOS | Android – With the variety of effects
  5. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers: iOS | Android – Free sketch effects
  6. Cartoon Photo Editor: Android – Best for Android
  7. Cartoon Yourself: AndroidAndroid – User-friendly
  8. ToonCamera: iOS – The best app for iOS
  9. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker: iOS – Allows export to 1800p
  10. Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit: iOS – High-quality results
  11. PhotoCartoon: PC – No compression
  12. CartoonPhoto: PC – Improved animated graphics
  13. The BeFunky Cartoonizer: PC – The best online cartoon maker
  14. Image Cartoonizer Software: PC – Cheap cartoon maker software

1. Prisma

Our choice
  • More than 300 filters
  • New effects on a daily basis
  • User-friendly
  • Lowers the resolution

Verdict: Prisma is the best cartoon pictures editor offered on the market nowadays. With the choice of more than 300 filters your pictures will get a magical look.

Besides, you’re getting new filters every day to encourage your imagination. The image editor supports HD when exporting your images.

prisma image cartoonizer interface

2. Artisto

With no ads
  • Offers a variety of masks, caps and overlays
  • Both video and photo supported
  • Animated effects in a click
  • 30 seconds video only

Verdict: Artisto is a wonderful and free image cartoonizer, which you can pair with advanced animation software for anime to achieve unique results. After taking a photo via the editor, you just need to apply the desired effect and save it. The only drawback you may find is the necessity to buy its Pro or Plus version to use the application properly.

Still, Artisto remains one of the best cartoon pictures apps for iOS and Android. You will enjoy this image editor not only for the ability to create funny selfies but great cartoon effects as well.

artisto image cartoonizer interface

3. Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon

Offers many useful tools
  • Great choice of picture and video effects
  • Export files to your photo gallery
  • Edge strength, and opacity tweaks
  • Some users cannot import pictures from Camera Roll

Verdict: Sketch Me! is the app that turns the image to cartoon in 1 minute. It works great for making funny pictures for social networks without much effort.

There is a great number of effects to cartoonize your images, like Pastel, Cartoon, or Hatch. With the correction features, you may tweak Edge, Strength or Opacity to emphasize particular parts of the picture.

sketch me image cartoonizer interface

4. Painnt - Pro Art Filters

With the variety of effects
  • Offers over 2000 effects
  • Constant updates
  • Adjust cartoon effects with various options
  • Occasional lags

Verdict: Painnt is one of the best filter apps offering a large number of effects that make it the top cartoon maker app. Thanks to the transparency, saturation, and brightness adjustments, you can work with the picture conveniently.

Besides, Painnt is not just a photo video maker but space where you can share your works or get inspiration from others. There is a free option available.

painnt image cartoonizer interface

5. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Unique effects
  • Ability to create personalized cartoon effects
  • Adjustment of the background
  • Caricature option for creating comics
  • You may face problems when launching the application

Verdict: MomentCam is not only an editor with Cartoons & Stickers but a community with a big audience where the most interesting works are highlighted. It’s an easy-to-use application as it requires only to choose the picture and pick the appropriate background.

This cartoon pictures editor offers you a great choice of effects to apply. Still, using a free version, your creations will have watermarks. To get rid of them, you need to buy a paid version. In case you’re looking for stickers only, I recommend using a free sticker editor.

momentcam image cartoonizer interface

6. Cartoon Photo Editor

The best for Android
  • Autofocus when shooting from the app
  • Adjustable settings
  • Cartoon filters may be applied to any photo from your gallery
  • With ads

Verdict: Cartoon Photo Editor is an outstanding image cartoonizer for any photo from your gallery. You may preview each effect to see the result before applying it to your picture or video.

Besides, you are free to use any of your smartphone cameras for taking pictures or recording videos.

cartoon photo editor image cartoonizer interface

7. Cartoon Yourself

  • With no Internet connection
  • Straightforward
  • Has a great choice of cartoon filters
  • Limited number of free effects

Verdict: First, choose a picture by pressing the «Add Photo» button and then – «Apply Effect». You will be transferred to a gallery with a variety of animated effects and stickers to choose from.

Once you are done with turning images into cartoons, you can save them on the phone or share online. Besides, you will find a standard photo editing toolkit that allows you to flip, crop, or rotate pictures.

cartoon yourself image cartoonizer interface

8. ToonCamera

The best for iOS
  • Excellent technical support
  • Many worthy filters
  • Cartoons are saved in-app with easy sharing across other platforms
  • Supports iOS from 8.1 only

Verdict: Toon Camera is a cartoon pictures editor that serves perfectly for iOS users. There are many cartoon effects and tools (ink, pencil) offered by the application. Besides, the preview option is available.

The image editor allows you to randomly customize all effects to achieve the best outcome and store these effects in-app. You may save the results in the camera roll or share them on social media.

tooncamera image cartoonizer interface

9. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Allows export to 1800p
  • Allows exporting up to 1080p
  • With access to your onboard camera to take pictures and film videos
  • You may choose between eight cartoon filters
  • With advertising

Verdict: You can work with the pictures from your camera roll, as well as take new ones within the app. It supports both photos and videos. Besides, the app offers a preview option to find out if the chosen effect suits your needs.

Choose one of eight styles (comics, cartoons, sketch) to cartoonize your photo with ease. To make caricatures from photos – use warp tools, while photo editing tools will assist in cropping and enhancing the colors of photos.

clip2comic image cartoonizer interface

10. Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

High-quality pictures
  • Email sharing is available
  • Cartoon, retro and vintage effects
  • Text option
  • No image stretching capabilities

Verdict: Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit helps you turn picture into anime online. The app offers both many filters for the best cartoons and features of a regular photo editor (adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation is possible). Besides, additional text and stickers are available.

The application neither influences the photo quality nor deforms it. The main disadvantage is an inability to upload your files on social networks. Still, it lets you save them or email without any problems.

photo to cartoon yourself edit image cartoonizer interface

11. PhotoCartoon

No compression
  • More than 50 effects
  • Has a web-version
  • Intuitive UI
  • Printing support
  • Simple to use
  • The free version doesn’t offer many features

Verdict: PhotoCartoon is a software for Windows that will help you cartoonize your pictures in high resolution and top quality. It offers several cartoon effects for you to choose from. With it, you can also convert images into paintings, drawings, caricatures, and use various interesting effects.

After conversion, the quality of your photos will remain unchanged and you will be able to download the results in their initial format.

Using this photo editing software for PC, you can create as many images as you wish, print them or download them on your device.

photocartoon image cartoonizer interface

12. CartoonPhoto

Improved animated graphics
  • Various caricature filters
  • Ability to modify facial expressions
  • Display of emotions
  • Requires Internet connection

Verdict: Cartoon.Pho.to. is an online cartoon maker from photo. It works with different types of photos, not only portraits.

There are plenty of built-in tools for picture editing with special and emoji effects. Still, for a true cartoony picture, you should resort to the Photo Lab application.

Cartoon.Pho.to. is easy to use as you need to upload a picture and let the software do the rest. This feature is available due to improved animated graphics that allows demonstrating the emotions on a cartoon face.

cartoon.pho.to. image cartoonizer interface

13. The BeFunky Cartoonizer

The best online cartoon maker
  • Five standard cartoon sets
  • Multi-optional with many picture editing tools
  • Without ads
  • No collage-making and eraser tools

Verdict: The software was deeply enhanced and has reached its peak of a worthy cartoonizer, not just an ordinary free manga drawing software. It’s quite straightforward as after starting the program, you need to choose the Artsy section and move to Cartoonizer.

BeFunky offers extra “props”, like hats, beards, jewelry, and other decorations that will help complete your picture. Besides, it is possible to smartly fix lighting issues, neutralize digital noise, and deal with blur.

befunky image cartoonizer interface

14. Image Cartoonizer Software

Cheap cartoon maker software
  • Offers more than 100 filters
  • Processes multiple photos at once
  • Convert a batch of photos within seconds
  • Limitations in a free version

Verdict: Convert picture to caricature online free of charge with Image Cartoonizer Software. You may even apply cartoon effects to many pictures at the same time.

This photo and video cartoonizer software offers over 100 filters, like color balance, brightness/contrast, sketch, hair changer, sticky template, etc. The small bonus is a red-eye reduction option that most users will definitely enjoy.

image cartoonizer software interface
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