15 Best Apps for Making Photo Books in 2024

Apps for making photo books offer comfortable and easy features to customize the album and included service of sending the result to print and deliver it to your address at a reasonable cost.

Usually, you would have to compile your album in a desktop browser but certain companies also produce phone photo book maker apps for the same purpose.

Top 15 Best App for Making Photo Books

  1. Chatbooks - Our Choice
  2. Printastic - Best value for money
  3. Flipsnack - Has interactive features
  4. CanvasChamp - Best for Android
  5. PrestoPhoto - Seamless reversals
  6. bookPress by Bookemon - Convenient and easy-to-use
  7. Happy Wedding App - Terrific solution for customized wedding albums
  8. SimplePrints Photo Books - Best for iOS
  9. Pixum - High quality books
  10. Mpix Tap to Print - With online gallery sharing
  11. Snapfish - A super simple to use
  12. Shutterfly - Lots of add-ons
  13. Picaboo - Great customization
  14. Amazon Prints - High quality finished book
  15. Bonusprint - Excellent customer support

I prefer the Chatbooks app out of all the options. Why? I’ll explain in the review below.

1. Chatbooks

FixThePhoto editor’s choice
  • Intuitive interface
  • 85 Raster, live, and vector brushes
  • Natural effects
  • Stroke sensitivity
  • No text tool
  • No canvas or paper alternatives

Verdict: This is the best app for making photo books with no fuss. The engine is capable of picking up Instagram and Facebook content to compile the albums so if you often share important moments there, you can simply enjoy receiving the heartwarming outcomes in cute books.

It is impressive how simple to use and efficient this service is. There is a fully automated service and a customizable one. The former is something you configure once and then never go back to that. It collects 60 latest photos from a social network or even just the Camera Roll favorites, arranges them, and dispatches the book for $8 or $13 depending on the soft or hard cover option.

It is possible for you to edit such automated albums by adding come captions, reordering the shots, or selecting a special cover. Alternatively, you can do every step yourself, selecting a range of 30-366 images that could relate to one special trip or event.

The finished book will come in stylish binding with a specified range of dates and volume number. Regardless of how full your life is, the photo-memories will never be in chaos.

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chatbooks app for making photo books interface

2. Printastic

Best value for money
  • Contains sales and promotions
  • Offers contact information availability
  • Grants free return policies
  • Additional physical options increase the charge

Verdict: The best app to create photo books and other types of souvenirs like magnets or pictures on canvas. It benefits from an intuitive interface and a number of convenient features. You can select the shots you wish to print, perform basic editing, and add comments. The changes will be recorded uninterruptedly so that you can take a break and resume with no worry.

There are 4 size options and a substantial number of layout variations that can altogether fit up to 1200 frames in one book. This way you will be able to record anything from a small event to a whole year of memories.

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printastic app for making photo books interface

3. Flipsnack

Has interactive features
  • Interactive features
  • Users can turn PDFs into a flipbook
  • Integrated design instruments
  • Intuitive sharing
  • A bit limited picture editing functionality
  • Primarily aimed at business needs

Verdict: Flipsnack is an intuitive app for creating photo albums in the form of flipbooks in several quick steps. Users can import photos, PDFs, and interactive images and transform them into an arresting flipbook with ease.

In addition to the mentioned features, it is possible to jazz up flipbooks with links, sounds, video pieces, house tours, and even shopping carts. Those interested in making flipbooks for business projects will definitely like the possibility to complement them with branding stuff, including logos, corporate colors, and more.

Once done, you can share your photo books with others right from Flipsnack. It is possible to export it to all popular social networks, chat groups, via email, etc. Alternatively, you can embed s flip book player onto your site or blog, and demonstrate your images this way.

flipsnack app for making photo books interface

4. CanvasChamp

Best for Android
  • Easy ordering
  • Affordable
  • Great color rendition and print quality
  • Simple packaging

Verdict: This high-quality photo book maker app gives users more control over the designing process. There is a whole list of features you can tweak so anything you wish can be tailored.

The images are imported from your social media, phone storage, or taken through the app. Next, you need to specify the dimensions of frames and their borders, as well as the layouts. The book itself can be either square or rectangular with two orientation choices, including a variety of sizes ranging from 4×4 up to 12×8. Designing the product, you can place an order and take advantage of the special offers and discounts that occasionally overjoy users.

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canvaschamp app for making photo books interface

5. PrestoPhoto

Seamless reversals
  • Over 30 book formats
  • High print quality
  • Seamless books
  • Lightroom integration
  • Only for Apple devices

Verdict: PrestoPhoto is an advanced, fully automated app for creating photobooks, photocards, and calendars on iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices. You can create 2-page, seamless spreads, panoramic wall collages, and even real estate lookbooks. A wide variety of print formats and fast delivery are undeniable advantages.

The app contains dozens of templates. You can download finished PDFs from ApplePhotos, iPhoto, Aperture, InDesign. With Lightroom and iCloud integration, you can drag and drop photos directly into the app.

prestophoto app for making photo books interface

6. bookPress by Bookemon

Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Create book pages using content from a blog or web page
  • Allows publishing books with ISBN
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Create ebooks in PDF format supported by most devices
  • Extra features are paid

Verdict: bookPress by Bookemon is an easy-to-use app for designing and publishing high-quality books free of charge. With it, you can create ebooks or publish bookstore-quality copies. The app allows users to create attention-grabbing book cover designs and layouts. You can use a set of the available templates to create your own book with little to no effort.

With this publishing app, you can create books using images PDF and Word files. The app enables you to export documents from your device, email, Cloud, Google drive or Dropbox. You can customize the layout and add photos to make your book more engaging. While the app allows you to create books for free, you will need to pay extra to use some advanced features and get printed copies. The prices start from $4.99, which makes this app a perfect option for those who are on a budget.

bookemon bookpress app for making photo books

7. Happy Wedding App

Terrific solution for customized wedding albums
  • Supports over 20 languages
  • Attractive themes with different color options
  • Proprietary personalized app
  • Automatic face tagging
  • Occasional upload issues
happy wedding app for making photo books logo
Happy Wedding App

Verdict: You can use the Happy Wedding App to create a wedding album in a matter of minutes to later share it with your friends and family. All you have to do is pick one of the offered themes and color schemes. Provide information about your wedding and upload the desired photos.

You can create multiple albums for different events: ceremony preparations, the ceremony itself, wedding reception, etc. You can also add a caption to each photo to immortalize the time and place of each event. The app has an auto face tagging feature that will help you quickly find all photos that feature a specific guest or member of the wedding party.

happy wedding app for making photo books interface

8. SimplePrints Photo Books

Best for iOS
  • Import images from social media, iPhone, Dropbox
  • Captions at no extra cost
  • A charming gift for the close ones
  • Great for travel and special occasions
  • International shipping takes a long time
simpleprints app logo
SimplePrints Photo Books

Verdict: This is the most convenient photo album maker app for Apple users that can help you design an artful album full of memories. Apart from books, you can also order an image printed on canvas or metal. The frames can be imported from your device or taken through the app or, alternatively, pulled out of social media and cloud storage.

As for the product itself, you can select between a smaller and a bigger one (8×8 and 12×12 respectively), the latter coming only in hardcover while the small one can be ordered in softcover as well. Captions can be placed to personalize your album even more.

simpleprints app for making photo books interface

9. Pixum

High quality books
  • Intuitive to use
  • Short delivery term
  • Safely packaged
  • High quality, well-finished books
  • Doesn’t warn of low-quality images import
pixum app logo

Verdict: This is a convenient app to create photo book that will give out a high-quality product with little effort on your side. The service is quick to set and it can print either separate pictures or customized albums.

The supplied tools are appropriate for putting together a decent product that you will be happy to look through. The album can be embellished with stickers, inscriptions, background colors, that altogether create a neat and personalized product. A thoughtful option is a digital copy of your album for safekeeping or sharing with your close people that can be issued in combination with the delivery of the physical one.

pixum app for making photo books interface

10. Mpix Tap to Print

With online gallery sharing
  • Excellent toolbox and layout
  • The best packaging of all tested services
  • High-quality printing
  • Online gallery sharing
  • Glossy prints increase the cost
  • Expensive
mpix app logo
Mpix Tap to Print

Verdict: You will be satisfied with the selection of designs and personalizing features they offer. A great product is their top-level panoramic photo bound in a black linen cover book where you can organize the fondest memories to your taste, using up to 100 pages for that purpose.

The creation process involves first the selection of images, then sorting them out and configuring the template and background colors, and finally providing meaningful comments.

For those, who don’t care for laborious arrangements, there are quick options. They come in three sizes: 5×5, 8×8 and 10x10. Books can contain 1-4 images on each page, and count up to 100 of those.

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mpix app for making photo books interface

11. Snapfish

A super simple to use
  • User-friendly
  • Many cool templates
  • A multitude of backgrounds
  • Not the finest quality of print
snapfish app logo

Verdict: The best choice for customers, who have no desire to figure things out on their own. You can choose among various options but the whole creative process follows a built-in guide. Apart from a dozen hundreds of themes, there is also a large number of backgrounds. Users are carried through the creation process step by step and making choices will be exceptionally easy.

There are many themes and templates to make the procedure even simpler. If you need something rather special, you can customize the book by picking interesting kinds of binding, cover, or paper. A custom order is easy to generate so this is the perfect tool for those in a hurry or struggling with all technological things.

The types of books and their dimensions can also be selected from a variety.

The most disappointing thing about this service is the print quality because it is not the highest you could get. However, the company has affordable prices and even creates interesting deals for its customers.

snapfish app for making photo books interface

12. Shutterfly

Lots of add-ons
  • Many well-arranged templates
  • A multitude of backgrounds
  • Coherent design
  • Photo reproduction is sometimes uneven
shutterfly app logo

Verdict: Another popular option is the Shutterfly photo books that require no effort to create and are pleasant to look behold. The multitude of design options means that your photo book can be made very personalized.

The designers have created a template for any conceivable occasion so no matter what you want to commemorate, there will be a special style for that. The templates are not stiff so you can even move and resize images within them to make sure everything looks like you want it. Add comments and the album will be truly unique.

The designers cater to all users so if you’re not the type to obsess over every detail or don’t trust yourself to do well enough, order a professional to do it for you following all the criteria. The process takes 3 days.

Some feedback contains complaints that the images were not even or well-balanced, although no one called the print quality low.

shutterfly app for making photo books interface

13. Picaboo

Great customization
  • Fun and simple-to-use app
  • Search feature
  • Simple books take no time to generate
  • Not the highest print quality
picaboo app logo

Verdict: This picture book maker app can be used both for regular albums and for something more special. With the new feature, you can make a personalized storybook that will contain the best fairy tales for your kids.

As for regular albums, they also have special categories like Wedding, Travel, Baby, or a number of other highly-requested topics. The company takes high pride in their level of service so you can get a refund within a month from receiving your order in case something was wrong with it. Find the Satisfaction Guarantee section on the company’s website to learn more.

No one really has lots of time for designing photobooks and this program has been developed to help users do it quickly and with the best outcome.

As a bonus, you can get a professional finish for your album that will help blend together the background with the images for a more uniform and put-together look.

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picaboo app for making photo books interface

14. Amazon Prints

High quality finished book
  • Affordable service
  • A trustworthy company
  • Very simple workflow
  • Fewer customizable features

Verdict: You probably do a lot of shopping on their website already so why not go for an Amazon Prints photo book as well? If you are a Prime user, you will get your designed album delivered faster but, otherwise, all users have unlimited access to the design options.

It is more limited in terms of alternatives for binding or covers so pick another app from the list if those are important. However, you can certainly make the book look special with the countless themes and by playing with size and paper combinations.

Those who need something rather simple to design a pretty and personal album without spending much time or money will love this service.

If you wish, your design can count 150 pages supplied with photos, comments, and decorations, with a layer of gloss and a hardcover.

amazon prints app for making photo books interface

15. Bonusprint

Excellent customer support
  • Intuitive software
  • Top-quality print
  • Competitive price
  • Doesn’t look environmentally friendly
bonusprint logo

Verdict: The service is really great and convenient to use but an additional comfort is helpful customer support. If you face some issues, which is unlikely, anything will be solved in no time.

It can also be used from a phone, so if that is where you take most pictures, which is true for many people, why not also use it to design an album? The whole matter can be settled in 10 minutes, which is probably shorter than your daily work commute.

With a downloadable editor, you can manage to design an exceptionable book with the more advanced features and the company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

On top of all that, it is possible to catch a sale or some other great deal organized frequently for customers.

bonusprint app for making photo books interface