11 Best Avatar Maker Websites to Create Free Avatars in 2023

Would you like to create a cartoonish or hand-drawn avatar to use as your profile picture on social networks, forums, or online games? With the best avatar maker websites, you can create cool images to protect your data and not reveal your real identity.

Top 11 Avatar Maker Websites

  1. Adobe Express - Convenient templates
  2. Avatar Maker - Simple tools
  3. Portrait Illustration Maker - Simple tools
  4. BeFunky - Simple interface
  5. Canva - Convenient resizing
  6. Pickaface - Clear instructions
  7. Cartoonize - Adjustable filters
  8. Cartoonify - Wide setup options
  9. Superherotar - Fast make superhero
  10. Avachara - Wide choice of effects
  11. Doll Divine - Many skin tones

You don't need to be good at drawing or use any complicated software to create an avatar. You can create one with these user-friendly specialized websites. It is possible to choose the characteristics of your avatar manually or use a photo to turn it into an avatar automatically.

If you want to improve your avatar without spending much time and effort, feel free to contact our service. This is a wonderful offer for beginner photographers, who don’t know how to professionally edit photos, change the background, turn images into sketches or cartoonish pictures. Our skilled retouchers will edit a photo to meet your style. 

1. Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) — Our Choice

Convenient templates
  • Quick photo resizing
  • Sharing the result is a breeze
  • Simple-to-use tools
  • Access to Adobe Stock collection of photos
  • Limited integration with non-Adobe platforms

Verdict: Adobe Express, formerly known as Adobe Spark, allows you to quickly and easily create memorable avatars. You can instantly get down to work, using thousands of beautiful templates, as well as resources for social media content, logos, and more. You can browse free Adobe Stock photos, images, icons, backgrounds, and design assets.

If you are not a designer or can't draw, it is still possible to create a beautiful avatar. This popular avatar maker has very user-friendly tools and features, so even beginners will enjoy the process. With just a few taps, you can resize the content for any site or social media for photographers and instantly add high-quality Photoshop effects.

adobe creative cloud express avatar maker website interface

2. Avatar Maker

Easy to use
  • Agile avatar creation
  • Vector format exporting
  • Many face options
  • 4 avatar styles
  • No way to download an avatar in PNG

Verdict: Avatar Maker is one of the best easiest tools for those who want to create a cartoon version of themselves. It offers many variants of faces, eyes, mouths, noses, hairstyles, and anything else you may need to make your avatar look like you.

The website is easy to use and all options are loaded quickly. The most pleasing part is that Avatar Maker is free. You have all the necessary options right on the screen. You don’t need to search for additional features but can quickly make your avatar in 4 styles.

Once you're done, you can do whatever you want with your new avatar right from the website, even share it with your friends. Online avatars can be uploaded in 200x200px and 400x400px, which are considered the standard sizes for online profile pictures.

avatar maker website interface

3. Portrait Illustration Maker

Simple tools
  • An abundance of tools
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of styles
  • Convenient layout of tools
  • No straightforward guidelines on how to create avatars

Verdict: Portrait Illustration Maker is a service that offers character icons for free. It allows you to quickly create cartoon avatars based on your gender, and share them on your blog or social media pages without using portrait photography tricks.

If you have ever used graphic design software, you have nothing to worry about as the site is beginner-friendly and anyone can create great avatars. You should definitely check out this website you are looking for a pure cartoon avatar maker rather than a platform with sketches.

Opening the website, you’ll see a lot of customization features. For example, if you want to apply a specific hairstyle, you can choose from over 90 different variants. In the same way, you can change other parts of a face, as well as alter the background.

portrait illustration maker avatar maker website interface

4. BeFunky

Simple interface
  • Registration-free
  • Rich toolkit
  • Download photos from the stream
  • Convenient website
  • Lots of ads
befunky avatar maker website logo

Verdict: BeFunky is suitable for very creative editing and is one of the best photo editing software on the modern market. This is a wonderful program for those who want to create an image-inspired avatar without making it too cartoony.

Here you can correct colors, add some really cool effects, or just change the contrast if you want. Either way, the site is completely free and offers plenty of features.

If you practice self portrait photography but don’t want to use your images, you can find the needed photos on Pixabay и Unsplash. All you need to get started is to upload the desired image. Next, you need to edit it.

befunky avatar maker website interface

5. Canva

Convenient resizing
  • Convenient tools
  • Many free icons
  • Quick workspace setup
  • Rich format support
  • You can’t create an avatar from a photo
  • Lots of icons are paid

Verdict: Canva is a well-designed online platform and photo editing software for beginners. Most users treat Canva as a handy tool for different tasks. But if you've never used all its features, you'll be surprised to learn that it is also one of the best avatar maker websites.

While it is impossible to create a thumbnail avatar with a real face, you can use its "Avatars Smileys" section, where the team has already created hundreds of cartoon avatars. All you have to do is edit them the way you like.

canva avatar maker website interface

6. Pickaface

Clear instructions
  • Multiple effects
  • Quick avatar creation and editing
  • Supports high-res files
  • Unusual drawing style
  • Obligatory registration for accessing many functions
pickaface avatar maker website logo

Verdict: Pickaface is a free web application for creating a custom avatar. You can easily create your own cartoon avatar in just a few minutes. Just click "Create Avatar" and follow the instructions. Next, save an avatar to your gallery.

This avatar maker offers many customization options. While you can create an avatar without registering, many features are only available to registered users. By registering on Pickaface, you will be able to create and manage a gallery of your unique avatars.

Plus, you can create new avatars based on your previous work without starting from scratch. What’s more, you’ll be able to rename/delete avatars and purchase high-resolution files of your avatars.

pickaface avatar maker website interface

7. Cartoonize

Adjustable filters
  • Beautiful cartoon images
  • Smart tools
  • Intuitive UI
  • Works online and offline
  • More functions in a paid desktop version
cartoonize avatar maker website logo

Verdict: Cartoonize is a great option if you want to create a cartoon-inspired avatar. The best thing is that this image cartoonizer software allows you to do everything manually or just select the effects, you want to add to your photo.

An amazing thing about this avatar making website is how smoothly and quickly it converts real photos into cartoon images. If you run a business, you can add your face to the packaging of products, cups, etc. Of course, you can use a finished avatar in a social media profile.

You can convert photos to cartoon images online, if you use the paid version, you have to download Cartoonize to your Windows PC. There you can convert images in batches and apply many special effects.

cartoonize avatar maker website interface

8. Cartoonify

Wide setup options
  • AI tools
  • Quick processing
  • Allows downloading avatars in many formats
  • Easy sharing
  • Ads
cartoonify avatar maker website logo

Verdict: Using Cartoonify is one of the easiest and fastest ways to turn your photo into a cartoon. You just need to choose proper facial features and the background to make a cartoon face. This avatar maker provides users with over 300 image adjustment options, e.g., nose type, size, color, etc.

You also need to indicate the gender before getting down to work. The website doesn’t operate on the drag-n-drop basic, but requires users to click on different parts of a human face and AI algorithms will show the preview on the left side.

Once the process is over and you like the result, you can download it as SVG (vector) or PNG. Besides, you can upload the file to Gravatar. Another advantage of the program is the possibility to output your avatars to the most popular social networks.

cartoonify avatar maker website interface

9. Superherotar

Fast make superhero
  • Marvel and DC characters
  • Generation of files for posting on a site
  • Eye-pleasing design
  • Straightforward sharing
  • Full-height superhero
superherotar avatar maker website logo

Verdict: Superherotar is one of the best websites where you can create your own version of a superhero and share it with the world. You can change the Flash's appearance or add a mustache to Hulk’s face, create a new superhero, and add him/her to your avatar collection. Making a unique full-height superhero avatar is easy, fun, and free.

If you have ever used Superhero Photo Editor, you will instantly grasp what to do on this website. The process is similar to a dress-up game. Just select and combine superhero’s body parts, and when done, press the button to save it to your computer. Along with superheroes, there are also tools to create zombie, vampire, manga, star trek, viking, and pirate avatars.

You can then use your new superhero avatar as a profile picture on your website, social network, instant messaging program, and inspire and set an example for all your friends.

superherotar avatar maker website interface

10. Avachara

Wide choice of effects
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accessories for an avatar
  • Every element is easy to edit
  • Lots of formats
  • Few hair colors
avachara avatar maker website logo

Verdict: Avachara is a web application where you create a character avatar, such as a portrait or anime avatar. The UI of the site is quite simple and will please those who want to create simple cartoon avatars. All you have to do is choose the avatar gender, shape, eyebrows, nose, ears and all the other 100+ facial effects.

This popular avatar maker also has additional items such as goggles, sunglasses, masks, clothing, and many different accessories that can be added to an avatar. You can experiment with a variety of options such as dresses, tops, shirts and hats, to name a few. The interactive avatar editor included in the web application allows you to modify/remove each element by clicking the cross under the avatar.

You can save the finished avatar in several formats such as PNG and JPEG. While PNG has dimensions of 200x400px, JPEG formats allow for a larger size of 480x480px. This makes it easy to share the result using the best manga apps for Android.

avachara avatar maker website interface

11. Doll Divine

Many skin tones
  • Many backgrounds
  • Characters are easy to dress up
  • Large selection of hairstyles, tattoos, and other elements
  • You can customize the face in manga style
  • No way to download an avatar
doll divine avatar maker website logo
Doll Divine

Verdict: Doll Divine is one of the best anime avatar making websites. If you are a manga lover, use this manga drawing software to quickly create a suitable character.

You will see a great collection of backgrounds for your avatar here to blend it with the manga world. There are at least 34 backgrounds to choose from. Hair, clothing and accessories are based on anime and manga to give an authentic feel to your anime avatar.

The process of creating an avatar is very similar to playing the dress-up game on your phone, but it is impossible to download images. So, you can just take screenshots on your smartphone, and if you are on a PC, you need to use Chrome extensions.

doll divine avatar maker website interface