Add Stickers To Photos Online

Add stickers to photos online using this Free Sticker Editor without any difficulties and hidden payments. Just start it and draw or add cool stickers/frames/filters to your photos or collages.

FAQ: Add Stickers to Photos Online

How to add stickers to photos online?
Create a new canvas and upload an image → Duplicate your background layer (Keyboard shortcuts: Mac: Cmd + J, Win: Ctrl + J) → Make the “Background” layer invisible by clicking on the small eye icon → Clear remaining pixels using Marquee, Lasso or Magic Wand → Invert your selection (Keyboard shortcuts: Mac: Cmd + Shift + I, Win: Ctrl + Shift + I) → Remove the inverted selection from 3b in layers.
Save your result as transparent PNG, done!
Can I apply a sticker to multiple images at once?
No. You can open several images separately and just copy your stickers.
Can I create vector stickers?
This Photo Editor with Stickers can work with raster and vector graphics as well. Therefore, if you need to use the editor to create stickers or Photoshop logos/banners - you can do it. It also supports SVG files.
The layers don’t work, who can I contact for help?
Try to refresh the page or restart the browser. If it doesn’t help fix the error, address the online support and explain your problem. Technical support works 24 hours a day.

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