Free Collage Maker Online

This Free Collage Maker is an open-source and online free photo editor that is designed by FixThePhoto Team to make the process of creating collages fast and easy. Just upload your photos, create layouts or use our Free Photoshop Collage Templates, and download your beautiful photo collages for free.

FAQ: Collage Maker

How to create a photo collage?
Upload your photos. Create a collage layout or template using figures, where each figure is a layer where the picture will be. Add your pictures to this Online Collage Maker using the Clipping Mask. View the Full Photoshop Collage Tutorial.
What image formats does this Collage Maker support?
The picture collage maker supports over 14 image formats including popular JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, etc. and also RAW formats from Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.
Can I change the Collage Maker’s interface?
No, you can’t move the interface panels. To remove a panel that you do not need, go to Window and select it.
Can I use this Free Collage Maker for color correction?
Yes, you can adjust white balance, exposure, contrast, shadows, saturation, etc. with the help of built-in color correction tools and the Raw Editor. If you don’t want to do this on your own, you may ask for color correction services from experts.

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