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100 Free Photography Logos

Fix The Photo professional designers have prepared 100 best free photography logo design templates for your photo business which will help you to choose the photography logo design you like. All photography logos examples are divided into different photo genres such as portrait photography, product photography, landscape photography and others. After choosing the photography logo you like, you will see the photography logo fonts inside, which can help create the logos and which you can download in order to edit them for your needs. Each photography logo has a .psd file to make it possible for you to change the background if you don't like the one we offer. The designers have done everything to help you find free photography logo you need easily and quickly. 

Photographers Logo | Nature

Nature photography is an art of capturing nature the way you can see it. Such photos can show both spacious fields and forest landscapes or the most intimate details of nature. It's one of the most popular genres of photography because you only need a camera and your imagination to take beautiful landscape shots. There are a lot of nature photography types that's why you need to decide what style to use for your nature shots before you start choosing a logo. You can see free photography logos temples which the designers have chosen for this type of photography below and you can choose your own one.

Camera on a tripod - an excellent choice of the logo if you have the letter "A" in your name. Quite an interesting and original idea. 

Hands hold an imaginary camera - the careless font style creates the impression of a manuscript, also the hands seem to capture the picture. 


Old camera on a tripod - simple and rigorous, an excellent combination of font and picture, especially suitable if you specialize in winter landscapes.

Name inside the camera - an original and a small photography logo. An excellent idea of putting all the words inside the camera.   


Careless camera - the combination of a strict font style and a camera drawn in sketch style is an excellent choice for sunny photos (sands, ocean, forest).  

Imitation of drawing with a brush - another combination of negligence and severity, but now the camera and the inscription have reversed.  


Colorful logo with thick lines - such a logo will be visible in any photo, but it should be chosen with caution, since a strong color casting may look very sloppy.  

Logo for those who work in pairs - as the name implies, a good choice for photographers working in pairs.  


Instagram style logo - the shape of the camera and the background color are very similar to Instagram, but they have some differences. A good photography logo design for vivid photos.  

Minimalistic logo - the minimalistic shape of the camera and the simplicity of the whole logo are suitable for any photographer, but best of all it looks white in dark photos.  


Iridescent lens - one of the few colored logos in the list, creates an impression of the professional photographer.  

Minimalistic lens - the image of the lens in a small frame is great for any photo in any color.  


Minimalistic lens - the image of the lens in a small frame is great for any photo in any color.  

Sea Colors Lens is an excellent choice for marine photographs, the colors are matched for this type of landscape photo.  



Map in the lens. One of the best choices for travel style photo.  

A minimalistic camera and a name -a simple photography logo focused mainly on the name and not the camera icon.  


Lens in the shape of waves. Just another great choice for marine photography, the lens resembles a wave, especially this is highlighted on the blue background.  

Name in the frame. Nothing superfluous, just a name written in a calligraphic font.  


The first letter of the name inside the lensis simple and stylish, it creates an impression of professionalism.  

Sunset in the lens –a very original idea perfectly suitable for landscape photographer. Everything that is here is excellent to let people know who you are, without using unnecessary elements.  


Photographers Logo | Fashion

No need to explain that fashion photography is a genre connected with fashionable items and clothes displaying. It's often used for advertisements and for fashion magazines. Time requires innovations, that's why nowadays fashionable clothes are complemented by exotic locations and extraordinary accessories. The logo of a fashion photographer must be simple and stylish, it also depends on the style of photography you are using (street clothes, sports clothes, etc.). Our designers will help you to create free photography logos for your prosperous photo business.

Camera sketch drawing – an excellent choice of logo especially for photos of street-style clothes.  

Funny camera and old-style font – are great for autumn style photos with advertising clothes this season.  


Lens in the hands – simplicity and severity of the logo is perfect for all styles of fashion photography.  

Minimalist strict logo – classical magazine fonts are perfectly combined with a simple image of the camera.  


Logo in the wall drawing style – a cream color will look great on warm photos.  

The stars around the camera – is a simple logo that will look great on the photos of fashion shows or promotional photos.  


Photographers Logo | Product

Product photography is a type of photography where the items for sale are being photographed. This genre has appeared thanks to the trading platforms (Amazon, Etsy, etc.). There are two main types of product photos - lifestyle and white background photography. The lifestyle photography includes photos on models, flat lay photos, desktop photography. Such photog must have a logo which will show the people his or her style, they must understand what business you are connected with. Use photography logo templates photoshop to create a stunning logotype.

Hands hold an imaginary camera (white version) – an excellent choice will alternate this and the dark version shown earlier, depending on the photos.  

Old camera style – nothing superfluous, just your name and a small camera icon.  


Camera on a tripod – an excellent choice for placing on a light background. We recommend using it for a flat lay photos.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Photographers Logo | Macro

Macro photography includes photographing of small objects, it can be insects, flowers, plants, jewelry or even ordinary casual objects captured from an unusual angle. Macro photography makes a photographer to look carefully at things. A shooter searches for minute subject matter and makes the ordinary objects look different. The logo must contain a part of macro photography style, which you are frequently using, nature or objects, for example.

A tiny camera in the middle of the name – a bright and positive logo that is suitable for photos of the same type.  

The sun inside the lens – is a wonderful choice for nature photographers and light photos on the background.  


Dark camera in a careless circle – this logo contains a large number of elements, so it is suitable for simple photos, but still can be too much noticeable.  

Dark camera in a careless circle – this logo contains a large number of elements, so it is suitable for simple photos, but still can be too much noticeable.  


White name logo inside the camera – we have already shown something similar in the Landscape logo. Excellent choice for dark photos.  

Name through the camera – an interesting idea, the logo itself is made in thick lines, but at the same time it looks not too bulky.  


Name brackets from the lens – also a logo with thick lines. It will be clearly visible in the photo, unlike those that can easily get lost on the background.  

Handwritten name – one of the few logos not having a camera image. Instead of "PhotoGrapher" you can insert your name. A good choice for simple and minimalistic photos on a light background.  



White on black – a logo that combines the elements of the two logos that we have mentioned earlier.  

Rectangular camera on a tripod – a simple and beautiful, nothing superfluous. A good choice if you want something special, but not too bulky.  


Elegant and neat camera – the simplest fonts and elementary drawing of the camera will suit any photographer.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Photographers Logo | Minimalism

Every style of photography is good for this type of logos. It often has a very simple background and doesn't contain a lot of words, the picture is usually simple, without complicated elements. This type of logos has a significant advantage – they are multipurpose and suitable for every style of photography. So if you haven't decided what photo style to choose or you are shooting your pictures in all styles, they will be the ideal choice for you then.

Color camera with a lens – a small and neat logo has very few elements, only the most necessary.  

Black circle with a name – here there is no camera, just your name with white letters on a black background, but this logo everywhere will be easily noticeable.  


Pink camera and handwritten inscription inside – a variation of the past logo, but here the outline of the name is the camera lens.  

Two-color camera – the upper part of the camera is transparent, and the lower part is white. Excellent for dark types of photos.  


Abstract camera – the camera of a strange shape with a parts of the name on both sides.  

Part of the camera is hidden behind the name – an interesting variation of the logo about which we have spoke earlier. Now the camera seems to be hidden behind the inscription.  


Rainbow name inside the lens – the camera is presented in the best minimalist style - four corners and a circle in the middle. The rainbow inscription inside gives a zest.  

A camera made of simple geometric shapes – what can be even more minimalistic?  


The lens of geometric shapes – is an interesting design, suitable for almost any photo.  

Nice minimalistic logo – is an interesting combination of colors and small camera picture.  


The name in the translucent frame – is a simple design, just your name in a thick frame.  

Two color lens. – Bright colors that are visible on the photos, that’s why your photography logo won’t stay unnoticed.  


A minimalistic logo on a translucent background, a picture of a camera made from un-drawn lines looks original.  

Neat camera with a prominent lens. – The original combination of thick and thin lines.  


A pink camera from simple shapes. – Suitable for nature photos or light spring photos with a blurred background.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Photographers Logo | Portrait

The most famous style of photography in the world is portraits, of course. It's a huge genre of photography which includes dozens of subgenres. It doesn't matter whether a photography demonstrate a person's face, whether a person looks at the camera, whether he or she stands alone or it's a group photo, whether the picture shows only a person's head or a head and a body, the main thing is that the photo is focused on a person. If you don't know how to make a logo for photography, here are our tips. It will be better for a photographer to have a logo with a portrait in a background, an excellent choice will be the best photo made by you.

Camera on a matte background – an excellent choice of a logo if you basically use warm tones.  

Old camera and one-color inscription – - restrained font style and icons fit almost all kinds of portrait photography.  


Hands simulating the camera – the hands depicted on the logo are placed in such a way that the circle between them plays the role of an objective, forming a camera.  

Sketch style camera – a white variation of the logo that was mentioned earlier, looks great even on light photos.  


Large lens – one of the logos consisting of a large number of elements. It looks good on the one-color background, however it can get lost on a dark photos.  

Camera with a ring in the lens – a great choice for wedding photographers. The circle of the lens forms a ring, and a triangle above imitates a diamond.  


Lens with a wide ring – a variation of the previous logo but with a more pronounced ring, so it's very easy to notice.  

Camera is inserted in a sign of infinity – uite an original choice of a logo that will help you stand out among other photographers.  


Logo in the frame – a simple logo surrounded by a frame, which is clearly visible in the photo. Especially well highlighted the icon of the camera.  

Photography film is very discreet and stylish logo.  


The first letter of the name in the circle. The beauty is in simplicity, there are a lot of trifles on the logo, but they make it original.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Photographers Logo | Studio

Studio photography is one of the most popular types of photography. Actually, it's not even a genre because you can shoot in your photo studio everything you want - from people to cars, but your customers must understand that you are the photographer they need, because you are an experienced studio tog and do this work at the highest level. The logo must be restrained and professional, leave bright colors and violence of paints for other types of photography. You can choose free images for logo design represented below.

Letter "O" in the lens style – if you have the letter "O" in your name, this will be a wonderful choice.  

Gentle pink logo – a simple pink circle with your initials inside, an excellent choice for matte photos.  


Mirrorless camera – a strict, well-traced camera, which will surely attract a lot of attention.  

Black box in the form of a camera – a very simple logo that does not have anything superfluous, only the necessary information.  


Camera on a tripod instead of the letter "A" – the letter "A" is no longer used as a tripod, now the entire letter has been changed to a camera.  

A sight with a camera. A translucent sight in the middle of which there is a camera.  


A white frame with the original font the letter "A" is a very stylish and calligraphic font with letters beyond the frame.  

A camera surrounded by a name is a black and white logo with a yellow tint.  


A saturated black photography logo. Very wide lines make the logo’s design professional.  

Inside the circle. The main role is played by the name written in calligraphic font, the miniature camera on the left adds originality to the logo too.  


A big name. The photography logos made of words are a classical choice but they don't look bad.  

Two names in the circle. If you work with a colleague, this photography logo is the best choice.  


A camera with a flash. Your name, high letters will look great on the background with a colorful background.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Photographers Logo | Architecture

We see beautiful architecture every day, it surrounds us, no wonder that this genre of photography is so popular all over the world. Everything can be depicted with the help of it, from panoramic images of the city and pictures of magnificent skyscrapers to the pictures of secluded buildings. Such photography genre is often divided into two types -old and new architecture, but it doesn't mean that you must adhere to these strict rules.

Looking out camera – above was a similar logo, but instead of the top, here is the left side. A good choice for simple and bright photos of buildings.  

Name around the lens – an original idea of putting all the inscriptions around the lens.  


Photographers Logo | Lifestyle

Photos of this genre show life in motion, it's not a specially made pose photo of a person, it's a usual human behavior, an «accidental» photo. Lifestyle photo is an intention to capture people in real-life situations, show their real emotions. This method is a combination of press photography and fine art. The purpose of lifestyle photography is to capture the story; continuously and with utmost care.  

Hands forming the camera (black version) – we have already considered a similar white logo with the slightly different shape of the camera. Careless font adds a street temper.  

Simple camera on a tripod – the logo that highlights the main parts in bold.  


Cream camera – a good choice for summer photos with warm tones.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Photography Logo | Wedding

Wedding photography is one of the most complex and demanded types of photographic styles. The difficulty lies in the fact that the photographer must work for several hours without missing a single moment of the event. People are very responsible for choosing a photographer for their wedding ceremony and therefore you should immediately create the impression of a professional shooter in your business. Your photography logo design should be suitable for a wedding theme, no matter it is just the word "wedding" on the logo, or the presence of wedding items on it (rings, flowers, etc.)  

Thick white lines. The logo looks great in white color, in black it's look too dark.  

The gold ring in the lens. This logo is a great choice for wedding photographer.  


Connecting figures. It is an abstract logo but very attractive for wedding photography services.  

Connecting rings in B&W. These rings symbolize wedding rings and photographer’s lens.  


Old-fashioned design. Vintage and solemn wedding patterns around the name.  

A brilliant lens. Pastel blue and white colors make this wedding photography logo gentle and stylish.  


A pink logo with white ornaments looks like a print, will decorate and look harmoniously on wedding photos.  

Patterns around the name. This logo looks as if it was hand-written. Suits great for classical wedding photographers.  


Strict & neat. This style is all reserved, transparent, great for a male photographer.  

A white bow-tie. Made for studio photography services, minimum ornaments and maximum style.  


The heart in the camera. This photography logo is made in black colors, the heart above the camera remarkably sets the spirit of the wedding mood. A good contrast for the photos with white wedding dress.  

Connected cameras. Both cameras’ lenses look like the wedding rings.  


The heart inside the name. A cute but simple photography logo in yellow color.  

Best Photography Logos - CreativeMarket's Choice


Why You Need a Photography Logo? 

The photography business is a very competitive nowadays. According to a research, 60% of photographers quit their photography business in one year. Rest of them give up during the second and the third year of their business undertaking. This statistical information shows that you must be ready to come up against fierce competition in the photography services market. But still, you are able to build a good reputation for your photo business and get the positive development prospects if you have a good branding.  

First of all, your business needs the professional photography logo design ideas to convey the essence of your business project. The photography logo of your company plays a very important role because if your logo is not professional, your company can't be considered professional too. Photography logos and watermarks mustn't be catchy, but they must transfer the right message to your future clients. Your clients must be able to understand the concept of your business through your logo.

No matter whether you are a freelance tog or an owner of an advertising agency or a photography website, you need a good, qualified logo and the best watermark for photography to be successful in this business.

How to Choose a Photography Logo?

Look through the photography names and logos of big successful companies and think what makes them be so popular in order to create your own unique logotype which can distinguish your company from hundreds of other agencies.

Make a list of what you like and don't like about those logos and find a special punch line for your logotype. Such important elements as color, professional logo font, size, graphic/no graphic, tagline/no tagline must be carefully considered because details are extremely important.

Separate the photography logo ideas you like from those you don't like and use your skills and imagination to create your incredible logo masterpiece.


The color of your photography logo must be soft and not contain too bright and incongruous colors. You need to choose the one which can be easily put onto your works without drawing too much attention on it. The best way to make sure that your logo will be well transferred from one background to another is to make the one-colored logo. We know that it's hard to do when there's a whole rainbow of colors for usage, but the fewer colors you use for your free logo pictures, the easier your logo can be used. Use black and white colors if you can't decide what colors to choose. 


The main thing for designs for photography logos is not to combine a lot of things together. Experiment with different elements by combining them together to see whether they work together or not. But remember that too many elements can spoil your logo. Don't try to put your business name, slogan and graphic on your logo design template because your logo will be oversaturated. There are exceptions to the rules, of course, and some companies prove that many elements can create a perfect logo but you must possess an ideal taste and style, in this case.

If you still want to have some graphics on your logotype, do it properly and of appropriate size. Choose something suitable for your brand, the logo picture must convey the main idea of your business.


There are a lot of photography logo fonts you can choose from.  But what font will be perfect for your logo? First of all, don't follow trends, choose a font which you really like, but it must be readable and precise. Remember that your clients will read it too, that's why it must be understandable for them too. You can try to mix up a script and a standard(serif/sans serif) font. A script font must be readable if you decide to use it.


After choosing your ideal logo, you must act consistently. It means that you should use the same logo on your branding and watermark images. Don't forget that your logo is a thing which makes you be recognizable. Don't use different logos on social media and watermarking not to confuse your clients. Your logo must be associated with your business. Don't make a mess in your customers' heads by constant changing of your logo. If you've just started your photography business, be ready to use the same logotype for at least 3 years because if you want to be successful  - stability will work in your favor.

Your logo can accompany you during all of your business periods but there are cases when you need to change it. Rebranding can be useful sometimes but don't forget to announce about it. 

Thus, we can see that the easiest way to select your photography logo should be based on the style of your photography services. If you still cannot decide, our advice is to choose minimalism.