11 Best Adobe Express Alternatives in 2023

By Eva Williams 19 days ago, Software Reviews

Are you searching for a decent Adobe Express alternative to make your web pages, social graphics and short videos stand out from other content on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks of your audience? Wish to create images that stimulate interaction with your brand and traffic to your website or blog?

The good news is that there are plenty of apps like Adobe Express that come in the form of online design tools for creating attractive visual content in social networks. Besides, many of programs like Adobe Express are free or have a mobile version for the convenience of users.

Top 11 Adobe Express Alternatives

The majority of social media users respond better to visual content than to regular text. Adobe Express is an excellent way to produce professional-looking social graphics, flyers, posters and animated videos. The only problem is the availability of Adobe Express free for only 7 days.

Top 3 Adobe Express Alternatives:

The following alternatives to Adobe Express let users decorate their social media pages with pictures, videos, logos, banners, vector graphics and typography to boost potential visits, conversions and sales. Users can even add their own brand to produce truly unique content.

Also, the Article Considers:

1. Canva

With hundreds of free templates and graphic resources, fonts and text styles, Canva lets users produce qualitative pictures for publication in social networks or blogs. The simple interface allows the novice to get started quickly.

Professionals can take advantage of a rich library of resources and templates for attractive graphics, blogs, Facebook covers, flyers and invitations, presentations and posters.

canva adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and cross-platform
  • 1 GB of storage, up to 10 team members
  • Straightforward drag-and-drop UI
  • A giant library of resources
  • Free version with restrictions
  • Web app depends on whether the Internet is available

Main Canva Features:

  • Web- and cloud-based
  • 8000+ templates
  • Ability to upload your own graphics
  • Export to PDF, JPG, PNG
  • Social sharing, edit access throw link

This Adobe Express alternative has more than 10 million users, so you need to take this into account while customizing the design in order to stand out from other brands. The premium subscription offers unlimited storage, access to 300,000 resources and templates, custom fonts, transparent backgrounds and more.

Start with the preset size (set your own canvas sizes), create your own layout, or pick one from the library. Tons of pictures, icons, layouts, text styles and forms are found for free. After selecting a template, use the resource library and drag-and-drop elements, add or edit text, and configure the main parameters: font, color, picture filters and opacity.

2. Gravit Designer

If you require plenty of features, Gravit Designer may be the best online vector creator for you with its custom vectors, logos and bright graphics in social networks. This alternative to Adobe Express boasts many classic graphic design features of Photoshop, Sketch and GIMP, such as layers, drawing tools, groupings, shapes, text and effects, along with a more simplified interface.

gravit designer adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and cross-platform
  • Desktop app, web app or browser extension
  • Automatic update
  • Tooltips with explanations
  • Wide format compatibility
  • Free version with restrictions
  • Not too extensive resource library

Main Gravit Designer Features:

  • WebGL, HTML Canvas, JavaScript technologies
  • Laser cutting, game assets design
  • Robust vector-based engine
  • Gravit cloud
  • Non-destructive editing

Do you wish to back up your design files or make them available to your team? Gravit is meant for syncing with Gravit Cloud, which is free. Just create a Gravit account, enable syncing and you are done.

The tutorials tab in the main window provides access to the knowledge users need to get started. It comes with a small library of templates, forms, illustrations and icons that are pre-configured for publishing on blogs and images on social networks. Start with one of the preset canvases or define your own.

3. Desygner

Customize visual effects with Desygner, a universal tool for creating pictures in social networks. This online and mobile design solution offers a simple alternative to expensive complex design packages.

desygner adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and cross-platform
  • PDF editor, own brand library
  • Plenty of different templates
  • Smooth and quick
  • Storing and organizing brand assets
  • Standalone app only for mobile devices
  • Web-based app depends on the internet

Main Desygner Features:

  • Pre-loaded sizes for social networks
  • Local professional digital printing
  • Desygner’s marketing localization engine
  • Lockable designs for copyright protection

Desygner is more convenient, smoother and faster than many web applications. The collaboration tool lets users produce beautiful designs regardless of their skill level.

An array of side menus with a selection of design elements and effects enable users to configure picture and text parameters widely, without becoming cumbersome on a small screen. Users can open the list of layers to select, deselect and change the order of elements with a few clicks. The tool provides fewer templates and resources than other programs like Adobe Express do. But when combined with a mobile app, it becomes a universal tool for quick creation of unique professional pictures in social networks.

4. Pixlr

It is the best Facebook picture editor that turns your social media shots into printable portraits or collages. Pixlr comes in two versions: for basic and professional picture editing.

pixlr adobe express alternative interface
  • Free, multilingual, cross-platform
  • 2 picture editors for different skill levels
  • Digital marketing tool
  • Straightforward UI with a slider system
  • Stock stickers, overlays, borders, icons and texts
  • Web-based app depends on the Internet, ads
  • Standalone app for mobile devices
  • Certain effects aren’t editable

Main Pixlr Features:

  • Layer editing
  • Reads PSD, PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG
  • Science fiction effects
  • Smart crop tool
  • AI and ML-based

The tools (blend, smudge, sharpen, colorize) used in this Adobe Express alternative differ in that they can also open the PSD extension file. The extensive educational segment won’t be difficult to use even for children. The library of templates and photos is quite extensive, which makes it easier to work with.

A paid subscription will eliminate ads and grant access to more than 10 million design resources for unrestricted download via the Professional account.

5. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a universal picture editing and retouching program that offers creative tools for graphic design, branding and social networks.

picmonkey adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and cross-platform
  • Incorporated branding toolset
  • Millions of stock pictures from iStock, Getty, Unsplash
  • 8000+ graphics and textures, 100 fonts
  • Integration with social networks
  • Upload only in JPG and PNG
  • Restrictions in the free version

Main PicMonkey Features:

  • Smart background removal tool
  • Pre-installed social media templates
  • Vector graphics, layers, filters
  • Auto-saving on Hub
  • Cloud-based storage

With this app create stunning social graphics with customizable stickers and fonts. PicMonkey helps creatives of all skill levels produce spectacular pictures to promote their personal or business brand. Its picture editing and design toolset is a robust yet user-friendly alternative to Adobe Spark and a key resource for YouTubers.

6. Assembly

This Adobe Express alternative offers straightforward graphic design tools for social campaigns with professional output from iOS devices. Take advantage of simple shapes, ready-made stickers, rotation, fill, stroke and more with ease to snap to the grid in order to increase traffic and create banners.

assembly adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and standalone app
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Library of royalty-free shapes and stickers
  • Creative community
  • Learning materials
  • Only for iOS
  • Restrictions in the free version

Main Assembly Features:

  • Touch-optimized Bezier editing toolset
  • Typography tools, font import
  • Full vector SVG output
  • Boolean functions
  • Snap-to-grid function

Enjoy touch-optimized editing toolset, typography (including font import) and full SVG vector output for better compatibility with your workflow. Use exported SVG files on the Internet or for printing without loss of quality.

Casual design lovers can immediately start working with the mobile drawing app for iPad and iPhone. Professionals can go deeper and start working with design-suite quality tools.

7. Logaster

Logaster is a multifunctional software for creating corporate identity and free logo maker.

logaster adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and cross-platform
  • Vector files for print in PDF/SVG
  • Ownership of copyright
  • 6 layout options
  • Cloud-based
  • Restrictions in the free version
  • Web-based app depends on the Internet

Main Logaster Features:

  • Social media kits
  • Free watermark-free logotype in PNG
  • Numerous color schemes
  • Full design bundle

This alternative to Adobe Express boasts many classic graphic design features of Photoshop, Sketch and GIMP, such as layers, drawing tools, groupings, shapes, text and effects, along with a more simplified interface.

It will create several logos for your business in a few minutes. You can choose the best one and even make the necessary changes. Besides, it is a graphic design program that boasts the presence of a picture editor and templates. The Logaster software package is compatible with SaaS, Android, iPhone and iPad.

8. iMovie

iMovie lets users record social media videos, share them instantly and create Hollywood-style stories with 4K resolution. iMovie for Mac and iMovie for iOS are designed to collaborate. With iMovie Theatre, all the finished clips and trailers are shown as great movie demos.

imovie adobe express alternative interface
  • Free with professional capabilities
  • Tutorials, tooltips
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop video editing
  • Integration with social networks
  • Magic Keyboard with trackpad support
  • iOS/macOS only
  • More suitable for working with videos/photos

Main iMovie Features:

  • Top-grade filters and special effects
  • Smart sound and voice recording
  • Dozens of caption animation styles
  • Advanced text settings
  • Publication in social networks, YouTube in 4K

Users just need to pick the required clasps, embed titles and impacts, and overlay the full soundtrack. Choose from an array of templates of almost any genre, pick a logo, or enter a video caption and titles. Then add photos and videos to the storyboard. This Adobe Express alternative video even supports 4K resolution for stunning full-screen quality movies.

Browse the video library and create great moving images from photos that can be modified with up to 4K resolution. Users may start altering moving images on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. When the movie is ready to be published, users can rate it on each of their gadgets in iMovie Theatre.

9. Snappa

Snappa has developed a minimalistic app to create bright, polished pictures as quickly and easily as possible.

snappa adobe express alternative interface
  • Free and simplified
  • Picture editing from a mobile device
  • 3,000,000 stock graphics, 6000+ templates
  • Robust text tool
  • Integration with social networks and Buffer
  • Free plan restrictions
  • Basic graphical functions
  • Web-based app depends on the Internet

Main Snappa Features:

  • Switchable grid view
  • Layering tool
  • Incorporated templates for social networks
  • Smart background removal and resize

Although this Adobe Express alternative boasts an extensive library of templates, it pays more attention to the correct background picture. Users can choose a free one in a few clicks or upload their own.

Users have an opportunity to effortlessly edit text from the sidebar by adjusting the font, size, alignment, line spacing, transparency and shadow effect. It is possible to share the picture and accompanying message (or queue it in Buffer for premium users) without leaving Snappa.

10. Pablo by Buffer

Created with the help of a social media planning tool, Pablo by Buffer is very minimalistic, making it easy to add nice personalized graphics to the posts and blog.

pablo by buffer adobe express alternative interface
  • Free online tool or web-extension
  • 600k+ royalty-free pictures
  • Assets that users upload are protected
  • Simple minimalistic UI
  • Internet-dependent
  • Picture adjustments are limited

Main Pablo by Buffer Features:

  • Keyword search
  • Ability to upload your own resources
  • Preset sizes for social networks
  • Incorporated templates and quotes
  • Integration with social networks

This Adobe Express alternative offers several functions and one workflow. Pick a template or picture for an empty template – everything is free and royalty-free, provided by the best free vector sites, like Unsplash and Pixabay.

Keyword search is fast and accurate, so users can choose the perfect picture for their posts. Pick one of three sizes, each of them is suitable particularly for Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook/Twitter.

One of several pre-installed filters will ensure the correct level of contrast between the picture and text. It is possible to add up to three text fields and customize the size and font. Add one custom logo or drawing, and you are done. Users can upload the finished picture by placing it in a queue in the buffer, or share it directly to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.


OFFEO is an online video maker that lets small businesses easily create awesome videos for social networks.

wrike interface
  • Free, cross-platform
  • Intuitive UI
  • Audio library with 500+ soundtracks
  • 100,000+ royalty-free stock pictures/footages
  • Up to 20GB storage
  • No trial version
  • Web-based app depends on the Internet

Main OFFEO Features:

  • Thousands of curated designer templates
  • Genimate animation editor
  • Custom dimensions
  • Live Preview

With its straightforward interface and drag-and-drop system, the platform looks familiar. Using this Adobe Express video alternative, you will be able to animate the entire project in one click. The video will feature a well-chosen soundtrack that may be picked from the diverse audio library.

Begin creating videos for your website, blog or social media profiles effortlessly with OFFEO. Elaborate tools and functions are packed into one simple interface. Start by selecting from thousands of templates, using any of them as a framework to create the perfect video.