23 Best Free Vector Sites in 2022

By Eva Williams 21 days ago, Software Reviews

23 Best Free Vector Sites in 2022

Free vector sites are aimed at beginner designers and contain ready-made vector illustrations available completely free of charge. Such illustrations can be used for personal and commercial purposes. You may download free icons and logos to use them for your advertising banner or branding marketing campaign.

23 Best Free Vector Sites

  1. Creazilla - + 1 000 000 AI vectors
  2. Retro Vectors - Vintage-style vectors
  3. Icons8 - Free illustrations from top Dribbble artists
  4. Vexels - Online corrections
  5. Stockio - Commercial use
  6. Flaticon ‒ PSD and BASE 64 vectors
  7. WowPatterns - Without copyright
  8. The Noun Project - For branding
  9. Vecteezy - Work assessment
  10. VectorStock - Authors’ collections
  11. DeviantArt ‒ No attribution
  12. Pixabay - With Metta
  13. Freepik ‒ For infographics
  14. 123FreeVectors - Selection of a vector background
  15. Freedesignfile - Provides a link to the official source
  16. BrandEPS - For advertising
  17. Vector Portal ‒ For commercial use
  18. Humaaans ‒ With the possibility to edit
  19. Vector4Free ‒ Animated vectors
  20. Vector Me - For copying the HTML code
  21. DryIcons - For vector illustrations
  22. Iconmonstr - Possibility to order a necessary icon from designers
  23. DesignContest ‒ For fashion designers

Before I included these free vector sites on this list, I have tested each platform for the uniqueness of vector images and transparency of the copyright policy. All you have to do is to download and combine free ready-made vectors in one project using Illustrator or Photoshop.

1. Creazilla - Our choice

+ 1 000 000 AI vectors
  • + 1,000,000 free vectors
  • Supports AI, EPS, SVG
  • Without copyright indication
  • Smart search
  • Not found

Verdict: Creazilla is a relatively new project that allows developing a creative approach with a base of more than 100,000 vectors, 3D models, silhouettes and clip arts.

Creazilla is a free vector website offering smart search. For your convenience, you may type in the needed phrases or tags to find necessary vectors. Moreover, there are more than 20 ready-made sections – cars, animals, architecture, sport, vegetables, flowers, berries, decorations, etc.

сreazilla best free vector sites interface

2. Retro Vectors

Vintage-style vectors
  • Unique retro vectors
  • Helpful blog
  • For commercial use
  • Small vector base

Verdict: Retro Vectors is a unique vectors website offering free vector images of the ’40s-’80s organized in separate libraries. In different albums, you can find vectors related to sport, dances, various decorations, tools, etc.

You will also find different fonts, a smart search, manual guides, and a helpful blog that will inspire you with the aesthetics of the previous century. You’ll learn about interesting facts, different kinds of entertainment, etc.

retro vectors best free vector sites interface

3. Icons8

Built-in icon editor
  • 1,000,000+ PNG, SVG icons
  • Integrated advanced editor
  • Database is updated on a daily basis
  • Free accounts don’t have access to SVG export

Verdict: Using Icons8 you can download 1,000,000+ free PNG and SVG illustrations from leading Dribble artists. For a more convenient and fast search the service offers 30+ styles and categories: business, web elements, COVID-19, technology, nature, annotations, hobbies, animals and more.

After selecting the desired element, it is possible to upload the icon in high quality or go to the integrated Vector Creator. Here you can change the color, add new elements and even text.

You don’t need to worry about copyright as all icons can be used for commercial purposes. Also, there is the ability to create illustrations from scratch.

icons8 best free vector site interface

4. Vexels

With the possibility to edit
  • +50 categories of vectors
  • Possibility to save in PSD
  • Built-in online editor
  • Thematic updates
  • Copyright indicated

Verdict: Vexels vectors web includes more than 50 basic vector categories as well as a page of regularly updated current vectors. The platform offers a free download in SVG, PNG, EPS and even PSD format with the indication of the author.

The basic advantage of this platform is a built-in tool for online image editing. It simplifies the adjustment of vector files in accordance with your individual projects and may even replace the best free graphic design software.

vexels best free vector sites interface

5. Stockio

For commercial use
  • +80,000 unique presets
  • For commercial use
  • High quality of the source file
  • Rare update of the library

Verdict: When it comes to qualitative vector art, Stockio takes the leading positions thanks to the base of 80,000 free vectors for personal and commercial use.

Visiting a Stockio vectors website, you will see a big search panel. You may enter any keyword here. Moreover, the site also offers several galleries of free images, fonts, videos and etc.

stockio best free vector sites interface

6. Flaticon

PSD and BASE 64 vectors
  • Possibility to save in PSD and BASE 64
  • Convenient collections
  • Allows selling your vectors
  • Obligatory indication of the author

Verdict: Flaticon has more than 1,000,000 free vector icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats. This vectors website has collections grouped in packages for your convenience; you may also choose the best packages of the month.

You can make templates from icon packages on the vector website or create your own collections. If you are a designer, you may offer your own icon sets, graphics design and, in fact, make money selling them; it seems like a pleasant bonus, doesn’t it?

flaticon best free vector sites interface

7. WowPatterns

Commercial vector backgrounds
  • Unique vector backgrounds
  • Possibility to download in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD
  • Commercial use with attribution

Verdict: WowPatterns has a wide collection of bright vector illustrations, patterns and backgrounds created by their designers in the studio. You may download them for free and use them for commercial purposes with attribution.

For faster search, there are several ready-made sections - space patterns, food and drink examples, fruit patterns, kid’s models, etc.

wowpatterns best free vector sites interface

8. The Noun Project

Without indicating the author
  • +3,000,000 vector icons
  • Built-in editor
  • More than 50% of the icons are paid

Verdict: The Noun Project is a free vector website offering a huge collection (more than 3,000,000) of minimalistic icons for creative projects, personal as well as commercial purposes without indicating the copyright. It should be mentioned that there is a built-in editor where you may adjust transparency, edit the length of the line and its color.

You may create really cool presentations slipping the icons into Google Suite software. For advanced users, there is also a Noun Project API available.

the noun project best free vector sites interface

9. Vecteezy

With the possibility to assess works
  • Possibility to assess and promote vector projects
  • UX editor
  • Small base of unique logos

Verdict: Vecteezy is a free vector website, where illustrations are sorted by 30+ categories or keywords. Once you choose the necessary vector, you may add it to the UX editor and correct its size and color.

An interesting innovation here is the possibility to comment vectors and provide critical assessments of the design. It enables you to effectively promote qualitative works.

vecteezy best free vector sites interface

10. VectorStock

To examine other works of this author
  • Authors’ profiles
  • Convenient search and categories
  • You should indicate the author

Verdict: Although there isn’t the possibility to search by categories, VectorStock is still a fantastic vector website with more than 500,000 vector images. The convenient thing is that you can view the library of completely free vectors.

When choosing a necessary image, you may view the author and his/her other works; like them and see in what format the download is carried out ‒ PNG, SVG, EPS.

vectorstock best free vector sites interface

11. DeviantArt

Without attribution
  • Without attribution
  • Free fonts and templates
  • Boring vector illustrations
  • Inconvenient search

Verdict: DeviantArt is one of the oldest free vector sites of the 2000s that is well-known today thanks to its big vector collection of fun-art images, free pics, fonts and templates.

Although files aren’t subdivided into categories, you may use a smart search by keywords and tags.

deviantart best free vector sites interface

12. Pixabay

The fastest video compressing software
  • With detailed information
  • Numerous categories
  • Reference to the author
  • Lots of advertising

Verdict: Pixabay is one of the best archives of free images on the net. By the way, its vector section doesn’t disappoint either.

Every image comes with detailed information, including resolutions, file types and a number of downloads. Registered users of this vector website may save files as favorite ones to track and use them in the future.

pixabay best free vector sites interface

13. Freepik

For infographics and calendar templates
  • For commercial use
  • For infographics and calendar templates
  • Few vectors
  • Obligatory registration

Verdict: Freepik vectors website offers a collection of almost 15,000 vectors for personal and commercial use. The platform is a great variant for infographics and calendar templates, music and decorations.

One of the peculiarities is that you shouldn’t indicate the copyright holder. All images are available for free commercial use and for sale.

freepik best free vector sites interface

14. 123FreeVectors

The fastest video compressing software
  • Cool vector backgrounds
  • + 100,000 vectors
  • You should indicate the author
  • More than 50% of vectors are available via the subscription

Verdict: 123FreeVectors is a vector website that includes more than 100,000 vector backgrounds, black and white models, icons for your blog or target page. Among the backgrounds, you will find 20+ types with colored patterns and geometric styles, self-colored and with abrupt transitions, with imitation of some effects, for example, smoke and etc.

You may view the work and like it to return to it via the personal cabinet. If you want to give credit, you must check the original source of the vector first. Fortunately, there is a link below each vector.

123freevectors best free vector sites interface

15. FreeDesignFile

With the possibility to download from the source
  • You may check the source
  • 30+ convenient categories
  • Creative vectors are not available
  • Annoying ads

Verdict: FreeDesignFile is a free vector website offering thousands of vectors in more than 30 categories as well as free brushes and Photoshop actions, photos and fonts. All images are free for personal use and most of them may be also used for commercial purposes.

The chosen illustration may be saved in AI, PNG and PSD formats. You may also see a direct link to the source, where this vector image was taken from.

freedesignfile best free vector sites interface

16. BrandEPS

For advertising banners
  • For advertising banners
  • Completely free
  • Only logos and icons
  • The base is rarely updated

Verdict: BrandEPS offers thousands of the most popular vector program logos, famous brands and icons. This platform is a great choice if you create an advertising banner where you should indicate your Instagram/YouTube, Facebook page.

On the BrandEPS vector website, you may download 2 types of files ‒ ESP and an archived ZIP with EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG files.

brandeps best free vector sites interface

17. Vector Portal

For commercial use
  • Convenient search by categories
  • Creative illustrations
  • The project is run by amateur artists
  • Requires indicating the author

Verdict: Vector Portal library is the combination of its own designs and works by other artists eager to share their works with a wide audience.

Each picture on this free vector website is attributed to one of the ten categories. They include simple pics, like symbols and maps, and more complicated examples, like emblems and sports logos. You may download works in SVG, PNG and JPG formats completely free.

vector portal best free vector sites interface

18. Humaaans

With the possibility to edit illustrations
  • Built-in editor
  • Hundreds of thousands of clothes variants
  • Obligatory registration
  • The project hasn’t been updated for long

Verdict: Humaaans is a free library to mix illustrations featuring people, using hundreds of thousands of vector images. On this free vector website, you may adjust their position, clothes, colors and the hairstyle to create several cool scenes, add backgrounds.

Having chosen one of the available illustrations from the left side, you may move, change the size, move backward/forward, and delete your illustrations if needed.

humaaans best free vector sites interface

19. Vector4Free

Animated vectors
  • Unique animated vectors
  • Attribution-free
  • Inconvenient search by categories

Verdict: Vector4Free is a new vector website with an extensive collection of free tools covering various categories of funny cartoons as well as neutral icons and illustrations for business and technologies.

They may be sorted using the tag cloud function. In general, it is a fantastic resource for designers, looking for colorful vector graphics.

vector4free best free vector sites interface

20. Vector Me

With HTML code
  • Possibility to copy HTML vector code
  • +280,000 unique vectors
  • Obligatory indication of the copyright
  • 40% of vectors are limited

Verdict: On the Vector Me website, you will find a collection of more than 280,000 vectors, convenient and smart search with the possibility to search by tags. The unique function of this project is an HTML code written for each vector. In such a way, you don’t have to download the image but immediately paste it into your website.

vector me best free vector sites interface

21. DryIcons

Creating vector art from scratch
  • Creating vectors from scratch
  • Convenient categories
  • Small base of vectors
  • Downloading only in SVG format

Verdict: DryIcons offers a small collection of vector graphics and icons. Most of the icons on this vector website come in complementary sets.

Apart from the search and downloading of the available vector images, you may create a vector from scratch using a built-in vector editor and further download the result.

dryicons best free vector sites interface

22. Iconmonstr

Possibility to request necessary icons
  • Possibility to create a vector icon
  • Absolutely free
  • The base is rarely updated
  • Only icons

Verdict: Although Iconmonstr is run by one designer, this vectors website offers an extremely wide library of free vector icons.

You may request necessary icons and vote for the new ones that are planned to be developed in the nearest future and offered for free download.

iconmonstr best free vector sites interface

23. DesignContest

For fashion designers
  • Hundreds of clothes variants
  • Completely free
  • Narrowly-focused
  • The base hasn’t been updated for long

Verdict: DesignContest is a narrowly-focused vector website that is very difficult for navigating if you are just looking for free vector art. However, it offers well-thought-out templates of T-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, vests, and various free icons. It is a great choice for fashion designers, who are looking for free vector samples.

designcontest best free vector sites interface