8 Best Free Vector Graphics Software in 2022

8 Best Free Vector Graphics Software in 2022

Download one of these free vector graphics software and you will be able to create high-quality vector illustrations that you can scale as much as you want without loss of quality.

Using such software you can create a page layout, watermarks, logos, sharp-edged artistic illustrations, block diagrams and charts.

Top 8 Best Free Vector Graphics Software

  1. Inkscape - Our choice
  2. Vectornator - Teamwork on the illustration
  3. Vectr - Professional work
  4. SVGator - User-friendly vector animation creator for all browsers
  5. Vecteezy - Creating illustrations from scratch
  6. Carbon - Creates great hand-drawn illustrations
  7. Boxy SVG - The most necessary tools
  8. SVG-Edit - Action history over 1000 steps

Using these free vector graphics software you can create an illustration, logo or watermark that can be scaled to the size of an advertising banner. Moreover, you can make great website design and sell it for good money.

1. Inkscape – Our Choice

Best free vector graphics software
  • You can work with clones of different objects
  • Collective drawing
  • Context toolbar options
  • You can use Bezier curves
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Verdict: Inkscape is a free vector program that provides advanced tools for working with shapes. It has four tools that can change the control nodes and the numerical parameters of the shapes.

You can also try cloning objects during operation, which will save your time. When working in this software, you can analytically set curves with the Python language, and use files of such formats as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, XPM, GIF, SVG, etc. To protect your project from theft, use free watermark software.

inkscape free vector graphics software interface

2. Vectornator

Using unlimited layers
  • Automation of work processes
  • Intuitive tools
  • Unlimited number of layers
  • Teamwork on one project
  • Problems when duplicating objects

Verdict: If you need an intuitive free graphic editor, you can choose a free graphic design software or use Vectornator. The unique features of this free vector program are advanced work with layers and the possibility to use an unlimited number of them to create the most complex illustrations.

For professional work, Vectornator provides professional shape and contour tools, CMYK color profiles, custom fonts, actual layer blending modes, masks, the function of duplicating objects, etc. You can also carry out teamwork on one project and make your edits and changes at once.

vectornator free vector graphics software interface

3. Vectr

Work with all possible formats
  • Supports AI, EPS, PNG, JPEG and SVG formats
  • Synchronization of the project through an online account
  • A large number of manuals
  • Cross-platform
  • Little functionality for professional work
  • Problems occur when working with contours

Verdict:Vectr is a free graphic editor using which you can create both simple images and complex vector illustrations. This is one of the best free vector graphics software as it offers a large number of tutorials on managing layers, creating and editing paths, rotating and scaling objects, etc.

This software has all the necessary tools for basic vector editing, including shapes, text, layers, fills, etc. Also, you can export and import such file formats as AI file, EPS file, PNG file, JPEG file and SVG, which makes your work very convenient.

vectr free vector graphics software interface

4. SVGator

User-friendly vector animation creator for all browsers
  • Intuitive online tool
  • Quick edit functionality
  • Constantly increasing asset collection
  • Doesn’t require coding knowledge
  • Free and lower plans are quite restricted

Verdict: SVGator was created to offer users a simple method for animating their SVG files. The key distinguishing features of this app are the inclusion of a timeline and keyframe tracks that allow you to place all vector assets in a project and then transform them into an embedded playable file. SVGator lets you upload your illustrations (made in software like Illustrator and Inkscape) or create new ones straight in the app.

The process of creating animations in SVGator is pleasantly intuitive: draw the desired shapes, choose keyframes for them, and repeat the same process for each subsequent keyframe while making the necessary shape adjustments along the way. Once you launch the animation, all parts will move smoothly from one predefined position to another. The only drawback of this app is the limited functionality of the free and lower plans that can significantly restrict your creativity.

svgator free vector graphics software interface

5. Vecteezy

Creating illustrations from scratch
  • You can create illustrations from scratch
  • Flexible work with contours of shapes
  • Large selection of vector elements
  • Has a ready-made clipart
  • You can't use large files
  • You need to have a Facebook account to work

Verdict: If you need a vector online editor that is free and very easy to use, then Vecteezy is what you need. It has an extensive library of ready-made illustrations that you can edit and use for your works. You can also use the pen to create your own illustrations from scratch.

If you need to create a text design, check out a selection of 75 fonts that this free online graphic design software. You can also import and edit files in SVG format, use a simple color palette, create complex illustrations and more within an intuitive interface.

vecteezy free vector graphics software interface

6. Carbon

Work with professional tools
  • The possibility to customize the interface
  • Great tools for editing on canvas
  • Professional tools for creating shapes
  • Tools for managed drawing
  • Open-source
  • Incorrect work with layers

Verdict: Carbon will be the best free vector graphics software for those who want to create clipart, logos, illustrations or photorealistic vector images. However, for these purposes, you can also use any Adobe Illustrator alternative too.

Carbon free drawing software has a customizable user interface with freely placed toolbars. You can use various drawing tools to create contours in your work, including contour drawing, pencil tool, calligraphy drawing tool and gradient tools. You can also perform managed drawing, for example, snap to a grid, guidelines, outline nodes, etc.

carbon free vector graphics software interface

7. Boxy SVG

Large library of vector drawings
  • Import of raster images
  • Library of ready-made vector drawings
  • Access to Google Fonts collection
  • Easy to use
  • Not suitable for professional work
  • A small set of functions and tools

Verdict: If you need a simple, easy and absolutely free vector editor, then Boxy SVG is the best option for you. Using it, you can create banners, icons, buttons, graphics, interface sketches, etc. without much effort. It offers an intuitive interface and a set of the most necessary tools for amateur work.

In Boxy SVG, you can use ready-made vector drawings that will help you when creating your own illustrations. You can also work with layers, shapes, and import bitmap images to create more complex sketches.

boxy svg free vector graphics software interface

8. SVG-Edit

Action history over 1000 steps
  • Export to PNG, JPEG, BMP and WEBP formats
  • You can view and edit SVG source
  • A large history of actions
  • You can work with layers
  • Improper functioning of shapes’ outlines
  • For simple tasks only

Verdict: SVG-Edit is a simple and free online editor that is suitable for simple tasks with vector graphics. This software has the minimum necessary tools using which you can draw simple shapes. You can also use layers and gradients to create your illustrations and edit the SVG source.

The software has a large history of actions with more than 1000 steps, which is very convenient. You can also export your finished works to PNG, JPEG, BMP and WEBP formats. Also, you can make changes to the source code by yourself to add or remove your own tools and functions.

svg-edit free vector graphics software interface

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