16 Best Free Watermark Software

By Eva Williams 20 days ago, Software Reviews

16 Best Free Watermark Software in 2024

Any watermark software will mark your digital property and won’t allow anyone to steal it. Besides, a watermark is a virtual marketing element that will help you advertise your works.

Top 16 Best Free Watermark Software

  1. uMark - Our choice
  2. iWatermark - For creating QR codes
  3. iMyFone MarkGo Watermark Remover - For images and videos
  4. Star Watermark - For 3D watermarks
  5. 123 Watermark - Fast processing
  6. Watermarkly - Batch watermark with ease
  7. ArcLab Watermark Studio - Supports custom watermarks
  8. PhotoMarks - Large frame library
  9. Easy Watermark Studio Lite - With animated elements
  10. FormatFactory - Best for Windows
  11. TSR Watermark Image - For professional watermarking
  12. Mass Watermark - Totally free
  13. Motionbox.io - Online video-sharing service
  14. Alamoon Watermark - For beginners
  15. Water Marquee - Open-source watermarking
  16. JACo Watermark - Web-based service

I have created a list of the best free watermark software that will help you learn how to create a watermark in several clicks without Photoshop or Lightroom.

Using each software, you will be able to add various texts and image watermarks, adjust different settings, such as size, color, transparency, location, etc., and save photos in multiple formats of your choice.

1. uMark – Our Choice

With the most professional toolset
  • Speedy photo editing
  • Offers batch watermarking
  • Plenty of formats supported
  • Preview option can be changed
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Verdict: uMark is a professional watermarking software, using which you can do everything in terms of protecting your digital property copyright.

Even though this is advanced software, it’s easy to master and work with. It offers batch processing, which makes it easier for you to add watermarks to your photos and videos (up to 50 at the same time).

With this software, you can also select the type of watermark you want to have on your digital work. It can be a text, image, shape, and QR code. You can adjust its place, size, level of transparency, style, and color, add shade effects, and rotate watermarks.

  • umark free watermark software interface

    2. iWatermark

    For creating QR codes
    • Ready-to-use templates
    • Can be used on iOS and Android
    • A lot of formats
    • Offers invisible watermarks
    • Illogical interface

    Verdict: Using this free watermark program, you can add both visible and invisible watermarks to your pictures and videos. iWatermark provides more than 30 ready-to-use templates in text and graphic forms that will help you make the process easier and faster.

    This software offers 150+ fonts that you can select depending on your needs and wishes. Use the given ready-to-use templates and edit them however you want.

    Also, in this free watermark software, you can create watermarks in the form of QR codes, which can be decoded and read by all smartphone users. But if you need more features and a custom QR Code generator, you'd better use Uniqode.

    • iwatermark free watermark software interface

      3. iMyFone MarkGo Watermark Remover

      For images and videos
      • A user-friendly interface
      • Straightforward operation
      • Responsive managers
      • Discounts for students
      • Batch editing feature
      • Don’t work on iOS, Mac, or Android devices

      Verdict: iMyFone MarkGo Watermark Remover is widely regarded as the best watermark remover on the market today thanks to its advanced AI-powered functionality. Users can get a free trial to check available features and ensure there won’t arise compatibility issues.

      To delete any unwanted objects or export them without affecting the original quality, you just need to make several mouse clicks. The software leaves a minimal blur effect after removing the watermark. Besides, the program allows you to work with videos and remove watermarks from multiple images and clips at once.

      imyfone markgo free watermark software interface

      4. Star Watermark

      For 3D watermarks
      • You can create 3D watermarks
      • Offers batch processing
      • Different text fonts
      • Adjustable settings
      • Placements for watermarks on photos are limited

      Verdict: Star Watermark is great free watermarking software that has a lot of templates and fonts for watermarks. With this software, you can create texts and graphic elements, select the color, level of transparency, size, gradients, shadows, etc. of your watermarks.

      In Star Watermark, you will be able to select the placement of a watermark, but the choice is very limited. However, you can place watermarks in all standard areas. If watermark place matters, download Visual Watermark for free.

      star free watermark software interface

      5. 123 Watermark

      Fast processing
      • Flexible
      • Cloud connected
      • Easy to use
      • Batch processing
      • Confusing interface

      Verdict: 123 Watermark is a user-friendly software that makes the process of adding watermarks super easy. Unlike other similar programs, it focuses on delivering the fastest speed. Not only it incorporate multiple layers you can alter their transparency, size, and color, position them in vertical or horizontal orientation, and add visual effects, overlays, borders.

      Additionally, it supports batch processing, so it’s possible to work with numerous photos at the same time. Another compelling feature of this software is that if offers image conversion to a number of popular formats. Afterwards, you can upload photos to cloud services like Dropbox, or Google Drive.

      123 watermark free watermark software interface

      6. Watermarkly

      Batch watermark with ease
      • Batch processing
      • Web and desktop apps
      • Full customizability
      • Strategic video marketing services
      • Limited legal standing
      • Free version limitations

      Verdict: Watermarkly emerges as a top choice in the realm of free watermark software, offering a seamless blend of user-friendly features and efficient functionality. Its ability to batch process photos, coupled with a variety of customization options for text and logos, makes it a standout solution for users seeking to protect and brand their images without financial commitments.

      While acknowledging its status as one of the best free watermark software, users should be aware of potential aesthetic considerations and the legal limitations associated with watermarking. The software's commitment to privacy and the added flexibility of both web and desktop applications further solidify Watermarkly's position as a reliable and accessible tool for those in need of efficient and creative watermarking solutions without breaking the bank.

      watermarkly services image

      7. ArcLab Watermark Studio

      Supports custom watermarks
      • Pre-made samples
      • Supports custom watermarks
      • Supports multiple file formats
      • Conversion function
      • Complicated management list

      Verdict: ArcLab Watermark Studio is cross-platform free watermark software that you can use to create watermarks for your photos and videos. With its help, you will be able to make text and graphic watermarks, adjust necessary parameters, such as level of transparency, rotation, flip, etc. This software also supports custom watermarks, but you will have to import them as graphic files.

      ArcLab Watermark Studio supports multiple formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. To make your working process faster, this watermarking software also offers image folders processing.

      • arclab watermark studio free watermark software interface

        8. PhotoMarks

        Large frame library
        • Can be used on iOS too
        • Rename feature
        • Offers different shapes
        • Supports FTP and RAW file formats
        • A limited set of free tools

        Verdict: Using this free watermark program, you can add watermarks and change the size of the images in batch mode without losing the quality.

        It’s cross-platform software that can be used on iOS too. With PhotoMarks, you will be able to add a few layers of watermarks to your pictures and export them with initial resolution.

        • photomarks free watermark software interface

          9. Easy Watermark Studio Lite

          With animated elements
          • Supports many formats
          • Offers real-time preview
          • Has an intuitive interface
          • Adjustable elements
          • Insufficient templates library
          • It’s not easy to move watermarks

          Verdict: Easy Watermark Studio Lite is free watermark software that supports many file formats. It can save your works in TIF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, and open them in TIFF, GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, WMF, PSD, PSP, PCX, PCD, TGA, CEL, SCR, PPM, and RLA.

          Easy Watermark Studio Lite enables you to use various rounded image corners and reflections, filters, color and transparency tools, as well as animated GIF elements.

          • easy watermark studio lite free watermark software interface

            10. FormatFactory

            Best for Windows
            • Additional Video Joiner, Audio Joiner, and Mux functions
            • Supports many formats
            • Simple to use
            • Offers complete media processing
            • Can be used only on Windows

            Verdict: FormatFactory is software using which you can not only add watermarks but perform basic editing and converting too. In terms of watermarks, it offers batch adding and can double the finished watermarks for your pictures and videos.

            This free watermark software for Windows supports multiple highest quality image formats so you will have a big choice. If you use Windows, you will like its simplicity and a large set of features.

            • formatfactory free watermark software interface

              11. TSR Watermark Image

              For professional users
              • Easy-to-use, speedy
              • Great resizing and conversion features
              • Suitable for Windows and macOS
              • Supports 3D watermarks
              • Lack of the drag-and-drop function
              • Complex software

              Verdict: TSR Watermark Image is popular among professional photographers and picture content creators.

              It’s rather complex for an average user because you need to spend a lot of time to master its tools and interface. In this free watermarking software, you can create all kinds of watermarks, including text, image, 3D, and edit them.

              You can also watermark your images via metadata. This software offers plenty of effects, borders, and crosses for you to choose from, as well as ready-made fonts.

              • tsr watermark image free watermark software interface

                12. Mass Watermark

                The most featured
                • You can add EXIF ​​information
                • Built-in watermark designer
                • The possibility to create ZIP files
                • Cross-platform software
                • Lack of ready-made samples

                Verdict: Mass Watermark is multifunctional software. Using it, you can edit, design, and distribute image content. It’s also often used for batch processing. Before you add a photography watermark, you will have the possibility to optimize photos by adjusting their quality settings.

                In this free watermark software, you can save files with watermarks in a ZIP archive, which will make it easier for you to share them. Besides, you also have the possibility to share your images on Picasa or Flickr.

                • mass free watermark software interface

                  13. Motionbox.io

                  Online video-sharing service
                  • Allows streaming videos
                  • You can open videos in several tabs
                  • Can be used for creating video playlists
                  • A bit convoluted interface

                  Verdict: Motionbox.io is a great solution for effective real-time collaboration that allows video editors to share their ideas and discuss them with other professionals. By using this tool, you can subtitle your video, add watermarks to media content, select videos and images in high resolution to optimize your workflow. Many big and small companies choose Motionbox.io for their video production purposes.

                  It’s easy to work with this software. You just need to upload content and click on the button. With a great variety of animated text options, Motionbox.io is a great platform for customizing media files. You can use videos and images in premium quality from Unsplash and Pexels, collaborate with other team members, get regular updates, exchange ideas, and fix any issue. With Motionbox.io, you can design videos and work with other video editors on your projects. Besides, you can customize your footage by cropping it, adding animated text, and automatic subtitles.

                  Users can choose one of three subscription plans. You can start with a free plan and then pay for a Pro plan that costs $15 per month. The price depends on the number of videos you can produce per month and the amount of storage.

                  • free watermark software motionbox

                    14. Alamoon Watermark

                    For beginners
                    • Speedy watermarking
                    • Simple to use
                    • Supports many formats
                    • You can perform the conversion
                    • Out-of-date
                    • No image editing tools

                    Verdict: It’s great digital watermarking software for those who need to watermark a lot of pictures. With Alamoon Watermark, you can do it fast and effortlessly. Besides, you can choose the color, level of transparency, size, and placement of your watermarks.

                    If you are an amateur, you will get detailed instructions during the whole process. This software doesn’t offer advanced image editing tools but performs watermarking on the top-level.

                    alamoon free watermark software interface

                    15. Water Marquee

                    Open-source watermarking
                    • Offers templates
                    • Online watermarking service
                    • Adjustable tools
                    • Has the drag-and-drop option
                    • Basic image editing only
                    • You need to have an Internet connection to use it

                    Verdict: Water Marquee is a free online watermarking service, using which you can add watermarks to your photos and perform their basic editing.

                    You can create text and logo watermarks or use one of the free photography logo templates. After this, you will be able to change the size, placement, and level of background transparency of your watermarks.

                    This service will be ideal for you if you want to add watermarks fast and without effort.

                    • water marquee free watermark software interface

                      16. JACo Watermark

                      Web-based service
                      • Open-source software
                      • No installation required
                      • Convenient interface
                      • Supports many formats
                      • You can’t use it offline

                      Verdict: JACo Watermark is a free open-source software for adding watermarks to images fast and effortlessly. It supports JPG, JPEG, BMP, and WBMP formats. This free watermark software provides additional variants for creating watermarks, such as a box for typing text, a set of fonts, a dropdown menu for selecting the size of the font, etc.

                      When you add text to a watermark, you will be able to change its format, size, style, shadows, frames, and placement. Then you can save the result and download the photos on your computer.

                      • jaco free watermark software interface
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