12 Best Content Creation Apps: Unique Features and Teamwork

By Tani Adams 8 days ago, Software reviews

If you're looking for the best content creation app to make various designs, video podcasts, photo collages, and illustrations from scratch or with pre-made templates, then check out this list. Here are you will find the best applications with integrated databases of photo and video materials, for creating content on your own or with other team members.

Top 12 Content Creation Apps for Creatives

  1. Adobe Express - Our choice
  2. Easil - To use video files in design
  3. Canva - Create any type of design
  4. Procreate - For drawing with brushes
  5. PiktoChart - To create brochures
  6. iMovie - Full-fledged podcasts
  7. VideoShop - Video stories for social networks
  8. Giphy - To create or use pre-made GIFs
  9. InShot - To add stickers
  10. InStories - Create posts
  11. PicMonkey - Create simple collages
  12. Vectornator - For sketching illustrations

With these apps for content creators, you can produce unique content with infographics, sound, photos, and videos. All applications have original mechanisms and some of them even can be used for free as a mobile application or directly in a browser.

1. Adobe Express - Our Choice

Quick background removal
  • Handy AI tools for background replacement
  • The largest collection of videos and photos
  • Fantastic tech supports
  • Great text settings
  • A variety of templates
  • Not found

Verdict: Using Adobe Express (previously known as Adobe Spark, you can create complex designs with graphics, brochures, banners, memes, and even edit color in photos right in a browser. The editor includes many templates and also allows you to create illustrations from scratch.

A nice bonus is the availability of a unique integrated database of media files, where you can find thousands of free images, icons, etc., to create content. When creating a design or illustration, you can control each selected element, change its size, color, transparency, and even move it in layers to put it in the background or foreground.

One of the most popular functions of this content creator app is the possibility to remove the background from any picture to easily create complex collages or quickly get PNG models for design. Keep in mind that you can use the program directly in a browser or on your smartphone. You won’t notice any difference in functionality, so everything boils down to your preferences.

adobe cc express best content creation app interface

2. Easil

Quick creation of design projects
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Lots of unique templates
  • Original functions
  • Responsive tech support
  • You can’t create complex projects

Verdict: Easil allows creating various designs for logos, banners, business cards from scratch or by using ready-made unique templates quickly and easily. Besides, here you can fine-tunt text, add GIFs, experiment with different infographics and icons.

Being one of the best content creation apps, Easil appeals to users with its layering tool, blocking some elements so that other team members cannot change them. Besides, it allows users to remove background with one click and add a shadow to text, staying on par with the top free graphic design software.

easil best content creation app interface

3. Canva

10000+ design templates
  • More than 420K templates
  • Over 75mln photos and videos
  • Advanced photo settings
  • Lots of fonts
  • Long photo loading

Verdict: Canva is a modern and one of the most famous tools for creating designs from scratch or using ready-made templates. You can create everything from printables to PDFs, invoices, flyers, infographics and websites. Moreover, with recent updates, you can create short videos for advertising to present your products.

Moreover, the program has a lot of photo effects to improve photos, a database with more than 75 million photos and video materials, icons, fonts, etc. You can create content on your own or with other team members by choosing the appropriate plan.

canva best content creation app interface

4. Procreate

To create professional bitmap graphics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tool settings
  • 4К time-lapses
  • Mobile integration
  • For iPad and iPhone only
procreate logo

Verdict: Procreate is a bitmap art and digital brush painting app for iOS and iPadOS. You'll find hundreds of brushes with size, pressure, and effect adjustments. You can try sketching, ink drawing, drawing and painting, or you can explore airbrushing, calligraphy, charcoal and spray paint.

Among the interesting features is the time-lapse option, which means you can save your sketches in the background to watch the creative process frame-by-frame. The Animation Assist tool deserves special mention. You can use it to quickly create content, animation thumbnails and looped GIF files.

procreate best content creation app interface

5. PiktoChart

Simple graphics creation
  • Lots of charts and maps
  • Visualization Templates
  • Free access to high-quality assets
  • HTML publishing
  • May be difficult for beginners
piktochart logo

Verdict: Piktochart is a great content creator app. With its help, you can create graphics, presentations, posters, flyers, social media graphics, reports, etc. Using, Piktochart you can draw lines, change color, and fonts.

Another advantage of the program is the possibility to export data to Microsoft Excel. If you frequently perform area reporting, you can tie Google Maps into your infographics.

piktochart best content creation app interface

6. iMovie

For creating podcasts
  • Suitable for amateurs
  • Unique effects and adjustments
  • Simplified sharing
  • 4К videos
  • Limited number of layers in a video

Verdict: iMovie is regarded by many as the best video editor for iPhone. The program has many customizable themes and templates that you can use to create trailers and family videos. You will find many transitions, convenient time-lapse, effects and adjustments of audio tracks.

iMovie has an intuitive interface, so even an amateur can create content that will interest a broad audience. Apart from this, the application allows adding custom elements such as logos, names, etc. You can apply chromo case effects and add smooth transitions.

imovie best content creation app interface

7. VideoShop

To create Instagram videos
  • Advanced editing settings
  • An abundance of special effects
  • Understandable even for novices
  • Video personalization available
  • Not suitable for Android
videoshop logo

Verdict: VideoShop is one of the best apps for content creators with a wide range of tools for quick editing. You can add an audio sequence to your videos, merge clips, perform cutting and adjust the playback speed of individual sections.

As for effects, you can add themed titles from templates, color filters, and scene transitions. There are also several sound effects such as clicking, and different horns, which you can use to create content for the specific Instagram audience.

videoshop best content creation app interface

8. Giphy

100000+ free GIFs
  • A huge collection of GIFs
  • High animation quality
  • Search by any tag
  • Simple to use
  • For 17+ only
giphy logogiphy logo

Verdict: GIPHY is actually an extensive library of GIFs and stickers. The app is frequently called the best free GIF maker no watermark and that is for a reason. Using it, you can find or make a GIF file on any topic, category, or phrase. For example, you can create content for iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and similar social networks.

Despite the simplicity and uniqueness of the application, users have to put up with age limitations (17+) as the library contains GIF files with sexual scenes or nudity. It is worth mentioning that this is an open content creator app, which means you can use provided GIFs anywhere without being afraid of getting fined for copyright infringement.

giphy best content creation app interface

9. InShot

Easily create social media posts
  • You can choose video size
  • Intuitive UI
  • Lots of sound effects
  • It is possible to add voice acting
  • Doesn’t support 4К
inshot logo

Verdict: InShot is a popular HD image and video editor that works perfectly on Android and iOS devices. Using this app for content creation, you can complement social media templates with professional color filters, stickers, emojis, captions, music, and even perform self-voicing, which allows you as a creative to record content from scratch.

In addition, InShot has a fairly clear and simple interface with understandable tabs. You can control the playback speed, and convert files to the desired format at the output.

inshot best content creation app interface

10. InStories

Broad integrated library for creating content from scratch
  • Integrated library of photos and videos
  • Lots of sound effects
  • Wide range of filters and settings
  • User-friendly
  • May be problems during export
instories logo

Verdict: If you're a blogger, influencer, social media professional, etc., InStories is a great program to try to create compelling social media content. There are 300+ different ready-made templates available, as well as a fully customizable editor where you can animate transitions, add sound effects and more.

You can also manage teamwork if you participate in one project. In addition, the program has an integrated library with more than 180+ million photos and 32+ thousand videos. However, some people, who have tried this content creation app, report frequent crashes.

instories best content creation app interface

11. PicMonkey

Simple collages and photo editing
  • Excellent text settings
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Completely free
  • Lots of ads

Verdict: PicMonkey is a popular online image editor for quick image processing and content creation. Here you will find all the tools embedded in the top free photo editing apps. You can apply many filters to your photos, adjust exposure, shadows, contrast and white balance, remove red-eye defects, and conceal pimples.

You can also create templates for business cards, collages, and more. However, the online editor is crammed with advertisements that distract from work.

picmonkey best content creation app interface

12. Vectornator

To make creative illustrations
  • Advanced brush settings
  • Integration with Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud
  • Modern UI
  • Unlimited number of layers
  • Difficulties when duplicating objects
vectornator logo

Verdict: Vectornator is a powerful vector design platform that allows you to create extraordinary illustrations, layouts, and interface designs. Vectornator has an improved brush editor, meaning the Brush tool is more sensitive to pressure, and the Pen tool will make neater and thinner lines.

In addition, people can use emoji to add variety to the design or layout. Plus, if you're a professional designer, Vectornator's integration with Adobe Illustrator and Creative Cloud is a great addition, meaning you can create content that will immediately catch viewers’ attention.

vectornator best content creation app interface