Creative Cloud Express vs PDFelement: What to Use in 2022

By Eva Williams 20 days ago, Software Reviews

By comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs PDFelement, you can select the best editing tool and learn whether it can be customized to suit your needs. Both of them allow performing a variety of tasks.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an updated version of Adobe Spark. It was designed for users who need to quickly create various graphics, such as logos, collages, presentations, ads, and other visuals. The service allows you to use a variety of templates or create a new design from scratch.

PDFelement was developed by Wondershare. It is great for editing and managing PDF documents. Its functionality allows you to edit documents, convert them to different formats, make comments, collaborate on the same file, and use optical character recognition. This product offers enterprise-grade PDF options and provides an optimal solution for editing, converting, and collaborating.

What is Creative Cloud Express?

adobe creative cloud express logo

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a user-friendly product that has both mobile and web versions with a variety of tools. Its library contains many original templates and various elements, like backdrops, overlays, graphics, and effects. Use its search and browse capabilities to find the necessary element.

CC Express will help you create various types of content. You can use it to change the file format or create a GIF file. Once you are done with your design, you can share the result on various social media platforms. Besides, the image editor allows saving templates and sharing them with other users of Creative Cloud Express.

  • adobe creative cloud express interface
  • adobe creative cloud express interface

    Creative Cloud Express: Pros and Cons

    Excellent templates. After comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs PDFelement, you will see that the former has an extensive library of templates. You can use its advanced search to find the necessary template or some inspiring ideas. CC Express allows creating graphics of standard sizes for printing or posting on social media platforms. Moreover, you can select a custom file size.

    Smart resizing option. With this feature, you can create a post for a specific platform, and the software will adjust its size automatically. However, you may need to make some adjustments to refine the result, but overall, it’s an easy and speedy way to resize the file to make it suitable for different posts.

    Extensive collection of images and fonts. Express provides you with access to the collection of regularly updated license-free pictures and fonts. For example, a premium package enables you to use up to 20,000 fonts and 175 million pictures thanks to the integration with Adobe Stock (one of the greatest stock art libraries on the market). All the media content available in CC Express can be used without permission.

    Collaboration options. You can create, manage and share projects stored in the program’s libraries as well as allow other users to develop and manage your project. Besides, you can set up your own brand and get your own logo, color scheme, and fonts.

    Allows adding and customizing elements. You can use various elements like text, icons, shapes, images, music, and design assets. Like a basic text editor, the program contains multiple pre-made text assets that can be easily adjusted. You can also use ready-made graphic elements like textures, overlays, frames, and brushes for improving your project.

    User-friendly interface. Another advantage of the program that should be mentioned in our Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs PDFelement review is that it has an intuitive interface. However, you may feel a bit uncomfortable when using CC Express on a PC as it lacks shortcuts and doesn’t support right clicks. Since this is a cloud-based service, it might be difficult to avoid lags.

    Lack of advanced video editing options. Unlike professional video editing software, the service has only basic editing options. CC Express has 7 templates for creating slideshows. You can only add text in the center or corners. The font styles depend on the selected theme and cannot be altered.

    Free version with restrictions. A free version has many restrictions, that is why it is not suitable if you need to use all features of the editor. You can use only stock audio, but won’t have access to videos.

    What is PDFelement?

    pdfelement logo

    Wondershare PDFelement is a highly functional software that serves for creating, protecting, and organizing PDF documents. PDFelement is widely regarded as one of the best document management software, as it offers multiple handy options, a flexible pricing policy, and excellent performance.

    The program will help you create professional-looking documents. You can adjust fonts, customize the style of text, and add various graphic elements to the file. PDFelement has a user-friendly interface, which makes it suitable for advanced and regular users. Besides, this software has helpful tips for learning its functionality.

    • pdfelement interface
    • pdfelement interface

      PDFelement: Pros and Cons

      Impressive customization. You can customize fonts, change their size, make the text bold or underlined, highlight the specific sections of the document, and even change the structure of the file. The program also allows converting other file formats into PDFs. It supports batch processing, which makes it a great choice for users who need to change the format of multiple files.

      Create and fill out PDF forms. You can convert any Word or Excel file into an editable PDF form where you can enter the required data. After filling out the created form, you can send it to the addressee.

      File conversion. PDFelemnt offers a great variety of conversion options that allow you to turn any document into a file of the necessary format. This feature will help you quickly convert documents with various graphic elements and layouts. With this file converter, you can turn PDFs into other popular formats preserving the original fonts and formatting.

      Keeps sensitive data secure. The program lets you permanently black out sensitive data before sending the documents. Besides, you can use it to protect files with passwords or provide some users with permission to print, copy or alter documents.

      A range of tools for making annotations and comments. This PDF editor has a range of tools for making annotations, highlighting text, adding sticky notes, stamps, signatures, comments, and more. You can change the color, font, and formatting of every element. The DocSend feature will help you review, email, and track documents. Besides, you can send your files to Dropbox and Google Drive.

      Adding and requesting a signature. You can quickly add a signature or create e-signature fields for your proposals and contracts.

      Limited free revision. When comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs PDFelement, we should mention that both tools offer free versions. You can use a free version of the latter for an unlimited time, but it lacks many useful functions. If you select a trial version, you will need to purchase a subscription after it expires. The good news is that you can use it on Android and Mac devices free of charge.

      Creative Cloud Express vs PDFelement: Prices

      The developers of Creative Cloud Express offer it as a part of CC packages. If you use Adobe Acrobat, you can check your account and see if your subscription includes it. In case you do not have access to Express, you can try creating a Free account with some limitations. It provides you with numerous original templates, design assets, fonts. Besides, it allows using a collection of Adobe Stock photos, performing basic editing, applying unique photo effects, removing or animating backdrop, etc. You will get 2GB of storage.

      CC Express also offers a free 90-day trial. Instead of purchasing a full subscription, you can try using various free and paid options and save your budget.

      The premium package costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. It includes a range of premium templates and design elements. With this plan, you can resize and cut out various graphic elements, add brand elements, logos, change colors and fonts with one mouse click. Besides, it lets you convert and export PDF files.

      adobe creative cloud express vs pdfelement prices

      PDFelement also has several packages. Your choice will depend on your OS and the number of PCs you are going to run this program on. However, we recommend trying its free version before making a purchase. It will help you to check the functionality of the software and make an informed choice.

      PDFelement Pro Individual costs $79.99 per year or $129.99 for a lifetime license. This premium package allows turning scanned documents into customizable PDFs, editing text and pictures, changing the file format, making notes and comments, compressing and optimizing documents, generating and modifying form fields, extracting info from PDF forms, etc.

      PDFelement Pro Team costs $109 per year or $139 for a lifetime license. This package allows you to provide, track and manage licensing across collaborators. You can add an e-signature, use team management tools, manage end-users with the help of Wondershare ID, etc.

      Who Wins?

      Adobe CC Express is an impressive tool that allows users to implement their ideas and achieve unique results. The program was developed to simplify the process of creating digital designs. Although the program is not suitable for professional editors as it lacks many pro-grade tools, it will definitely come in handy for anyone who is looking for worthy software for creating their own assets quickly and easily. It is a great option for amateurs who want to produce excellent graphics with little to no effort.

      PDFelement allows you to edit PDF files using its extensive set of tools, which makes it a perfect choice even for professional users. Although it does not have all the features that are available in other PDF editors, its toolkit allows fulfilling all the necessary editing tasks.

      However, if you are looking for a PDF editor that can be used on a daily basis, it would be more reasonable to choose the software that has a one-time purchase. Because of its subscription-based model, PDFelement is actually quite pricey, especially its Pro version.

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