9 Best Artificial Intelligence Software in 2024

Our high-tech world makes more and more enterprises rely on automation tools, so no wonder many companies are now looking for the best Artificial Intelligence software. Such programs are developed based on all sorts of data patterns and insights, which allow them to mimic human behavior as accurately as possible.

With the help of automation instruments, organizations can now cope with different tasks faster, which positively influences their financial state. Moreover, they help individuals hone their skills and grasp new processes faster.

Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Software

  1. Google AI Platform - Trains model on your data
  2. Oxagile Video Content Analyses - For all content types
  3. Deep Vision - For the facial analysis
  4. Engati - For creating chatbots
  5. InEvent - Integrates with ChatGPT
  6. Braina - Converts speech into text
  7. Azure Machine Learning Studio - For predictive analytics
  8. IBM Watson - A question answering system
  9. Infosys Nia - Automates business tasks

When compiling the list of the best Artificial Intelligence software, I evaluated the variety of functions, compatibility with platforms, and price. The top features of AI software include Machine Learning, Speech & Voice Recognition, and Virtual Assistant. In addition, I took into account how easy it is for a beginner to use a program.

1. Google AI Platform - Our Choice

Trains model on your data
  • Training, analyzing and tuning features
  • Includes g-cloud
  • With REST API
  • Not found

Verdict: The Google AI Platform enables websites and Internet users to interact with personal computers that have been pre-programmed to understand natural language interactions, such as speech patterns, across a wide variety of communication channels, such as SMS, MMS, and e-mails. This new type of software can be used in many diverse fields, including speech recognition, image recognition, Natural Language Processing, object recognition and contextual knowledge management.

With over 70 percent accuracy, the software can identify a human's voice from a crowd of chatter and can search the web for relevant information based on individual keywords. In addition to voice recognition, it is also capable of recognizing images and text from an image search and making connections between items in real life.

google ai platform artificial intelligence software interface

2. Oxagile Video Content Analyses

For all content types
  • Works with your own or public content
  • Accurate detection of external ads
  • Personalized content recommendation
  • Expensive

Verdict: Oxagile's artificial intelligence video content applications use the company's in-house content experience as well as its extensive library of videos to create state-of-the-art content solutions. This content already optimized with MLQ, an in-memory database for human-like feature detection. MLQ is designed to support a wide variety of tasks, from identifying action verbs to categorizing and indexing human emotions and attitudes, and from pre-writing text to pre-rending video frames.

This software use MMORPG technology. This tool makes it possible to operate, manage, and play games with hundreds of thousands of users from around the world. It is also a powerful framework for creating artificial intelligence systems that are dynamic, intuitive, and customizable.

oxagile video content analyses artificial intelligence software interface

3. Deep Vision

For the facial analysis
  • Tracking customer patterns
  • Recognizes faces in the videos or images
  • Can estimate the gender and age
  • Not for beginners

Verdict: Deep Vision allows a user to have full conversations with a computer or a device. He will be able to talk, type, and even manipulate the screen, but he won't be able to look at the screen and see his virtual keyboard, mouse, or other physical input devices. He will only be able to see what is on the computer or whatever device he is using.

This software allows people to communicate in new ways to enhance their experiences. This artificial intelligence software will help you with all aspects of visual computing from organizing and managing your information to visualizing your new ideas, building partnerships, training your employees, and much more.

deep vision artificial intelligence software interface

4. Engati

For creating chatbots
  • Over 150 templates
  • Great integration options
  • Automated replies
  • Lack of features in the free trial

Verdict:Since its launch, AI chatbot from Engati has been successful due to its great features and capabilities, which include features like instant translation support, its artificial intelligence software, that can detect English words and can automatically correct and replace them. The software also has the ability to translate different languages to and from English and this can come in very handy when dealing with clients from other countries.

Also, this software can be used to integrate with other applications such as video conferencing software, online meetings, live chat software, and many others.

engati artificial intelligence software interface

5. InEvent

Integrates with ChatGPT
  • Real-time events feature
  • Compatible with ChatGPT
  • Separate mobile app
  • Options for webinars arrangement
  • All the functionality optimization is time-consuming
  • More advanced settings needed
inevent artificial intelligence software logo

Verdict: InEvent is an AI software which aims at professional events. It enables you to organize live meetings, TV-like broadcasts, virtual events, etc. using just one platform.

Benefit from our native integration using ChatGPT to broadcast your events info. Thanks to the platform’s activated ChatGPT in all aspects on the InEvent Platforms - website, landing pages, marketing communications, and Virtual lobby, you are able to produce all the communication materials for your event. This option helps you save your time for content creation and help you receive the best outcome in terms of deadline.

inevent artificial intelligence software interface

6. Braina

Converts speech into text
  • Great voice commands
  • Supports different languages
  • Allows remotely controlling
  • Punctuation can be erratic

Verdict: Braina allows anyone with minimal programming knowledge to create their own Mind Control Software programs. It works with speech recognition technology and allows anyone to record custom voices to deliver any programmed sound. The software is specifically made for use in facilitating communication between individuals, groups and businesses.

This speech to text software for Mac uses voice commands through a web interface to control any hardware device, including televisions, microphones and computers. Braina makes use of a highly advanced algorithm to process speech communication. In order to fully control any voice commands the user must supply unique start and end keyword phrases.

braina artificial intelligence software interface

7. Azure Machine Learning Studio

For predictive analytics
  • Browser-based
  • Integrates with open-source technologies
  • Supports R-scripts
  • No text tips

Verdict: Microsoft, the developer of the Azure Machine Learning Studio, claims to be able to beat all three types of competition in the field of artificial intelligence, including the Image-processing, Natural Language Processing, and Data Mining categories. All products work together to create an artificially intelligent system that can learn how to solve problems, even without human intervention. Besides, they can be paired with Attention Insight tools to determine the efficiency of current ads, landing pages, apps, and package designs.

All you need is a simple application, such as Microsoft Office, as well as some pre-existing data, such as images or text, and you can program the Virtual, Intelligent Agent into Azure Machine Learning Studio. If you need to edit your photos faster, you can use one of the best AI photo editors. What's nice about the virtual learning experience is that you don't have to invest in any expensive hardware - all the necessary software and data are provided by Microsoft.

azure machine learning studio artificial intelligence software interface

8. IBM Watson

A question answering system
  • Supports distributed computing
  • For all industries and businesses
  • Integrates with Facebook
  • Not so good mobile experience

Verdict: IBM's decision to enter the artificial intelligence (AI) market by developing its own artificial intelligence software has caught the attention of many in business circles. The core technology is primarily the IBM Worklight platform and Cognitive Computing Technology (CCT). The idea is to apply this combined expertise to the business domain to provide businesses with improved management of their business. In short, it is to help businesses make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

There are some obvious applications for the software such as helping manufacturers make informed decisions about the capabilities of their new product line. Experts at Sortlist also use this program to find the most suitable agency for various clients as quickly as possible.

ibm watson artificial intelligence software interface

9. Infosys Nia

Automates business tasks
  • Includes an advanced, conversational UI
  • Speedy data processing
  • Simplified data management
  • Difficult to learn

Verdict: Infosys Nia is capable of predicting and providing a wide range of business decisions based on past and current business trends and market conditions. This artificial intelligence software can eliminate many of the repetitive, mundane tasks involved in business operations. It allows businesses to more effectively manage key business processes, such as customer service, product tracking, financial management, human resources, marketing, research and development, and administration, an intelligent business solution allows for increased productivity and profitability.

By effectively leveraging the power of data and analytics, Infosys Nia software can identify potential candidates and quickly put together the most effective marketing, recruiting and employee recruitment campaign. Furthermore, business owners will be able to determine in real-time whether a job applicant's resume is strong enough and whether they are actually qualified for the position. While all these advanced features are very enticing, mastering them is going to take much time. If you want to speed up your work without delving into complex notions, you should take advantage of Hexowatch tools.

infosys nia artificial intelligence software interface