5 Best World Building Software in 2024

No matter who you are, an inspired writer or game creator, you can derive much benefit from the best world building software. Use these programs to organize information about things surrounding you. Such a tool is a necessary part of your creative activity.

Top 5 World Building Software

  1. World Anvil - Map-making feature
  2. World Scribe - For mobile
  3. One Stop For Writers - For fiction writers
  4. Plot Factory - Advanced manuscript editor
  5. Microscope RPG - A pen-and-paper game

If you want to create a realistic world, you can’t do without some supplementary tools, e.g. world builders. They help cover all the necessary steps without skipping something important. Some programs provide only basic options suitable for beginners while others deliver features that professionals look for.

I tested top world-building instruments enabling you to write, design interactive maps and enhance your productivity. The software I’ve reviewed is suitable for game creators or writers of various levels.

1. World Anvil - Our Choice

Map-making feature
  • With timelines
  • Has preset templates
  • 100MB of storage space
  • None

Verdict: World Anvil powered by its impressive online world building tools and RPG system. You can create scripts and design interactive maps. And put all your actions in the right order with the simple tools. Users will get to experience a number of familiar locations and faces as they take on the grueling act of restoring order in their realm.

World Anvil also boasts of an impressive sound design and the in-program music is top-notch. The software's user interface is easy to use and designed to be easy for any user to get acquainted with.

world anvil world building software interface

2. World Scribe

For mobile
  • Five elements categories
  • Easy process of mapping connections
  • Easy search in a world
  • It doesn't has a community

Verdict: World Scribe helps people build their own custom world from scratch. It gives you the chance to write your unique script. After the world creation, you can start to write your novel in the book writing app.

It allows you to quickly and easily customize the world in your novel or a new game. Once you have created your world by using the tools in the worldbuilding program, you can add elements, such as people, places, groups, with just a few clicks of the mouse. This makes it easy to have just the right style of the world for you.

world scribe world building software interface

3. One Stop For Writers

For fiction writers
  • Idea generation tools included
  • Wonderful thesaurus collection
  • Story maps
  • No free version

Verdict: If you enjoy powerful storytelling combined with the ability to immerse yourself in rich, vibrant worlds that will truly take you into the story, then you need One Stop for Writers. This software helps you to create powerful and memorable characters and world building for your stories that features all of those things and more.

World building features include a detailed look at the dramatic areas of the creative process and the role of symbolism in creating amazing works of fiction. Also, the program includes information about using archetypes, narrating, setting, developing characters' interests, crafting powerful plots, using powerful metaphors and images, and much more.

one stop for writers world building software interface

4. Plot Factory

Advanced manuscript editor
  • Word stats tracking tool
  • Exports to ePub or Docx
  • Supported many devices
  • All the different dashboards

Verdict: If you are looking for an online collaborative story builder and are in need of a narrative tool that can be used to build worlds and stories, then the Plot Factory has a lot to offer. It is used by many writers and gamers alike. The features of this website include everything you need to create a compelling narrative with a great plot.

This interactive website allows you to build your narrative and gives you the ability to add music and sound effects and much more. Other features include online collaborative story development, group game creation similar to features in the free game making software, online tournament features, online collaborative storytelling, character creation, game creation tools, and much more. This site is an online collaborative storytelling resource that allows you to use their world building tools and also provides you with an online community to interact with other players.

plot factory world building software interface

5. Microscope RPG

A pen-and-paper game
  • Easy and fast world building
  • For team playing
  • Mock chronological order
  • Players also can add something to world

Verdict: From the unique synthesis of the classic PC games and world-building software, with Microscope RPG players will get to experience a fast-paced action-packed game full of adventure. The player will be put in the shoes of various party members who are on an adventure to find out why a mysterious and powerful being has been destroying the world. The game has many different party combinations and players can mix and match characters and powers to create their own unique gameplay experience. If you want to record your game, you may need the game recording software.

One of the main features of the game is the ability to literally create your own back story through a number of flashbacks. In the game, you get to re-create the events that have taken place leading up to the current scenario. The events in the game can be set to take place during any part of your character's life. The unique thing about the game is that you never actually see any physical objects during normal gameplay. All the backgrounds, graphics, and effects are generated using in-game code.

microscope rpg world building software interface