5 Best License Management Software in 2023

Any company or enterprise wants to have the best license management software to effectively check the installed software and ensure a legal license for its use. Such programs can also automate scanning, alerting, and the procurement of new licenses.

Plus, in case unlicensed software is installed or used, it blocks or uninstalls it. This way the company avoids fees and fines.

Top 5 License Management Software

  1. AssetSonar - IT asset management
  2. KACE Systems Management Appliance - Great ticketing system
  3. Reprise License Manager - Options for local licensing
  4. Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020 - Supports over 6000 apps
  5. OpenLM - License tracking

Creating this review, I checked whether a program has license inventory, license tracking and product activation. I also paid attention to the availability of built-in integrations for ERP systems, service desk apps and other tools.

In addition, such programs should provide detailed reports, analytics and inventory management options.

1. AssetSonar - Our Choice

IT asset management
  • Inventory management tools
  • With RFID tagging
  • Tracks licenses for each software package
  • None

Verdict: AssetSonar works by helping you to monitor all the licenses that are being used in your company and make sure that you are not breaking any of the rules. Asset managers can track, maintain, manage, optimize, and Invest in their businesses. Asset managers can also automate many processes with AssetSonar. The software comes with an extensive library of over 650 files and over 80 templates for accounting and asset administration.

AssetSonar is easy to install and run on any computer with a web connection. There are numerous add-on features that are offered with this asset management software, such as live quote viewing, stock quotes, individual manager profiles, and more. AssetSonar can manage several kinds of files such as text, Excel, PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Office documents.

assetsonar license management software interface

2. KACE Systems Management Appliance

Great ticketing system
  • Integrated administrative tools
  • Helpdesk ticket system
  • Blocks unnecessary software and devices
  • Interface is not HTML5

Verdict: KACE enables companies to operate cost-efficiently through the process of asset management. This software offers a comprehensive range of license management software products. These include products that allow companies to gain access to their KACE servers and data files without needing to know or understand complex application code. These products also make it simple for organizations to track all the information that they need to manage their KACE systems.

The software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of industry-related equipment including barcoding software. It also helps to manage KACE systems through a unified communication platform. This facilitates the easy installation and integration of KACE systems into companies' enterprise Information technology infrastructures.

kace systems management appliance license management software interface

3. Reprise License Manager

Options for local licensing
  • License sharing tools
  • Billing management
  • For license activation
  • Hard to find the answers on the site

Verdict: With the Reprise License Manager, you can easily find all the information about a particular license. For instance, with the convenience of a few clicks, you can get information about the license type, description, owner, and current expiration date. You can also get to know about the license holder's technical profile, version history, security profile, and so on. In addition, with the help of this software, you can also track and monitor the usage of licenses and determine if the license type is appropriate for your company's needs.

You can create multiple users accounts for each license, display license summary information on a graphic pop-up window or in a table format, print out license requests and monitor the license processing activity. Also, with the latest version of this software, you can track, update and analyze license distribution information.

reprise license manager license management software interface

4. Open iT LicenseAnalyzer2020

Supports over 6000 apps
  • History tracking
  • Real-time license reporting
  • With asset and cost tracking
  • No copy protection

Verdict: Open iT LicenseAnalyzer covers all of the major facets of auto licensing from VIN to the expiration date and can be customized with multiple types of licenses, such as CDL, DOT, EIC, and MCQ. The software's powerful search capabilities allow you to quickly find not only the expiration date but also to find out if there are any other licenses currently outstanding.

The software comes with a practice test that allows you to obtain a good understanding of how the software works and what to expect after the test. In addition, the software includes numerous sample questions that test you on your knowledge of license history and the types of licenses you hold.

open it licenseanalyzer2020 license management software interface

5. OpenLM

License tracking
  • Advanced reports
  • With license inventory tools
  • Monitors software usage
  • Slow support

Verdict: Open LM allows users to control their copyrights and other intellectual properties through the use of a computer program. This product is sold as a series of products that are designed to help people manage their copyrights more effectively while also reducing the overall cost of owning such materials. It can also be used to track modifications to the license, maintenance and authorized additions to the license scope.

Open LM allows users to track, retrieve, and manage all of a company's intellectual property (IP). It works by collecting information about each piece of intellectual property that the company owns and then storing it in a database. The software is capable of creating licenses for new products, software, and upgrades, and it also offers support for standard licenses that are in the database. Also, it has some tools similar to inventory management software features.

openlm license management software interface