13 Best Asset Management Software

13 Best Asset Management Software in 2023

With the best asset management software, you can take an inventory of all hardware and software within your company to simplify the decision-making process concerning their purchase and redistribution. Record of assets is a must for regulatory compliance. Besides, accurate managing of physical and digital assets helps plan resources effectively.

Top 13 Asset Management Software

  1. ManageEngine AssetExplorer - For small and medium enterprises
  2. Asset Panda - Flexible Asset Tracking Software
  3. MMSoft Pulseway - Remote monitoring and management
  4. SysAid - Online service with Help Desk functionality
  5. AgilityPortal - User-friendly set-up of the exterior workflow
  6. Nifty - Project management tool for teams
  7. SolarWinds Service Desk - Manage your IT infrastructure
  8. ServiceNow - Management through a single cloud platform
  9. NinjaRMM - For small and midsize businesses
  10. GoCodes - For all types of assets with depreciation
  11. ManageEngine AssetExplorer - Complete control over assets
  12. Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite - Total asset optimization
  13. BMC Helix Track-It! - IT service management platform for Windows

IT organizations deal with a lot of physical and software assets, however, there are many other asset types that a company might have to keep track of. To avoid extra costs and losses related to violation of licensing conditions and to automate processes, you can use special programs.

1. ManageEngine AssetExplorer – Our Choice

For small and medium enterprises
  • Hosted on the cloud, browser-based
  • Supports assets based on VMs 
  • Tracks networked and non-networked assets
  • Relationship maps
  • None

Verdict: This is the best asset management software as it provides great reporting and tracking options, supports physical and virtual assets.

It’s one of the best network monitoring tools. This software was designed for managing IT tools created for particular tasks. It won’t be useful for working with IT infrastructures, which have a lot of paid features that you don’t really need. The program surpasses competitors thanks to such advanced options as reporting and relationship maps.

manageengine assetexplorer management software interface

2. Asset Panda

Flexible asset tracking software
  • Free apps for Android and iOS
  • Customizable fields
  • Low annual cost
  • Adjustable CVS import
  • Lack of network discovery options
  • No remote access to machines

Verdict: This is a great asset management tool as it provides full customizability, supports different mobile devices, is cloud-integrated, offers reporting and other features. It’s well-thought-out and allows you to manage a lot of physical assets and a complex set of storage, shipping and logistics processes.

Practically anything, including custom required fields and actions, can be easily adjusted using the web dashboard. If you need to use more advanced options for status control based on group and type of asset, this is exactly what you need.

asset panda management software interface

3. MMSoft Pulseway

Remote monitoring and management
  • Robust and simple-to-use mobile client
  • Boasts two-factor authentication
  • Sleek, intuitive UI
  • Offers iPad app with all the features
  • Limited reporting possibilities
  • Managed assets have to be networked

Verdict: This is the best asset management software as it offers many features, especially useful for medium and large organizations, which have complex infrastructure and requirements for assets. Since the majority of IT admins pay the most attention to mobile asset management, they have to use top software for this.

As for management, it provides great reporting and supports different types of devices. Besides, it offers good remote support, allows users to cover on-premises and cloud infrastructures. If your organization specializes in photography services, this is the best digital asset management software for photographers.

mmsoft pulseway management asset software interface

4. SysAid

Online service with Help Desk functionality
  • Help-desk integration
  • Features patch management options
  • Provides monitoring
  • Offers broadcast messages
  • Switches off every 10 minutes if you’re not using it

Verdict: This is the top asset management software as it comes with plenty of functions and allows you to fully customize it. It has a fast learning curve and features an impressive toolset.

With it, you can improve agent productivity and end-user experience, which will benefit your company. Due to in-built management options and enhanced automation, SysAid will help you solve the main challenges that organizations have to deal with nowadays.

sysaid asset software interface

5. AgilityPortal

User-friendly set-up of the exterior workflow
  • Pro-grade integrations
  • Reliable document sharing
  • Advanced cooperation options
  • Agile workflow adjustments
  • Free trial is too bounded
  • The Calendar feature needs is to be improved

Verdict: AgilityPortal is an intranet asset management software that connects apps, people, and data altogether in one place. It offers knowledge base for learning, discussion forum, internal communication variants, social intranet etc. to arrange an effective workflow for workers.

You can easily stream the files of any size and format and be sure that the files are secure. Alongside with an extensive functionality, the software provides improved file sharing experience than any other designated file sharing service.

It delivers diverse views comfortable for certain aims: timeline, calendar, Gantt, list, Kanban. There is a vast selection of integrations, which facilitates and boosts business collaboration. AgilityPortal takes benefits from Slack, VidYard, Wistia, Microsoft Stream, YouTube, Vimeo, Okta, etc.

agilityportal asset management software interface

6. Nifty

Project management tool for teams
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Allows tracking active and expired tasks
  • Sharing options
  • Milestone tracking
  • Sometimes lags
  • The mobile app is slow

Verdict: This is the best cloud-based project management software as it can help marketing and product companies work with feedback, perform collaborations, track milestones, set up tasks, etc.

With it, you can share files, control documents with role-based user access, arrange thread discussions and collaborations. Teams can visualize task-related milestones and compare them with custom labels, establish participant dependencies and optimize workflows within processes.

nifty management asset software interface

7. SolarWinds Service Desk

Manage your IT infrastructure
  • Fast performance
  • Easy-to-navigate 
  • It’s easy to schedule reports 
  • Online support
  • Depreciation is not in-built
  • No default report selection

Verdict: This asset management system software is easy to use and quite affordable, however, it doesn’t have some features that large companies may need.

Using it, you can assign tickets, perform routing and escalation on the front page. Besides, but it lets you keep hardware and software assets tracked and updated. With such functionality, you can bring to life all your new business ideas.

solarwinds service desk asset software interface

8. ServiceNow

Management through a single cloud platform
  • Manages hardware assets
  • Consumables management
  • Software license control
  • Stockrooms organization
  • The control module is complicated for beginners

Verdict: With this asset management tool, you can create a single data model to enhance and automate your workflow, get real-time visibility and increase productivity, which will allow you to shift operational IT costs to strategic.

It speeds up digital transformation and enhances user experience with machine learning and AI-chatbots. Thanks to the implemented machine learning technology that provides automation of basic tasks, you can improve your IT productivity by over 20%.

servicenow asset software interface

9. NinjaRMM

For small and midsize businesses
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Script creation
  • Configuring remote access to devices
  • Detailed controls
  • Not many reporting options
  • Slow support

Verdict: This is the best asset management software for small and middle businesses in education, health care, manufacturing, IT and other spheres as it allows you to control network, automate tasks, carry out remote monitoring, background and patch managing, use reporting options and improve company branding.

It’s suitable for Windows and macOS. With it, you can get detailed information regarding processing, memory, network adapters, usage, service logs, etc. You can automatically track changes across your entire infrastructure.

ninjarmm asset software interface

10. GoCodes

For all types of assets with depreciation
  • Allows managing several roles
  • GPS tracking
  • Depreciation of fixed assets
  • Features inventory module
  • Occasionally slow

Verdict: This is a very powerful asset management system software, which has a free basic version and supports custom fields, QR codes, audits, Excel import and export, GPS tracks, service, APIs, reports, analytics and inventory control.

There is also a paid version available for those who want to use such advanced features as company URL, data backups, recurring services, asset transfers and enhanced access management.

gocodes asset software interface

11. GroWrk

Complete control over assets
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Advanced management tools for any task
  • Features for remote monitoring
  • Report scheduling tools
  • A free version doesn’t have many features
  • Requires a stable Internet connection

Verdict: Using GroWrk, you can speed up the process of managing your products stored in different facilities across the globe. You can filter your products by type or location, which makes it easier to find exactly what you need.

Another advantage of this service is that you can analyze the depreciation rate of stored products using the available inventory management tools. With the help of GoWrk, you can learn when you need to retire a specific piece of equipment, which ensures that you will always have everything you need at hand.

growrk asset management software interface

12. Ivanti IT Asset Management

Total asset optimization
  • Mobile and desktop versions
  • Simple-to-use UI
  • Software licensing managing
  • A lot of tech support options
  • Time-consuming installation
  • Impossible to upload files to the cloud

Verdict: With this asset management system, you can find assets, control finance, software compliance and licenses.

Its dashboard shows which assets are tracked, in what way they are utilized, how they are operating, and where they are located. It is suitable for those who are fine with installing on-site software.

ivanti it asset management software interface

13. BMC Track-It!

IT service management platform for Windows
  • Network Detection feature
  • Manages software licenses 
  • Mobile version
  • Adjustable views
  • Remote desktop is not necessary
  • Outdated and confusing UI
  • For older Windows versions

Verdict: This software keeps track of assets, changes and licenses. Besides, it has several reporting and analytics panels. There is also the knowledge management option, which you can use to create a database of known issues and their main solutions. The database enables you to detect repetitive trends and challenges.

This software also offers adjustable modules and is suitable mostly for Windows. It’s perfect for larger organizations that work with a consultant or supplier.

bmc helix itsm desk asset software interface