7 Best Free Business Card Software in 2023

By Eva Williams 19 days ago, Software Reviews

Business card software are used by enterprises and companies to create business cards. Your business card is the first thing potential clients see, so it directly influences their opinion about you. That is why it is very important to have an original and eye-catching card.

You may create a card from scratch or use numerous templates in a matter of seconds. Then you can print the cards from your computer. Moreover, there are some programs for making business cards that allow saving your designs and then improve them in other apps.

Top 7 Free Business Card Software

  1. Adobe Express - Access to Adobe Stock and Adobe Font
  2. Jukebox - Create business cards in 5 minutes
  3. Canva Business Card Maker - With high-quality printing
  4. Business Card Star - For printing business cards at home
  5. Business Card Land - Adjustable templates
  6. CardWorks - Creating single- or double-sided cards
  7. Business Card Designer Plus - Supports all business card styles

As have been mentioned above, some business card design software provides the possibility to save the designs as a graphics file and use it later in other programs. Some business card software offers a user-friendly interface while others provide a more elaborate one.

1. Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) - Our Choice

Access to Adobe Stock and Adobe Font
  • User-friendly interface
  • For PC and smartphone
  • Many templates
  • Quick results
  • Free trial period (3 months)
  • None

Verdict: Need to create a business card but have no graphic design experience? No problem, you can always use Adobe Express, formerly Adobe Spark. Business cards created in the software will amaze you with their beauty and uniqueness. Besides, you can make the design process easier with free collections of Adobe Stock photos and a complete library of Adobe Fonts.

The software offers you wonderful templates to meet your every need, but you can always customize them. Adding your business logo to a card is easy, and if you don’t have one, check out Adobe Express logo maker, you'll love it.

adobe express free business card software interface

2. Jukebox

Create business cards in 5 minutes
  • User-friendly text options
  • Possibility to upload custom photos and logos
  • Line and shape features
  • Numerous business card sizes
  • Saving issues

Verdict: Jukebox is a great tool to create free photography business cards from scratch or use various templates. Moreover, with this business card design software, you may change the template, adding your name, contact details or your brand colors.

You may also add your graphics and choose from over a million stock images. Besides, the program offers different business card sizes, so you may create horizontal, vertical, and even folding cards.

jukebox واجهة برنامج بطاقة الأعمال

3. Canva Business Card Maker

With high-quality printing
  • Unique cards
  • Drag-and-drop options
  • Qualitative printing
  • Numerous templates
  • Additional content is paid

Verdict: In general, Canva is a program for creating logos or infographics, but it can also serve as a program for making business cards. This tool will help you create original business cards to promote your brand.

What is more, it is a free program that enables you to quickly and easily implement your original ideas. You just have to upload your logo, use your brand colors and choose complementary fonts.

In addition, Canva offers some finished products but they are not free. You may order printing services at an affordable price or send your cards to your favorite printing agency.

  • واجهة برنامج بطاقة العمل canva

    4. Business Card Star

    For printing business cards at home
    • Premium printing
    • Convenient UI
    • Web-based service
    • Numerous business card layouts
    • Cost of rush printing
    business card star business card software logo
    Business Card Star

    Verdict: Business Card Star is one of the best business card maker programs offering a big collection of business card layouts. It is very easy to work with them since they are grouped by style (“corporate” or “ornate”) and may be customized with your branding and contact details.

    What I like about Business Card Star is that you don’t have to download or install anything on your PC. You may create your business cards online in a matter of seconds. The business card maker creates layouts with either 8 business cards per page or 10 business cards per page in PDF file format. These business card templates work with pre-cut business card paper.

    واجهة برنامج بطاقة الأعمال نجمة بطاقة الأعمال

    5. Business Card Land

    Adjustable templates
    • Fast creation of business cards
    • Adjustable templates
    • PDF format
    • CMYK color space
    • Too simple designs
    • Old-fashioned UI
    business card land business card software logo
    Business Card Land

    Verdict: If your aim is to find simple free business card software, this one is exactly what you need. The process of making a design in Business Card Land boils down to several steps. To begin with, choose the layout, then fill in your contact info, and, finally, customize the colors so that they match your brand aesthetics.

    There is also a collection of pre-press ready free business card templates for Illustrator and Photoshop. So, you may download them in a single card layout and send to commercial printers or choose 8-10 business card layouts to print at home.

    واجهة برنامج بطاقة الأعمال الأرض بطاقة العمل

    6. CardWorks

    Creating single- or double-sided business cards
    • Great collection of business card templates
    • Adjustable color schemes
    • Supports standard business card sizes
    • Possibility to create single- or double-sided business cards
    • Not compatible with Linux
    • You can’t import your own graphics
    cardworks business card software logo

    Verdict: CardWorks is a business card maker app offering numerous templates that you may customize according to your liking. You may adjust colors, choose some additional downloadable templates, etc. Moreover, the application supports all standard paper and card sizes.

    Besides, this business card software allows saving names and addresses of different companies. So, you may automatically add them to templates if necessary. You may also insert a company logo, employee photo, or other images.

    The thing that distinguishes this program among others is that you can create double-sided cards. You can also add images in supported photo formats. It is very convenient to cut the cards since you may apply crop marks to layouts. Finally, you can add high-res PDFs in order to print the results on a dedicated printer.

    • واجهة برنامج بطاقة الأعمال cardworks

      7. Business Card Designer Plus

      Supports all business card styles
      • Doesn’t occupy much space
      • Fully customizable templates
      • Useful help files
      • Works with all business card styles
      • Adds a watermark in a free version
      • UI may be confusing
      business card designer plus business card software logo
      Business Card Designer Plus

      Verdict: Business Card Designer Plus is a free business card program that will definitely make you enjoy the design process. It offers double-sided printing, folded cards, barcodes, and saving cards as a graphics file to use it later in other software. It supports standard letter size as well as A4 paper stock.

      To create really original and eye-catching designs, you may mix fonts, styles and text shades within one single text object. Moreover, you may display text as a bar code, an auto-increment counter or the current date and/or time.

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