11 Best Customer Service Software

11 Best Customer Service Software in 2024

If you are looking for a handy tool to establish and maintain efficient communication with your regular and new clients as well as staff members, you definitely need to use the best customer service software.

Such a program functions as a centralized system within a company and provides you with all the necessary means for monitoring, arranging, controlling, responding, and resolving customer queries and employee requests in a quick way.

Top 11 Customer Service Software

  1. Zoho Desk - Data analysis for managers
  2. Jira Service Desk - Advanced reporting
  3. HubSpot - Offer free CRM solutions
  4. Freshdesk - Unlimited agents
  5. LiveAgent - Best for live chat support
  6. Salesforce Service Cloud - Ideal for field service managers
  7. Zonka Feedback - Various types of reports and statistics
  8. Zendesk - Reports and dashboards are easy to customize
  9. Groove - Tracks emails accurately
  10. inSided - For communities with fewer members
  11. Sprout Social - Allows tracking custom URL

Good customer support is an essential part of any successful business. This guide covers the best customer service software that allow you to communicate with your clients efficiently. Read carefully about the most popular customer service solutions that will provide you with a coherent way of delivering fast responses.

1. Zoho Desk - Our Choice

Data analysis for managers
  • Up to 3 agents
  • Sends tickets via e-mail
  • Help center
  • Protected knowledge base
  • Predefined SLAs
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • None found

Verdict: This is one of the most feature-rich customer help desk software you can currently find. It is an ideal option for small and midsize businesses, that want to efficiently manage their clientele base. Choosing Zoho Desk, you can take advantage of a free plan that allows for up to 3 agents and seems to be a gateway to a group of advanced products.

If you doubt the benefits of this customer care software, you can test it using business tablets, and then make a final decision on whether it satisfies your personal requirements. If you decide on buying the program, you are bound to be impressed with its work modes, helpful forums, a well-developed knowledge base, remote support, and SLAs.

zoho desk customer service software

2. Jira Service Desk

ITIL-certified processes
  • Full functionality in a trial version
  • Adjustable dashboards
  • Predefined reports with supported widgets enumerated
  • Lacks internal knowledge base

Verdict: This is the best customer service software in terms of usability because every feature here is designed to provide a straightforward approach to communicating with clients. The Admin is easy to set up and offers all the needed tools. This includes automation rules, real-time reports, SLAs, incident, problem, and change management processes.

The UI has undergone impressive updating and now it contains a robust workflow editor, a request type editor and improved screens for monitoring agent queues. The latter is super-handy as it allows taking action directly from each screen.

For absolute privacy, you can take advantage of a monitor privacy screen. If you are constantly on the go, it makes sense to install a dedicated app and use it to view & act on open requests.

jira service desk customer service software

3. HubSpot

Offer free CRM solutions
  • Good free version
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Handy email integration features
  • Poor functionality

Verdict: Being one of the best CRMs in 2024, HubSpot attracts clients with a plethora of customer service applications and suites that allow bringing interacting with clients into order.

The Service Hub is a unique internal ticketing system for managing customer issues in an efficient way. The variety of free features is a real advantage of the CRM. For example, you can use live chat, conversation inbox, ticketing, chatbots, and get in touch with the team via email.

Moreover, the developer took care of preparing free email templates, time-to-close reports, and closed ticket reports. All in all, if you are looking for a well-rounded product capable of assisting you in sales, marketing, and other related spheres, and are ready to pay $112.50/month, HubSpot is your ideal option.

hubspot customer service software

4. Freshdesk

Unlimited agents
  • Email ticketing
  • Co-op features
  • Knowledge base
  • Ticket trend reports
  • Social ticketing
  • Default settings of spam filters may fail to work properly

Verdict: Freshdesk is a cloud-based ticketing system developed for managing relationships with clients. It arranges conversations via different channels (phone, chat boxes, email, etc.) and allows resolving open issues with ease.

Bridgestone, Harvard University, HP, and DHL are among regular users of Freshdesk, while the total number reaches the 40,000-point. It is one of the most demanded customer service systems because of the possibility to automate workflows, use handy self-service options, manage SLAs, and generate reports.

Besides, you get access to a whole range of customer support categories such as ticketing, collaboration, automation, reporting, and more.

freshdesk customer service software

5. LiveAgent

Best for live chat support
  • Call center services
  • Excellent email system
  • Performance metrics
  • Queue management
  • Social media integration
  • Requires some time to get used to all features

Verdict: Either you have a well-established enterprise or a business that is still evolving, using decent customer service software is obligatory for extending a clientele base. LiveAgent offers a really convenient method of communicating with clients with the help of different tools.

The reliability of the service is ensured by its long-term cooperation with such world-known brands as BMW, Huawei, and Yamaha. You can test the functions offered by LiveAgent during a trial period without spending a cent.

Its most important pluses are efficient email ticketing, voice and video calls, social media interaction and the possibility to simplify and speed up routine tasks.

liveagent customer service software

6. Salesforce Service Cloud

Ideal for field service managers
  • Management of customer cases
  • Service console tools
  • Knowledge instruments
  • Telephony integration
  • Poor support

Verdict: The Salesforce Service Cloud is customer service software that allows companies to manage clients and improve their interaction, increasing clients’ satisfaction with the products or services offered by a firm.

The tool makes it easier for customer support representatives to deal with customer’s cases. By designing the self-service portals, you will provide clients with access to account info, will allow them to study instructional videos and explore the database with useful articles.

The Salesforce Service Cloud offers you effective on-site support. There are options that enable field service workers, couriers, and on-site technicians to sort out the issues that may arise during the first visit.

salesforce service cloud customer software

7. Zonka Feedback

Various types of reports and statistics
  • Omnichannel support
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Tickets and issue tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integrations
  • UX needs a little modernization
  • Lacks auto-translate

Verdict: Zonka Feedback is customer service software that helps companies manage customer service interactions across various communication channels. It allows companies to centralize customer conversations from phone calls, emails, chat, and social media into a single interface.

With Zonka Feedback, customer service teams have a holistic view of the customer journey. They can see the entire conversation history, understand customer sentiment, and ensure a consistent experience across channels.

customer service software zonka feedback interfave

8. Zendesk

Reports and dashboards are easy to customize
  • Plug-in for social messaging
  • Knowledgebase with self-service materials
  • All channels come with a dashboard and reporting features
  • Numerous ticket types
  • Cooperative support suite
  • No out-of-the-box features
  • Sometimes support is slow

Verdict: Many businesses consider Zendesk as one of the best customer service software that is quite popular on the market nowadays. The support suite of this program includes various features for providing clients with productive interaction across numerous channels.

It allows you to communicate with customers using email, live chat, voice, or different social media networks.

Zendesk allows integrating your data sources, so you have all your data in one place. This means when the client turns to a support specialist, the display will show the right info automatically.

zendesk customer sevice software

9. Groove

Tracks emails accurately
  • A/B testing
  • Tools for managing campaigns
  • Event-driven pop-ups
  • Team management
  • Limited functionality
  • Isn’t capable of pulling random tickets for Quality Control
  • Doesn’t have "office hours" feature

Verdict: Groove is customer care software that allows you to build better customer interaction, increase sales and promote your business. It is based on the principle of simplicity in usage, administration, and effective cross-team cooperation.

Equipped with numerous automatic features for non-sales activities, Groove provides customer support technicians with more opportunities to communicate with clients generating more profit. Many leading businesses and famous organizations choose this service software as an assistant for effective interaction with clients.

This platform can also be used as project management software, as it has numerous collaboration tools.

groove customer sevice software

10. inSided

For communities with fewer members
  • Allows managing the queue
  • Self-help knowledge base
  • User-friendly
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Lacks some batch processing features necessary for large communities

Verdict: inSided is one of the best customer service software. It allows building effective relationships with your clients, answering each request fast, enhancing client self-help, etc.

This is one of the most popular options for businesses just beginning to maintain their forums or communities. This user-friendly software is also a perfect choice for community managers, who want to have overall control over their communities.

inSided is fitted with multiple powerful features for promoting your business. Besides, it offers outstanding customer support and features a moderation workflow that would work for groups with fewer members. Unfortunately, batch features are very scarce here.

insided customer sevice software

11. Sprout Social

Allows tracking custom URL
  • Effective social media channels and brands management
  • Well-organized dashboard
  • Great reporting options
  • Powerful social CRM platform
  • The Basic tier has restricted social listening options
  • Expensive “multiple users” option for SMBs

Verdict: Sprout Social is one of the most effective and popular customer service support software in the industry. It allows managing social media and provides you with the necessary analytics. The software carries out surveys for a better understanding of your business’ needs.

Fitted with tools for social listening and identifying the influencers, Sprout Social has even more advantages and functions like features for managing customer relationships. Moreover, it is quite affordable, simple to use, and has great analytics capabilities for keeping your company in the list of leaders in the industry. It will be especially helpful for small and medium-sized enterprises.

sprout social customer sevice software