7 Best Proofreading Software in 2022

If you want your article to be stylistically and grammatically correct, use the best proofreading software. Such apps use artificial intelligence to proofread your texts and detect mistakes.

They mark all corrections and allow you to decide whether this or that mistake should be fixed.

Top 7 Proofreading Software

  1. Grammarly - Google Docs integration
  2. ProWritingAid - Catches complex errors
  3. Ginger - For desktop and mobile
  4. Hemingway - For bloggers
  5. PerfectIt - Microsoft Word add-on
  6. WhiteSmoke - Built-in plagiarism checker
  7. LanguageTool - Supports multiple languages

I compiled a list of the best proofreading software developed to find spelling and grammar mistakes. Plus, such programs offer suggestions regarding style consistency.

Creating this review, I paid attention to whether the tools are easy to use and whether they have mobile apps. In addition, I looked at how well they are integrated with popular text editors. I also focused on the price and whether there is a free trial version.

1. Grammarly - Our Choice

Google Docs integration
  • Browser extensions and mobile apps
  • Suggestions filters
  • With a plagiarism detector
  • None

Verdict: Grammarly works by scanning your content and flagging any of the mistakes it identifies. Once the mistake has been fixed, you can then re-read the piece to ensure that everything is correct. The free version of this plagiarism checker only allows you to check your spelling and grammar, but it is sufficient for most people.

The Pro version offers a lot more detailed reports on your errors and provides support for many different languages. The best software is the Deluxe, which offers an array of features that provide an extensive report on all errors found as well as links to articles and websites that have been flagged. Some of the best features include a grammar and spell checker, a word expander, a synonym dictionary, and an advanced navigation system.

grammarly proofreading software interface

2. ProWritingAid

Catches complex errors
  • Checking for repetition and cliches
  • Detailed report
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Doesn’t work with MS Office on Mac

Verdict: ProWritingAid will help you with your proofreading needs. This tool is great because it helps to eliminate a lot of the errors that are made when people are proofreading their work. It comes with many features including auto-correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. You will have the ability to save your work or export it to a Word document.

It's actually quite simple to use this product, as it has a user-friendly interface and all you have to do is select a sentence from a document then add in this grammar checker. After you have created the paragraph, simply press the "Go" button, and then wait till the software does its thing. After the proofreading is complete, you can then go back and approve or reject the sentence.

prowritingaid proofreading software interface

3. Ginger

For desktop and mobile
  • For multiple browsers
  • Built-in text reader
  • Checks context-specific grammar
  • AI didn’t even come close to Grammarly
  • No Google Docs integration

Verdict: For people who are considering proofreading software for their own purposes, or for use in business or education, it might be worth taking a look at Ginger. It is not the most sophisticated proofreading software on the market, nor does it have all the features that will appeal to the typical proofreader.

However, Ginger does have a few features that may appeal to a proofreading software buyer: It can auto-correct and suggests alternative words and ideas, it auto-ids its keywords and has artificial intelligence that can spot typographical errors.

ginger proofreading software interface

4. Hemingway

For bloggers
  • Also works offline
  • Publish directly to WordPress or Medium
  • Easily identifiable color-coded errors
  • No browser extension
  • Online tool doesn’t save your work

Verdict: Hemingway takes the tedious process of proofreading books and drastically cuts down on time spent rewriting and checking. Using only a simple point-and-click method, the user enters text by choosing a point, not a word, in the piece of text and the software instantly brings up any errors found in the writing.

What's even better is Hemingway proofreading software provides proofreaders with a checklist of all the lines and words for them to check for errors. Once proofread, the user can choose to print or save the proofread piece of writing in a Word file or other writing app for Mac. The Hemingway proofreading software comes with tutorials for new writers. A writer can choose to read through the tutorial manual to get acquainted with the features and uses of the software.

hemingway proofreading software interface

5. PerfectIt

Microsoft Word add-on
  • Checks consistency
  • Locates undefined abbreviations
  • Compatible with all devices
  • No free version

Verdict: PerfectIt allows you to edit all the documents on your computer and save them to different folders. This means you never have to type in the same document twice and can change it whenever you want. You also don't have to worry about duplicating content because you can delete the text that no one wants to read and re-write something else if you choose to. PerfectIt also has an amazing customer support program and even offers a money-back guarantee.

No matter if you are a business owner or just someone who needs some help typing documents and making sure they are grammatically correct, then PerfectIt may be for you. Not only does it save you time and money but it can also help increase your profits when you want to get something written just right.

perfectit proofreading software interface

6. WhiteSmoke

Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Works with many browsers and smartphones
  • With plagiarism tool
  • Checks spelling, grammar, and style
  • No free or trial version

Verdict: WhiteSmoke proofreading software works as a virtual proofreading partner, aiding authors to avoid costly mistakes caused by traditional book reviews. The software can help speed the editing process and also offer additional benefits such as validation, fixes, and updates.

When using WhiteSmoke software, you'll benefit from many features designed specifically to save you time and money. This program thoroughly reviewing your book for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and other similar errors. The software has numerous supplemental tools designed to help them check their published work for errors. It identifies potential problems regarding punctuation, syntax, word count, typos, spellings, and other similar issues.

whitesmoke proofreading software interface

7. LanguageTool

Supports multiple languages
  • Add-ons for MS Word and Google Docs
  • With personal dictionary
  • Has a browser add-on
  • It tags people’s names as misspellings
  • Lack of the features in the free version

Verdict: LanguageTool can detect and remove errors, both stylistic and functional, from the texts that are read by its users. It has a very high level of flexibility, allowing it to conveniently detect and correct mistakes that the users may make whenever they skim the text. It also retains the original meaning of the texts that have been translated into a foreign language.

The program controls the language style used by the end-user. It also capable of detecting and correcting errors in grammar, syntax, and word usage. LanguageTool also can detect and corrects irregular sentence structure. A special feature that LanguageTool comes with is the built-in question/answer section. Finally, this tool removes extraneous words, to make sure that the final text of the document is grammatically correct and error-free.

languagetool proofreading software interface