7 Best Plagiarism Checkers in 2023

7 Best Plagiarism Checkers in 2023

It becomes more and more difficult to find the best plagiarism checker, as there are multiple programs that claim to deliver impressive functionality, but when it comes to the task, they disappoint with their capabilities. One of the most important topics for people working with all sorts of texts is plagiarism.

There are different services and programs both paid and free that allow checking whether a text is unique. Many sites use several methods simultaneously to determine whether the content hasn’t been stolen from another resource.

Top 7 Plagiarism Checkers

  1. Scribbr - Comparison with a huge database
  2. Ephorus - Scholarly database access
  3. Quetext - Interactive snipped text
  4. Unicheck - Google Docs add-on feature
  5. Grammarly - Data security
  6. ContentDetector.AI - ChatGPT plagiarism checker
  7. PlagScan - Side by side reporting

Online technologies have already firmly entered our life and have become its integral part. However, using web space for business and professional activity, we have to follow special rules. The main demand is to create unique content that can attract more people and make them visit the site for further studying. That’s why the uniqueness of texts is a talked-about topic. In fact, you can easily check this criterion. Just use one of the 6 best free plagiarism detection tools described below.

1. Scribbr

Comparison with a huge database
  • Own sources checker
  • Support for 20 languages
  • Easy to use
  • Access to scholarly databases
  • None

Verdict: Scribbr, a powerful plagiarism checker, is a computer-based software that allows for easy detection of plagiarized content. What is more, the software is also used for detecting and removing duplicated content from websites, blogs, eBooks, papers, etc.

This software provides an easy way to detect if any content on a website, e-book or any other electronic document has been copied and distributed on the Internet. In fact, the company claims that this is one of the most comprehensive and effective content plagiarism detection and removal software available in the market today.

scribbr interface

2. Ephorus

Scholarly database access
  • Clear plagiarism report
  • Built-in citing tool
  • Built-in spelling checker
  • Currently not available to students

Verdict: Ephorus is an outstanding and highly recommended for academic, reliable and trusted analytical tool for verifying the academic honesty of your written texts. Plagiarism checker software can be the most useful process for detecting plagiarism in your written research document or dissertation.

The whole process of plagiarism detection in a particular writing output can be quite challenging for most of the professionals especially for Ephorus because of the fact that the main purpose of its development is to serve as an outstanding analytical tool.

ephorus interface

3. Quetext

Interactive snipped text
  • Free trial for three documents
  • Accurate scans
  • Built-in citing option
  • Free trial
  • Does not find all plagiarized sentences

Verdict: Quetext is among the very best free anti plagiarism checker software available online today. With its innovative DeepSearch technology, it provides a unique way to detect plagiarized content in your articles and uncover potential plagiarism infractions in your writing. For the past several years, many authors have come to appreciate the value in spending money to hire professional proofreaders or editors to ensure the quality of their writing.

However, as most people do not spend the money necessary to hire such professionals, most writing has come to be done without any sort of professional editing, making it incredibly easy to fall into a number of plagiarism pitfalls when reading or writing on the internet.

quetext plagiarism checkers interface

4. Unicheck

Google Docs add-on feature
  • Supports bulk uploads
  • Real time search
  • FERPA and GDPR compliance
  • Does not have access to a database

Verdict: Unicheck is an innovative, professional, and thorough plagiarism checker for preventing plagiarism in electronic documents. It helps many institutions world-wide to make more effective and well-educated students.

Unicheck offers intelligent keyword/surname scanning system for checking source codes for detecting plagiarism or any other infringements. Besides that it offers a fully automated scanning tool for any word processing application. For that reason, Unicheck is often used for managing large bulk of E-books and other E-book projects.

unicheck plagiarism checkers interface

5. Grammarly

Data security
  • User-friendly
  • Access to ProQuest’s database
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • Punctuation mistake correction
  • Doesn't understand the fiction content

Verdict: Grammarly is an excellent writing aid that helps you spot many kinds of grammatical errors. It is also a very robust grammar check tool which keeps your write-up error-free. Grammarly also detects plagiarism, by checking your write-up against millions of web pages around the internet.

grammarly plagiarism checkers interface

6. ContentDetector.AI

ChatGPT plagiarism checker
  • Real-time AI checking
  • Unlimited free words
  • Accurate AI detection
  • No report details
  • Limited analysis customization

Verdict: ContentDetector.AI stands out as a top-tier plagiarism checker, revolutionizing the way we validate the authenticity of text content generated by AI tools. With a seamless interface, this web-based application swiftly analyzes written material, specifically targeting outputs from AI giants like ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4. Its prowess lies in its ability to estimate the likelihood of content being AI-generated, delivering a reliable percentage score.

Functionality meets accessibility with ContentDetector.AI. Beyond its user-friendly design, the tool offers invaluable features like word counting. What truly sets it apart is its cost-free accessibility, catering to a diverse user base including bloggers, academics, and professionals alike. The platform's accuracy and speed have garnered widespread acclaim, empowering writers to ensure the originality of their work in a matter of seconds.

contentdetector.ai plagiarism checker

7. PlagScan

Side by side reporting
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Relatively cheap
  • Side by side reporting
  • European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) certified
  • Some text is falsely flagged as plagiarism

Verdict: PlagScan is an anti-plagiarism checker. PlagScan allows you to cross-examine multiple documents against its database, available Web resources and non-open, peer-reviewed scientific data from various collaborating authors and publishers.

Besides cross-checking against multiple documents, you can also use PlagScan for checking citations, references and bibliography, according to the requirements of different disciplines. If you are looking for a program with AI algorithms, you should opt for PlagiarismChecker 5000 words free.

plagscan plagiarism checkers interface