19 Best Online Learning Platforms in 2023

A learning platform is an info system meant for educating users online via some courses or tutorials. Such educating mode will award you with more freedom and flexibility especially during the pandemic, as well as allow you to manage the learning resources effectively.

Top 19 Online Learning Platforms

  1. Adobe Captivate - Has a green screen option
  2. Thinkific - Can build landing pages
  3. EasyGenerator - Drag-and-drop functionality
  4. Lectora - Is compatible with each LMS platform
  5. Learnyst - Student performance analytics
  6. Podia - Can be used for selling webinars or courses
  7. Kajabi - Integrated tools for email and marketing
  8. MyOwnConference - Advanced features for teachers
  9. Gurully - 1300+ partners around the globe
  10. Teachable - Is capable of editing landing pages and blogs
  11. InEvent - Universal tool for event management
  12. LinkedIn Learning - Tech talks for high-level students
  13. Coursera - A rich catalog for online higher education
  14. Udemy - Great materials for instructors
  15. Skillshare - Interactive community spaces
  16. LearnWorlds - Comes with integrated e-commerce options
  17. LearnUpon - Comes with gamification features
  18. Moodle - Blended and online lessons
  19. Codeacademy - Features clickable tips

This list of online learning platforms includes services that can be used not only for educational purposes but also for creating e-courses with a user-friendly interface and easy setup. Most of them are universal platforms for different specializations that support integrations, differentiation of access rights, gamification, webinars and tests, issuance of certificates, built-in payment systems.

1. Adobe Captivate - Our Choice

Has a green screen option
  • User-friendly UI
  • Generates interactive tutorials
  • Is capable of producing storyboards
  • Can function on Mac and Windows devices
  • Can work with various mobile forms
  • Integrates with PowerPoint
  • No

Verdict: Adobe Captivate Prime is a Learning Management System platform for companies whose aim is to make the educational process easy and enjoyable. This online education platform incorporates numerous tools for creating training materials in less than ninety minutes.

Adobe Captivate Prime also offers round the clock support and many tutorials for helping the administrators master this tool. It also offers a great range of automatic features for assigning training plans, scheduling reports, and synchronizing participants.

Adobe Captivate Prime can brag about its user-friendly UI for trouble-free management and navigation without the need to open several pages. With a recurring certification feature, this education platform can make sure that your company will always meet the set requirements.

adobe activate online learning platforms

2. Thinkific

Can build landing pages
  • Embedded tools for sales and marketing
  • Can integrate with many popular software
  • You can connect to your domain
  • Round the clock support
  • You need some skills to create complex courses
  • Is not compatible with SCORM, TinCan, or AICC
  • Lack of social features

Verdict: Thinkific is one of the best online learning platforms that provide you with an effective way of selling online courses. This is a great option for founding your online education enterprise as the platform offers user-friendly UI and various types of interactive elements that can be incorporated into the course.

No matter what your aim is: to provide educational services, sell courses to get some profit, or build your own brand – Thinkific is what you are looking for. This platform has already been chosen by many teachers, coaches, authors, experts, consultants from around the world.

thinkific online learning platforms

3. EasyGenerator

Drag-and-drop functionality
  • User-friendly
  • No coding skills are required to use it
  • Lets you monitor the learners’ progress
  • Can integrate with various LMS platforms
  • Drag-and-drop option may work improperly on mobiles

Verdict: EasyGenerator is a simple to use online learning platform that boasts a great variety of interface options. This course creator is perfect for users, who have no prior experience in generating online tutorials. With this tool, the process of course creation will be extremely easy and trouble-free.

Considered as one of the greatest cloud-based educational platforms, EasyGenerator allows you to produce interesting interactive content shifting away from the traditional ways of producing educational courses.

easygenerator online learning platforms

4. Lectora

Is compatible with each LMS platform
  • Can work with SCORM, xAPI, HTML5, AICC, and cmi5
  • User-friendly
  • A great variety of editing options
  • Features integration with Camtasia and Snagit
  • Numerous templates and other features for producing engaging courses
  • Pricey

Verdict: Lectora is a simple to use, popular, and very functional cloud-based/desktop tool. Considered as one of the greatest learning platforms, Lectora allows you to produce interactive educational online courses that will ensure effective results.

To start generating a course, you need to upload some PowePoint slides, incorporate a screen or webcam recordings, and add some other interactive content for publishing the resulting course on the web in various formats.

You can also use a premium integrated template as a basis for your course. Moreover, you can evaluate the learner’s progress using the features offered by the platform.

lectora online learning platforms

5. Learnyst

Student performance analytics
  • Understandable UI
  • Many safety features
  • Different content types
  • Fantastic integrations
  • No interactive whiteboards
  • Free plan with limitations

Verdict: Learnyst is a modern LMS platform that offers a wide range of payment options, a zero percent transaction fee, and DRM encryption. Over 2000 use it on a regular basis. One of the standout traits of Learnyst is its feature-packed free plan, which is particularly beneficial for beginners who are looking to establish their online school.

Learnyst was designed to provide educators with a simple and scalable solution for online teaching. It incorporates great features such as robust DRM encryption, AWS hosting, and no transaction charges. Additionally, many users appreciate the platform's ability to integrate seamlessly with various tools, including Zoom, Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Zapier, etc.

The platform brags about a modern and intuitive interface that makes the management of virtual classrooms a breeze. The developers paid special attention to online course sales to provide users with a pleasant learning experience.

learnyst online presentation platform website

6. Podia

Can be used for selling webinars or courses
  • User-friendly
  • Customization features for sales page
  • Affiliate marketing options
  • Does not contain tools for grading and making assignments
  • Cannot integrate with SCORM or TinCan
podia online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Podia is one of the best online learning platforms that is designed for the easy creation and selling of interactive educational courses.

Incorporating a huge number of useful materials and numerous tools that are free of charge, Podia provides companies with a great toolkit for creating an online school or other similar educational platforms. Its functionality also allows sending newsletters and emails to participants, accepting payments, etc.

Fitted with a straightforward UI, the platform offers easy-to-use features for achieving your goals.

podia online learning platforms

7. Kajabi

Integrated tools for email and marketing
  • Can work with many popular software
  • Is capable of building sales pipelines/funnels
  • Contains a library of amazing themes
  • Can generate landing pages
  • Doesn’t let you generate certificates natively
  • Blogging options are not flexible
kajabi online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Kajabi is one of the most versatile electronic learning platforms capable of selling digital educational content. It is designed for generating flexible sales, landing, and webinar pages, as well as for initiating successful ad campaigns.

Kajabi can also function as an email marketing software. It offers various options for launching and promoting your online business, including course creator, landing pages, various sales tools, and more.

kajabi online learning platforms

8. MyOwnConference

Advanced features for teachers
  • Streaming directly from a browser
  • Up to 10K participants and 10 speakers simultaneously
  • Private messaging, file and video exchange
  • Blacklist option
  • Profile settings
  • Lack of 24/7 online support
myownconference logo

Verdict: MyOwnConference lets you organize and attend lessons regardless of your location. You do not need to download an application since streaming is activated with one click. The service offers a convenient search feature. There are also advanced features for teachers, including automated email sequences, streaming up to 10 moderators at a time, and private messages. What’s more, the platform allows up to 10000 attendees to watch the broadcast.

MyOwnConference has an interface translated into 16 major languages. Users can share documents and videos across the platform. To help you delve into the working process, you can share your screen and work with other team members.

Those who conduct webinars professionally can customize profiles to make them more attractive. Besides, it is possible to add a logo and banner, you can personalize email and add logo there as well.

myownconference online learning platforms interface

9. Gurully

1300+ partners around the globe
  • Over 5 years on the market
  • Updated study materials
  • An individual section for practicing
  • 12K+ latest question bank
  • No offline access
  • A free version is limited
gurully online learning platform logo

Verdict: Gurully will be especially useful for those who have been thinking about moving abroad to live or study there. It can allow you to determine your level before paying for an exam or a test.

This service will help you analyze your proficiency in English and prepare for such popular exams for ESL students as CD-IELTS, PTE, and CELPIP. The team of Gurully provides online and offline coaching services, as well as allows you to take mock tests and practice to achieve better results. When using this AI-based service, you will get quick results of your mock tests and discover which areas require improvement.

gurully online learning platform website

10. Teachable

Is capable of editing landing pages and blogs
  • Can add quizzes to courses
  • Integrated eCommerce options
  • Has affiliate and sales tools
  • Email marketing option
  • Provides application common to all schools
  • Only few design features
  • Difficult to keep up with support requests
teachable online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Teachable is a popular education platform for producing and selling electronic courses without the need to have some experience in coding and web development. It features a simple interface and numerous tools to make the process of course production and distribution easy and fast.

Use Teachable for monitoring the course analytics, payments and refunds, interact with course participants, and more. What is more, the toolkit of this platform provides you with an opportunity to customize the design of the homepage and landing pages of your course.

teachable online learning platforms

11. InEvent

Universal tool for event management
  • Tools to build websites and landing pages
  • Pro-grade studio for broadcasting
  • Simple instruments for booking and registration
  • Possibility to create mobile apps
  • Expensive products
  • May seem too feature-rich for startups
inevent online learning platform logo

Verdict: InEvent is a great program for running live meetings, TV-like broadcasts, and virtual events. You can also use it to create an event website and leverage the integrated custom email builder for touting your event. This solution also comes with a built-in chat, questions, and polls, so you can encourage participants and speakers to interact more actively and share their opinions.

Another notable feature of InEvent is the availability of hybrid event capabilities. For instance, you can take advantage of a custom event app, omnichannel messaging system, and more. There are modern templates for designing white-label events or you can create one from the ground up. Besides, InEvent offers real-time interpretation and video transcription, catering to the needs of non-native speakers and people with hearing disabilities.

inevent online learning platform interface

12. LinkedIn Learning

Tech talks for high-level students
  • Great choice of business-focused educational courses
  • For building hard skills
  • High quality
  • Q&As with experts
  • No accredited certification
linkedin learning online platforms logo
LinkedIn Learning

Verdict: LinkedIn Learning is a widely popular education platform that offers online services. Many organizations find it to be a useful tool for student engagement as it allows improving relevant skills.

On the platform, students can receive personalized recommendations for learning materials. LinkedIn Learning comes with such a useful feature as goal setting. You can choose the time you want to devote to education per week. This will help you track your progress in your personal account. Besides, your results from previous courses are also stored in that account.

linkedin learning online platforms

13. Coursera

A rich catalog for online higher education
  • Certificates serve as proof of passing a course
  • Free audit classes
  • Well-organized discussion boards
  • Restricted to educators in partner establishments
  • The course-creation feature is inferior to other platforms
coursera online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Coursera is a popular online learning platform with approximately 23 million users. Worldwide top-content courses are available to students. When students complete paid courses, the platform issues them with certificates from world universities, due to partnership with leading educational institutions and companies.

On the platform, there are several types of programs that differ in duration and cost. You can choose between regular courses, specializations that focus on obtaining specific skills, professional certifications that allow you to upgrade your qualification, Master Track certificates featuring modules from master’s programs, and online diplomas from the world universities.

coursera online learning platforms

14. Udemy

Great materials for instructors
  • Professional learning courses
  • Great choice of top-content
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Lacks personal branding capability
udemy online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Udemy is an extremely popular online education platform. It allows anyone to practice their skills in course creation. Besides, it has a large selection of online resources and educational materials, such as PDFs, videos, presentations and text documents.

If you are a teacher, you can work through Udemy, offering your services to students. Still, be ready that the platform charges high fees, controls prices and discounts. The service also offers students free online photography courses, coding lessons, etc.

udemy online learning platforms

15. Skillshare

Interactive community spaces
  • Creative content
  • Additional tasks and community teamwork
  • Everyone can create a course
  • High-quality control
  • Instructors rarely take part in discussions
skillshare online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Skillshare is one of the most useful learning platforms as it offers a variety of video tutorials with a focus on creative specialties, such as animation, design, photography and film.

Most of the teachers are well-known writers, artists, filmmakers and other creative professionals. Typically, courses include short videos that last up to an hour.

skillshare online learning platforms

16. LearnWorlds

Comes with integrated e-commerce options
  • Allows creating courses
  • Strong community
  • Supports SCORM and HTML5 files
  • Limited gamification features
learnworlds online learning platforms logo

Verdict: If you are looking for a decent and reliable learning platform, then LearnWorlds is what you need. The platform is suitable for both individual learners and enterprises. It comes with a fully customizable white-label solution for educating employees and partners as well as selling online lessons to a large audience.

Top-notch professionals, entrepreneurs and top managers can a solution that suits them most as well as contact top experts who help cope with problems of different complexity.

The subscription includes unlimited access to video materials. Besides, you can use videos from other sources, like Wistia or Vimeo to make your courses more interesting.

learnworlds online learning platforms

17. LearnUpon

Stands out for gamification features
  • eCommerce features
  • Supports SCORM and xAPI/Tin Can API
  • Third-party integrations with main business options
  • Doesn’t support HTML5 courses
learnupon online learning platforms logo

Verdict: LearnUpon is a cloud-based platform that focuses on enterprise learning. In terms of functionality, it is on par with other educational platforms. LearnUpon supports many languages and comes with an intuitive interface featuring many useful options.

The main advantage of the platform is its unique training schemes and segmentation of different teams. The service is trusted by TripAdvisor and Booking.com.

learnupon online learning platforms

18. Moodle

Blended and online lessons
  • Comes with desktop and mobile versions
  • Various adjustable features
  • Provides access to the developers’ community
  • Limited gamification features
moodle online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Moodle is one of the best free online learning platforms for ordinary people. It comes with many helpful resources and drag-and-drop tools to simplify the user experience. The service is widely used all over the world and supports over 95 languages.

Along with the standard theme, Moodle has a customizable theme where administrators can change text and background colors, add a company logo. Technically-skilled users can create a vibrant and attractive e-environment with ease.

moodle online learning platforms

19. Codeacademy

Features clickable tips
  • Free of charge
  • Practice tasks for building real websites
  • Dedicated forums for different classes
  • Lacks video instruction
codeacademy online learning platforms logo

Verdict: Codeacademy is one of the best online learning platforms for newbies and experienced developers who want to upgrade tech skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python. If you don’t know where to start, the platform offers a quick test to determine your level. After completing a course, you will learn how to create your sites and applications.

With Codecademy, you don’t need to use the best website builders to master programming. You can learn such languages as JavaScript or take a course on the Watson API. The service offers basic services for free, and its paid package delivers additional features for more effective learning.

codeacademy online learning platforms