6 Best Character Creation Software in 2022

If you want to bring your stunning creations into digital format and bring them to life, you need to use the best character creation software. These programs can help you create memorable cartoon, game characters, produce various illustrations or science fiction films.

Fortunately, the market is full of various programs of different levels of complexity and different sets of features suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

Top 6 Character Creation Software

  1. Autodesk Maya - With Time Editor
  2. Daz3D - Virtual characters included
  3. ZBrush - Customizable brushes
  4. MakeHuman - Open-source
  5. Blender - With path-tracking engine
  6. Poser - Photorealistic 3D models

While compiling the list of the most feature-rich programs, I checked whether they have templates, are capable of recording movements in real-time, have rendering features, and can integrate with free animation software.

Some products are even capable of creating 3D models for their further printing, meaning that you can turn your digital character into a three-dimensional object for personal or professional use.

1. Autodesk Maya - Our Choice

With Time Editor
  • Great VFX effects
  • Rendering tools
  • Motion graphics
  • None

Verdict: Autodesk Maya allows users to create realistic complex geometric figures and patterns with just a few clicks of the mouse. This program enables the user to modify the existing model or layout of the project without requiring any technical knowledge as all the work can be done right from the comfort of your home. There are also tools that allow the user to apply splatter, airbrush and smoke effects to their models.

In addition, there are several other features included in this 3D modeling software. For example, AutoCAD Free is an add-on feature that provides the user with the freedom to modify their projects in the way they desire. With the help of this program, the user can change the topography of a scene, for instance, to make it appear like a terrain or cityscape.

autodesk maya character creation software interface

2. Daz3D

Virtual characters included
  • Cross-platform
  • dForce technology
  • With ActivePose tool
  • Limited animation tools

Verdict: Daz3D allows you to quickly and easily create your own computer game characters. The character creator tool allows you to design and build characters to create numerous computer games. This quality game creation application will allow you to be as creative and as imaginative as you want to be. Once you get the hang of using the program, you may decide that you want to create your own game characters for online or offline play.

This 3D animation software is great for both new and experienced gamers. You can quickly create game characters to make an online role-playing game.

daz3d character creation software interface

3. ZBrush

Customizable brushes
  • For heavy sculpting
  • Project Primitive feature
  • ZSpheres feature
  • Confusing workflow

Verdict: With ZBrush, you can create so many different characters, and then you can add on special effects, and backgrounds, and make the game much more attractive. This software helps to make flash games. It is designed for heavy sculpting.

You can even import from different file formats into the program such as PSD, JPEG and others. You can also share your work with other digital scrapbook enthusiasts over the internet. One of the coolest features of this software is the digital layer support, which lets you add different digital layer effects such as gradients, beveling and others to enhance your image editing capabilities.

zbrush character creation software interface

4. MakeHuman

  • For creating realistic characters
  • Built-in characters
  • Integration with 3D creation apps
  • Limited capabilities

Verdict: In MakeHuman you're going to be designing a character, and the program gives you feedback as to what your character looks like, acts, moves, and so forth. The character you come up with will be completely unique, because your personality will be reflected in how the character behaves, what they look like, and so forth. You'll be able to add abilities, weapons, spells, and any other aspects you think might be interesting.

The program has built-in characters such as pets, vampires, soldiers. In fact, you can make characters that are part of history, like ancient Egyptian gods. The software integrates with 3D modeling software for Mac, so you can create realistic scenes.

makehuman character creation software interface

5. Blender

With path-tracking engine
  • The camera feature
  • Multi-platform software
  • Supports popular file formats
  • Limited advanced features

Verdict: With the Blender, you can easily and effortlessly create your own characters. It allows the user to select from thousands of different hair colors, eye colors, skin colors, clothing, scars, body types, and facial expressions. If we compare Blender vs Maya, the Blender has a more robust set of tools.

It is an easy-to-use program that gives you total creative control. With it, you can easily create a unique character without the assistance of any professional artist. The quick process of usage are another important factor that makes Blender an attractive choice of character design software. You can even share your character with family and friends.

blender character creation software interface

6. Poser

Photorealistic 3D models
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: Poser will help you come up with an interesting character quickly and easily. You can choose to create an avatar for any of the people in the novel, and tell the computer to go perform a simulation of that person. People can spend hours playing this type of software, and coming up with different scenarios and personalities. The really neat thing is that all of the different people in the novel can have the same avatar or come from the same set of circumstances.

There is no limit to the number of people you can use your Poser character creation software on. Of course, the more characters you create, the larger the database of possible PCS, or personal computer characters you can create.

poser character creation software interface