10 Best 2D Animation Courses in 2022

By Tata Rossi 4 days ago, Inspiration

When it comes to choosing courses for learning 2D animation, you can find various options, among which there are both useful courses and guides that are just waste of time. We have collected the best 2D animation courses based on such aspects as price, duration, and expertise level.

1. Domestika - Online 2D Animation Courses

domestika online 2d animation courses

Price: From $9.99 to $34.99

Duration: Self-Paced

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

These 2D animation courses are useful if you want to learn how to work in such programs as After Effect, vector animation software, GIF makers, and how to create animation for social media. You will understand how to use 2D animation software like Adobe Animate to your advantage, how to work with composition and rhythm, to animate logos and titles, and take advantage of animated filters.

Be sure to check the requirements in advance to prepare the necessary tablet and software before starting your course.

2. Pluralsight - 2D Animation Courses & Tutorials

pluralsight 2d animation courses

Price: Free

Duration: From 33 minutes to 54 hours

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This Pluralsight page contains some free 2D animation courses online. You can find videos for beginners as well as for those with a basic understanding of animation. Pluralsight uses software such as Unity, Photoshop, and After Effects in their classes.

Pluralsight also offers paid courses to master After Effects CC or Maya. By paying $29 for a basic package subscription, you get access to various resources provided by the service.

3. 2D Animation 101 Courses

2d animation 101 courses

Price: From $27 to $397

Duration: Self-Paced

Level: Beginner

With 10 years of experience in the film industry at Autumn Leave Films and a great collection of short films – nearly 30, 2D Animation 101 Courses (a group of animators) love sharing tips on all stages of animation.

Now, 2D Animation 101 has 8 courses at their disposal, as well as free and proprietary animation software. Particularly attractive for beginners in the field of 2D Animation is their "Free Step-by-step Plan". It consists of 10-minute daily lessons, online 2D animation tutorials, recommendations, and tips on how to work in the necessary software. Besides, you have to cope with 8 tasks to check your understanding of the topic.

4. 2D Animation: Tips and Tricks

2d animation tips and tricks

Price: $29.99/month

Duration: 11 hours

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

We recommend this 2D animation course online if you are considering animation as a professional opportunity.

You will receive useful content weekly – Dermot O'Connor, the curator of the course, gets in touch with students every Tuesday to share some secrets about animation that will greatly simplify their work, help create a separate animation or an entire animation scene faster and easier.

You will learn how to make delays, overshoots, and basic gestures that help create realistic movements. Moreover, you will learn how to draw different body shapes for both men and women, and understand different styles of motion.

5. Skillshare - 2D Animation for Beginners with Adobe Animate

skillshare 2d animation courses

Price: $99/year

Duration: 3 hours

Level: Intermediate

You can learn 2D animation online using the course created by Walt. This course is aimed at beginners and it demonstrates how to create animated characters, giving students an idea of the core principles and providing vivid samples.

This tutorial covers a wide range of topics such as the basics of vector art in Animate, nested animations, adding audio to animations, etc. This short course is suitable for those considering animation for personal rather than professional purposes.

6. Aaron Blaise - Complete Animation Course

aaron blaise animation course

Price: $50

Duration: About 20 hours

Level: Intermediate

This 2D animation online course instructed by Aaron Blaze is definitely worth your attention. Aaron is one of the world's most powerful animation specialists at Disney, who helped create such great cartoons as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan. Plus, he even co-directed Brother Bear. His online course consists of 13 video lessons where Aaron explains to students 12 basic principles of animation developed by Disney’s Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

Besides the main course, Blaze offers an additional short class of 6 lessons where he talks about his approach to animation. Aaron creates animations in real-time and describes the process of work simultaneously.

A nice bonus is the variety of additional sources, both video and texts in PDF format, which will deepen your knowledge of animation, help you create unique scenes, and boost your skills in this direction.

7. Nate Wragg - Character Design for Animation

nate wragg character design for animation

Price: $699

Duration: 8 weeks

Level: Intermediate

This eight-week course from the Computer Graphics Graduate Academy (CGMA) will help you learn how to create interesting and realistic characters. Surely many have watched the cartoon named Toy Story, where the main character was designed by Nate Wragg, the curator of this long course.

The course describes the elements that help create strong and beautiful characters that work great for animated scenes. Starting with simple shapes, you go deeper into more advanced design elements.

Keep in mind that the course primarily covers the creation of animation characters, rather than animating them. You have to pay $699 to join the course. Besides, having Photoshop and a Wacom tablet (or similar) is a must.

8. 2D Animation in Moho

2d animation in moho

Price: $12.99

Duration: 4 hours

Level: From Beginner to Advanced

This course dwells on how to use Smith Micro's Moho for character animation. The instructor tells you more about the program, the interface, settings, how to get started and create the first characters.

You will learn everything needed for tracking characters in Moho. You will get some time-saving tips to get ready for animation faster. The next step involves advanced animation with professional tricks and top-tier tools.

9. Udemy - Cinematography for 2D Animation Essentials

udemy cinematography for 2d animation essentials

Price: $12.99

Duration: 28 minutes

Level: Upper-Intermediate

These 2D animation classes online cover such topics as shot types, frame composition, camera angles, and movements. You will learn how to create more professional scenes and add characters to the frame. The concepts of panning, tilting in 2D, rule of thirds, and dialogue coverage are described in detail.

If you don't like the course, you can get the payment back within 30 days. The course is suitable for beginners with a bare knowledge of animation.

10. Advanced 2D Animation Diploma

advanced 2d animation diploma

Price: $1185/month

Duration: 9 months

Level: Advanced

This 10-month 2D animation course is designed by artists from DreamWorks and Disney. The course turns students into true industry professionals. You will take a closer look at the best software that includes Toon Boom Harmony. The world’s leading studios use this program.

Curators place great emphasis on drawing the characters. You not only receive a guide with exercises and recommendations but also get constant feedback to fix mistakes and achieve the desired result.