8 Best Knowledge Base Software

8 Best Knowledge Base Software in 2024

Level up your business with the best knowledge base software! It is a convenient tool to present info in an easy-to-understand way and analyze it. Using base websites, you may share helpful files or FAQs with coworkers and customers. You may build personalized customer service interactions and provide speedy support solutions.

Top 9 Knowledge Base Software in 2024

  1. Document360 - AI-powered search
  2. Zendesk - Supports tickets
  3. LiveAgent Knowledge Base - Help desk software
  4. Guru - Works in browsers
  5. Helpjuice - Google-like search
  6. ServiceNow - For bigger businesses
  7. HubSpot Knowledge Base Software - Multi-language support
  8. Freshdesk - Basic software

Curious about how to choose the best knowledge base software? What functions should it offer?

In general, a knowledge base website should provide you with an effective search, powerful collaboration and integration options. Plus, it must be compatible not only with desktop PCs but also with tablets and mobile devices. Such a platform is expected to be truly straightforward and intuitive. Moreover, you probably want the software supporting file attachments and basic analytics for more convenient work.

1. Document360 - Our Choice

AI-powered search
  • AI-based real-time search
  • Numerous knowledge bases
  • Markdown editor
  • Private and public bases
  • Haven’t been found

Verdict: Document360 is a great option for any business allowing you to generate a helpful web based knowledge base for clients. It has a fast-acting AI-based real-time search. Auto suggestions appear right when you start typing in the search box. Plus, the service is integrated with many projects and documentation websites. It is a perfect option if you need something special and remarkable. Use a first-rate Markdown editor to neatly design and structure your files.

Apart from the listed advantages, the platform allows you to design private bases for employees and public ones for clients. Developers took care of the reporting as well as search and user analytics; they designed the software more granulated to the team. The search analytics feature collects all search requests along with failed ones. Plus, it provides data on each separate coworker presenting his/her level of article contributions.

document360 knowledge base software interface

2. Zendesk

Supports tickets
  • Integration with more than 1000 applications
  • Offers a ticketing system
  • Innovative knowledge base designs
  • Supports a CRM
  • None found

Verdict: Now you can effortlessly interact with clients via phone, email, chat, and social media! Use Zendesk to generate a self-help customer service for trouble-free collaboration with clients. It is suitable for all types of companies, be it a small, mid-size or large business. This knowledge center software allows you to create articles in a well-designed text editor and adjust the service using custom themes. It is a cloud-based platform supporting integration with more than 1000 apps.

Here you can also take advantage of content history and restoring, access control, or publishing permissions. Moreover, your web based knowledge base is available in different languages so clients can easily move between them. Apart from the above-mentioned options, this customer service software can handle ticketing, chatting, etc. Zendesk boasts of a huge community forum, and a CRM named Sunshine to manage your prospects.

zendesk knowledge base software interface

3. LiveAgent Knowledge Base

Help desk software
  • Fully adjustable software
  • 24/7 support service
  • Integrates with more than 40 applications
  • Lifetime free plan
  • Steep learning curve

Verdict: Customize your knowledge base website in the most efficient way using LiveAgent Knowledge Base! You may create several knowledge bases within your self-service platform. LiveAgent is has a robust WYSIWYG editor enabling to generate fully customize articles, forums, feedback, suggestion boxes, and FAQs. You may also change colors, themes, upload logos, or edit the HTML to create unique designs to match your company’s website.

The platform provides ticketing software, a native live chat, a built-in call center, and advanced automation and reporting functions. Plus, you may enjoy wide customization possibilities and adapt the service to your needs. LiveAgent can work in conjunction with more than 40 applications.

liveagent knowledge base software interface

4. Guru

Works in browsers
  • Suggestions for content
  • Offers browser extension
  • Helpful reports and analytics
  • Expert verification
  • Poorly optimized search feature

Verdict: Guru is a cloud-based platform compatible with tablets and mobile devices. It works smoothly in all major browsers. The AI it utilizes allows suggesting information to your employees in real-time, so they don’t have to search for data during the service interaction. Using this knowledge base website, you may find, record and share content in your team chat. You can also define roles and groups.

You may create the base from scratch as well as use ready-made structures from the library of frameworks. A simple editor helps you edit text, add lists, etc. Guru supports integrations with such time management software as Trello and Slack as well as cloud storage and postal services.

  • guru knowledge base software interface

    5. Helpjuice

    Google-like search
    • Cloud-based platform
    • Amazingly simple editor
    • Innovative search function
    • Powerful client service
    • Poor integration possibilities

    Verdict: Knowledge management has never been easier! Even if you are new to knowledge-base stuff, you can easily master Helpjuice. The cloud-based platform brags about an intuitive interface and an easy-to-use editor. Forget about fussing when creating, formatting or editing content! This knowledge base application will eliminate possible confusion! Moreover, thanks to a vast array of themes, you can customize your base as you want. Speaking about the searching process, you can use a search function that isn’t inferior to the innovative Google search.

    Colleges working on the same project can discuss the topic and share the results with each other before publishing. If there is a mistake, you can return to the previous version of the project and fix inconsistencies. Plus, you get in-depth info on the knowledge base statistics and searches. Finally, I really liked the customer support service. These guys offer free customization features to quickly and effortlessly design your knowledge base.

    • helpjuice knowledge base software interface

      6. ServiceNow

      For bigger businesses
      • You can import Word docs
      • Customizable search
      • Machine learning tools
      • Service Portal integration
      • Aimed at large businesses

      Verdict: ServiceNow will take your knowledge base to a whole new level! It is a convenient tool to organize and customize your files. It is compatible with all types of gadgets, be it a mobile phone or a desktop PC. This knowledge center software allows importing Word documents and creating versions of the articles. The application is praised for contextual search and advanced search capabilities. For example, the program matches terms with previous results to optimize the searching process.

      Thanks to the machine learning tools, clients and employees are provided with similar articles for resolving issues faster and easier. The program supports integrations with third-party apps, including the Service Portal. Thanks to this service, you can design a portal covering all aspects a user might need. In other words, the knowledge base, customer support, support tickets, etc. are in one place. To improve customer support service, developers empowered ServiceNow with automated workflows, chatbots, and more.

      • servicenow knowledge base software interface

        7. HubSpot Knowledge Base Software

        Multi-language support
        • Clear, simple and tunable
        • Allow adjusting public access to pages
        • Robust analytic tools
        • SEO features
        • Costly for small start-ups

        Verdict: Provide your customers with a convenient and functional knowledge base website for a streamlined cooperation process! Although the software isn’t really cheap it is an investment in your future. HubSpot knowledge base software analyses your ticket and conversation info providing instant access to all important themes and topics. You can adjust the look and feel of pages, tune the service for different gadget sizes, organize the data by categories, tags, just like in any purpose-built document management software. The platform offers SEO functions and integrates with other services used for interaction with clients, like emails and chats.

        The program is very easy to use and understand. You may import ports from other services in a blink of an eye. You can design templates and start answering your client’s questions in an instant. Together with this software, you get complete analytics options, including engagement, sentiment, search, tickets and conversations, ticket deflection, and maintenance suggestions.

        hubspot knowledge base software interface

        8. Freshdesk

        Basic software
        • WYSIWYG editor
        • Integrated ticketing system
        • Customizable SEO capabilities
        • Convenient tools to organize info
        • No advanced functions

        Verdict: Looking for knowledge center software that is easy to master? Freshdesk is a basic service with a user-friendly interface. It provides a foolproof WYSIWYG editor offering essential formats and styles. The software is multi-language, which is an undeniable advantage. Moreover, you may specify meta titles and meta descriptions for your posts. With this help desk software, you can organize your information by categories and folders.

        Freshdesk is very convenient to use and customer support specialists may add posts no matter where they are. Just in a matter of seconds, a new article is on the platform. But mind that choosing this software, you give up advanced features and settle for basic ones.

        • freshdesk knowledge base software interface
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