12 Best Call Center Software in 2024

Even in the digital world, customers prefer live communication via the phone. So, the best call center software plays a crucial role in building trust when collaborating or contacting support. It is possible to use existing telephony to manage a call center. But this can be a problem for growing companies, being labor-and resource-intensive, the least cost-effective and difficult to measure support channel. That’s why the software for call centers is so popular today.

Top 12 Call Center Software

  1. Five9 - The best call center software
  2. RingCentral - Best contact center software for real-time collaboration
  3. LiveAgent - Best price-quality ratio
  4. CloudTalk Business Phone System - For enhanced integration with existing platforms
  5. Freshcaller - Simplest contact center software for teams of all sizes
  6. ezTalks - Universal platform
  7. Zendesk Talk - For support and automated ticketing with CRM
  8. Talkdesk - For end-to-end customer experience
  9. Dialaxy - 100+ integrations with various tools
  10. Avaya - Best call center software for remote agents
  11. 8×8 Contact Center - For enterprise-grade security
  12. Channels - Best local call center software for outbound sales

Your existing local phone system will benefit from top call center software thanks to controlling and advanced configuration. But you will have to pay for equipment, rent, maintenance and billing, limiting scalability to location. The limitations are overcome by cloud-based call software without the cost of hosting.

Call center agent software improves the customer service experience and the agent team by helping implement a multi-channel strategy. Using a single software platform for all forms of routing means being able to collect and analyze data from all aspects of business communication, from agent productivity to workflow success, in order to create performance reports and have ways to enhance it.

1. Five9 – Our Choice

Interactive voice response (IVR) with speech recognition
  • Intelligent skill-based ACD routing
  • Self-service tools, analytics, WFO
  • Agent scripts, post-call surveys
  • Voice mail and conference call
  • The set with predictive and amplified auto-mode
  • The cost is calculated individually

Verdict: This universal cloud solution with the benefits of a local system lets you manage incoming customer support and outgoing sales through a single command center. Whether it is the phone, chat, email, video or social media, Five9 Omnichannel Routing ensures that every interaction is delivered to the right resource, providing fast response times and allowing agents to process unstructured data from multiple channels from a single, intuitive agent desktop.

Five9 is the best call center software as it gives everything you need for an effective contact center, including administration and personnel management tools: 100+ types of real-time and historical reports, call recording, integration with hundreds of CRM software platforms (Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Zoho), cloud API for an open platform and data import, CTI (computer telephony integration) pop-ups. It offers the parameters of a free local number, DNC compliance, callback over the Internet, text-to-speech tool. Besides, the software includes a prediction AI for maximum effectiveness of the teams.

five9 call center software

2. RingCentral

Ring Out” calls in one touch from any connected device
  • Application programming interface (API)
  • Group interaction, collaboration tools
  • Silent monitoring, blocking, supervisor tools
  • Speech/text analytics, performance management functions
  • Learning tools, screen recording
  • Price on request
  • The decision system may seem a bit confusing

Verdict: RingCentral is known for video conferencing services and VoIP phone systems. Engage Voice is one of the most flexible cloud-based call center solutions designed to automate and optimize communication between customers and call centers. The Connect platform offers a backend with a robust array of settings, making it a leading provider of CPaaS. Contact Center provides IVR and ACD capabilities, flexible reports, as well as support for an omnichannel contact center. It has permission-based access, encryption, emergency operations, PBX integration and a shared directory.

RingCentral includes 40+ reliable features: intelligent omnichannel routing based on skills, virtual retention, integration with CRM software. The following management functions are available: surveys, call recording and analytics. The centralized platform provides an administration interface for developing outbound campaigns and voice mail discovery. A customizable dashboard helps you track key performance indicators and optimize interactions with customers who can access the self-service resource center.

ringcentral call center software

3. LiveAgent

180+ support functions
  • Integrates with 99% of VoIP providers
  • Intelligent call routing, video calls
  • Robust data analysis and reporting features
  • Integration with social networks, ticket sales, chat, self-service features
  • Integrates with 40+ third-party apps
  • Available only at the highest tariff level

Verdict: This cloud-based call center software is built directly into the LiveAgent multi-channel support service, so you can help customers on any channel you choose. LiveAgent is one of the few tools on the list that doesn’t charge a per-minute usage fee and is available for local installation. It is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on phone support.

The software offers call center capabilities for both outgoing and incoming calls, complete with sophisticated IVR branching, call routing and unlimited conversation recordings. LiveAgent isn’t just a call center software. It also offers live chat, ticket sales, knowledge base, customer portal and reporting capabilities.

liveagent call center software

4. CloudTalk Business Phone System

Meets GDPR and PCI requirements
  • SMS/text messages with templates
  • Intelligent dialer with questions
  • Scenarios with the Drag and Drop constructor
  • Voice mail, conference call
  • Local numbers of 70+ countries for free
  • New user and number cost extra
cloudtalk logo
CloudTalk Business Phone System

Verdict: CloudTalk Business Phone System provides many unique tools for call center, sales and customer service operations. The custom queue feature lets support groups determine where incoming calls will be allocated. This eliminates call forwarding, helps the sales team make more deals by automating the recruitment process, as well as maintains a high level of customer satisfaction with intelligent routing, Click-to-Call and IVR.

The CloudTalk plan includes access to an online dashboard, native desktop and mobile applications. It is the best call center software to help businesses sync data by offering hundreds of integrations with CRM, helpdesks, eCommerce, support services, shopping carts, Zapier and APIs. CloudTalk lets you set up an online call center with all possible devices from anywhere in the world while maintaining a local presence with national phone numbers.

cloudtalk call center software

5. Freshcaller

Supports local and toll-free numbers in 50+ countries
  • Free basic level
  • Provides multi-level IVR
  • Has call tracking, interrupt and recording functions
  • Smart escalation function, call masking
  • Call monitoring features let you hear conversations
  • Local numbers must be purchased through the management register
  • Limitations of low-level plans, per-minute fee
freshcaller logo

Verdict: Like other Freshworks solutions, for instance, help desk software, Freshcaller is a simple and versatile cloud-based call center platform with an automatic call recorder, which fits well with its products. It is used by inbound sales agents, as well as customer support groups.

The fact that Freshcaller doesn’t require any hardware makes it an obvious solution for small businesses. Nevertheless, this inbound call center software includes plenty of features like call masking, recording, forwarding and conferencing.

Everything can be managed from a single control panel, and calls can be made with a single click. Premium options offer more advanced features, such as out-of-hours call routing and call center metrics, as well as service-level monitoring and omnichannel routing, letting agents call from any number, centralized management, call queue visibility and agent status.

freshcaller call center software

6. ezTalks

Universal platform
  • User-friendly
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing system
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Top-tier security
  • Requires a constant Internet connection
  • No full trial version
eztalks call center software logo

Verdict: ezTalks is a powerful software for arranging collaborative meetings. It comes with different handy features for video recording, playback controlling, and meeting scheduling so that team members can get the most out of their distant communication. Besides, with this program, it is possible to notify your colleagues about upcoming appointments and topics.

ezTalks also allows users to permit speak, lock a meeting, and kick out. The software is optimized for desktop and portable devices, so you can partake in the company’s meetings even on the go.

This platform is designed to cater to the needs of varied teams both in terms of size and professional sphere (education, government, finance, healthcare, etc.)

eztalks call center software interface

7. Zendesk Talk

RM with a customer-oriented call center
  • Blocking, callback from the queue, forwarding
  • Conference call, group/round-trip routing
  • Advanced analytics tracks and monitors KPIs
  • Support for voice mail, tickets with additional transcription
  • Real-time dashboards, call tracking
  • Restrictions on lower price levels
zendesk talk logo
Zendesk Talk

Verdict: Many call center developers integrate customer relationship management into their products. As for ZenDesk, it has built a ZenDesk Talk contact center based on a CRM-powered customer relationship management system and a cloud-based communication platform called Twilio, which integrates with the ZenDesk Support ticket sales system and customer service software. This lets customer service teams provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage other channels with customer information and history.

Thanks to the automatic creation of requests, agents can take advantage of convenient help desk functions with access to the full customer history and additional functions: IVR, routing and real-time monitoring, call recording, multiple calls, incoming MMS. The integrated SMS function automatically works with collected tickets.

Besides, ZenDesk Talk offers the functions of browser-based calls and individual greetings, incoming and outgoing calls. According to this call center software review, it lets you select a port from an existing number. A local toll-free number is available for 40 countries.

zendesk talk call center software

8. Talkdesk

Provides Outbound Dialer
  • Outbound dialer, customer self-service
  • Call recording, monitoring, call barring
  • Customizable reports and analytics
  • Integration with 30+ systems (Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • AI virtual assistant
  • Price on request
  • Enterprise-oriented
talkdesk logo

Verdict: Talkdesk offers a platform based on the microservice architecture and CPaaS foundation. This technology will provide better call quality and availability, as well as global scalability on demand. It is positioned as a complete customer service solution designed to help large groups quickly manage support over the phone.

TalkDesk helps teams with everything from time management software features and staff up to industry-leading security features in order to ensure consistent customer service at any scale.

Talkdesk boasts omnichannel and intelligent routing functions, such as subscriber data, ACD, IVR and call groups. It provides an unlimited recording of conversations, has the functions of advanced voice capabilities and a robust dialer. Talkdesk is also notable for its well-developed network architecture. On the whole, it is the best call center software for businesses in several major industries: retail, eCommerce, financial services, healthcare, travel and hotel management.

talkdesk call center software

9. Dialaxy

100+ integrations with various tools
  • Global reach
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Upcoming integrations
  • Immersive connectivity app
  • Limited information on pricing
  • No mention of security features
dialaxy best call center software logo

Verdict: So far, I have been using the Dialaxy cloud contact center solution, and to be honest, it has been incredible. It also truly enabled me to reach support for such a global audience, with the option to integrate virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries. They really have offered packages hassle-free, providing with it- USA and Canada including local, short code and toll-free plus on number calls and texts.

With the all-in-one, inclusive contact center solution provided by Dialaxy, my customer servicing levels have bumped up beyond a major margin. With the impeccable support across various platforms, it really helps to be in touch and productive with any device, supporting seamless collaboration.

dialaxy best call center software

10. Avaya

Tools for connecting remote groups
  • AI for decision-making and process automation
  • Provides support services
  • Can identify mobile subscribers
  • Offers mobile Internet unique to the device
  • DTMF auto attendant and call recording functions
  • Price on request
  • Corporate price level product
avaya logo

Verdict: The unified multichannel communication system, built on the scale of the Avaya communications industry standard, has the equipment, software and hardware that lets remote groups process calls from anywhere. Avaya Contact Center is a universal cloud-based or hybrid automated solution for incoming and outgoing applications for voice, video, email and chat. You will benefit from team chat, meeting software and collaboration features.

Avaya Contact Center provides screen capture, quality management and learning features, as well as real-time reports and historical reports. Besides, this cloud based call center software offers interaction recording, voice analytics and automatic scheduling features. Avaya is commonly used in such industries as financial services, hotel management, healthcare, public safety, financial services and education. It helped the call center with solutions for tracking contacts related to COVID-19.

avaya call center software

11. 8×8 Contact Center

HIPAA, FISMA level of security
  • Advanced features with global reach
  • Historical reports in real time
  • Voice analytics and customer experience
  • Integration with your own CRM or third-party ones (Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Agency knowledge base, Expert Connect, shared view
  • No full trial version
  • Classification of solutions is a bit confusing

Verdict: 8×8 provides a cloud-based platform for managing a corporate virtual contact center, handling incoming and outgoing calls. It offers enterprise phone systems for integrated phone, meetings and team messaging. Key features include skill-based call routing, queued callback over the Internet and IVR, voice and screen recording and archiving, data entry field privacy tools.

You will benefit from real-time analytics and reports, detailing the paths and wait times for each client across all channels. 8×8 helps increase productivity. Private knowledge base, expert connection, intuitive interface and comprehensive communication node ensure fast and efficient communication with customers. This call center CRM software boasts internal chat functions for agents and managers, as well as quality management.

8×8 contact call center software

12. Channels

Directs outgoing calls through local phone numbers
  • 1000+ free minutes every month
  • Customized reporting tools, performance monitoring
  • Robust dialer for call automation
  • Call scheduling, time interval setting
  • Ability to translate and listen to calls in real time
  • The sales focus may be too narrow
  • Oriented at the existing telephone system
channels logo

Verdict: Channels as a cloud-based service offers solutions for eCommerce platforms, small businesses and support groups. It is mostly notable for the commercial call efficiency features, especially in terms of improving conversions and increasing ROI with lead generation tools on your site. Call recording, call monitoring and reports are included in order to manage success rates. According to call center software reviews, calls are made using automatic dialing or a browser extension for an interactive call.

This software offers functions for call transfer, conference call, personal call script, push call and callback widget. Plans include IVR, IP restriction, free incoming calls, 30-day call recording, support for free minutes of international numbers of 122 countries, API and integration with eCommerce and live chat. Calls to landlines in the US start at just $0.01 per minute.

channels call center software