10 Best Ticketing Software in 2024

10 Best Ticketing Software in 2024

With the best ticketing software at your disposal, you can help your confused or curious customers in the most efficient way. With this service, you can create support tickets, answers to the most commonly arising questions, etc. They also help guide customers to the support team member qualified to deal with a particular issue.

Top 10 Ticketing Software

  1. HubSpot - Best for CRM features
  2. HappyFox - Cloud-based
  3. LiveAgent - Effective query handling
  4. Zendesk - Flexible ticket management
  5. Tidio - AI-based chatbots
  6. Support.cc - Helpdesk automation
  7. Jitbit - Best for email support
  8. SolarWinds Service Desk - For IT service management
  9. FreshDesk - Best for collaboration
  10. Zoho Desk - Ticket prioritization feature

We considered several most important criteria while compiling this list: pricing, interface and design, automated creation and sorting features, and integration with other platforms. The following eight entries have all proven to be great at these things.

1. HubSpot - Our Choice

Best for CRM features
  • Simple and handy filtering
  • Offers a free for life mode
  • Supports ticket automation and routing
  • Allows making surveys
  • Not found

Verdict: This is the best ticketing software in terms of functionality and stability. It offers incredible flexibility in the way you organize the ticketing of clients. The automated features help you handle requests quickly and cut down the workload.

It is full of such convenient features as the tickets board, group inbox, snippets, which are all well implemented. You can also survey your customers about anything and cater to their needs even more efficiently.

You can merge the CRM and service desk for better collaboration between the two. There is also a prioritizing tool to make sure that the most urgent issues are resolved speedily.

hubspot ticketing software interface

2. HappyFox

  • Created a self-service portal
  • Can handle bulk actions
  • Has 35 language options
  • Ticket Escalation function
  • Functions with voice, email, and chat
  • Issues are hard to report

Verdict: This efficient web based ticketing system offers some incredible management opportunities. It is very convenient for small businesses. The incorporated automation simplifies management for you and your customers.

In addition, you can track the efficiency of your agents by using custom reports. With whatever customer data you collect, it is easy to spread it over all the departments through one of the integrations. If you need more coordination in this respect, consider switching on efficient project management software.

happyfox ticketing software interface

3. LiveAgent

Effective query handling
  • Impressively user-friendly
  • Numerous efficient integrations
  • Omnichannel
  • Joint storage
  • Reliable assistants
  • Can’t integrate with WhatsApp

Verdict: You have probably seen LiveAgent because its little chat support widget is lightweight and agile so many websites incorporate it. They are also great at supporting their own customers and an around-the-clock team is ready to answer any questions.

By dedicating much effort to developing an intuitive and easily integrated program, they have quickly taken place among the most popular ticketing systems. They’ve developed over 200 advanced features and provided integration into 40 third-party platforms, potentially covering each your need.

In addition, they treated their customers thoughtfully and created a range of pricing packages that would fit the budgets of companies of different scales.

liveagent ticketing software interface

4. Zendesk

Flexible ticket management
  • High-efficiency widgets
  • Pre-compiled response phrases
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Modes for viewing operational data
  • Puzzling interface

Verdict: This software ticketing system comes with handy dashboards for tracking performance and analyzing efficiency of your services. It provides neat widgets, saves and helps you track customer application history, and obviously, there are possibilities for pre-setting responses.

You can quickly choose the versions that are already scripted and can be used unaltered. This software captures a wide range of communication types so whether you assist your customers via phone, social media, or messaging clients, everything can be tied up in one place.

If you pair this with the best email marketing software, all your communicational needs will be covered.

zendesk ticketing software interface

5. Tidio

AI-based chatbots
  • Tools for working across multiple channels
  • Streamlined UI
  • User list segmentation
  • Allows setting up personalized notifications
  • Up to 3 chat operators for free
  • Impossible to send broadcasts and sequences

Verdict: Tidio is a web-based platform for small companies that allows them to provide top-level customer support services. Using a convenient dashboard, you can manage customer requests received from different channels and answer questions more efficiently.

Another advantage of this service is that it enables you to segment your clients and send notifications to your agents using chatbots. They will have custom tags to make it easier for your managers to process clients’ requests. To speed up your workflow, you can use a ticketing system. It will enable you to automate a variety of tasks.

You can also monitor the performance of your team using detailed information available in the dashboard. This service makes it easier for you to assign tasks and manage the ticket queue.

tidio ticketing software interface

6. Support.cc

Helpdesk automation
  • Ticket management tools for managing tickets with ease
  • Advanced reports
  • Contact Management System
  • Group categorization for efficient data organization
  • Lack of API
  • No dashboard or report tools for the Knowledge base

Verdict: Support.cc provides customer support solutions for small and medium-sized organizations. Their cloud-based software has undergone market testing and automates the entire customer support process, from ticketing to issue resolution.

An effective customer support or ticketing tool should be capable of answering customers' inquiries and alerting a manager to any issues that it cannot resolve based on the provided information. This enables faster and more effortless resolution of tickets.

With Support.cc's assistance, you can efficiently manage your daily tasks, ensuring that critical tasks are always prioritized, no matter how busy your day is. If you're looking for affordable help desk software that offers all of these benefits, Support.cc is the right choice for you.

support.cc ticketing software interface

7. Jitbit

Best for email support
  • Options of "SaaS" and "on-premise"
  • Tidy interface
  • Simple to set up and launch
  • Can operate through an app
  • Well-established ticket management
  • No integration with social media

Verdict: This is one of the top ticketing systems that combine reasonable pricing with a good feature set. Many users praise the possibility of selecting the SaaS or an on-premise mode of operation.

It has a very convenient dashboard that organizes all your current ticketing matters in a way that makes them easier to deal with. You can look through the issues unresolved by filtering them out in one click.

What many say is the absolute best feature, though, is the handing support email. It is also helpful that phone apps can be used to tackle your clients’ issues on the go.

jitbit ticketing software interface

8. SolarWinds Service Desk

For IT service management
  • Countless customer resources
  • Multi-department access
  • Simplified setting up and navigation
  • Cloud-based
  • Adaptable self-service forms
  • Single licensing model
  • Lacks an inventory list

Verdict: In case you are searching for IT ticket software, this is the most well-tailored option. It is filled with praiseworthy advanced features like smart ticketing, asset management, and workflow automation.

You can also carry out some actual performance analytics to make sure your company and support team are efficient. There are ways to track customer satisfaction, average response time, and similar statistics.

However, since this is an IT-tailored option, if you have people involved in other areas of activity, they will all go under the same type of license. If your company deals with sensitive information, protect it by getting an external hard drive backup software.

solarwinds service desk ticketing software interface

9. FreshDesk

Best for collaboration
  • Adjustable ticket status
  • Ticketing automation
  • Question-specific canned responses
  • Reports are hard to compile
  • Poorly integrated

Verdict: This is a good software ticketing system for teamwork. It offers a shared inbox so that different members can juggle the tickets around for better efficiency. The automation in this system is great and any routine tasks are taken care of with precision and efficiency.

Any incoming request, whether by voice or written through mail or social media, is analyzed, converted into a ticket, and sent to an appropriate assistant. This option is very versatile and can be incorporated into a business of any scale.

You are provided with ready-made tickets and reports. However, if you plan to make some personalized entries, they will be somewhat hard to create at first.

freshdesk ticketing software interface

10. Zoho Desk

Ticket prioritization feature
  • Impressive integrations
  • Supported by iOS & Android
  • Intuitive controls
  • Tricky email integration
  • Confusing reporting process

Verdict: You can call it the best ticket software for inexperienced users. It provides you with a great AI assistant that can use the instruments with particular contexts and simplify the tasks for your team.

It can single out and keep afloat those issues that have more importance or urgency to make sure they are resolved quickly enough for the customer’s satisfaction. The service also collects metrics and provides support to users, who are self-served.

Reports and email integration aren’t great here but, at least, you can use a phone app to simplify the workflow.

zoho desk ticketing software interface