17 Best WordPress Booking Plugins for Business Optimization

By Kate Gross 13 days ago, Apps and Software

With the help of a WordPress booking plugin, you can facilitate the process of making a booking or appointment and optimize your workflow. Thanks to such plugins, your clients won’t need to get in touch with the support team to book a hotel room or massage session. There is no need to phone a manager to learn which dates are available either. You just need to configure your calendar and synchronize it with your database.

Top 17 WordPress Booking Plugins

  1. StartBooking - Group meetings
  2. Simply Schedule Appointments - Deep integration with Zoom
  3. BookingPress Plugin - Unlimited appointments
  4. Amelia - Real-time SMS notifications
  5. Booknetic - Customization and automation of online bookings
  6. Tyche Software - Great for service providers
  7. LatePoint - Simple in everyday use
  8. Salon Booking System - Integration with Google Calendar
  9. MotoPress - Flexible payment options
  10. Bookingo - For language schools
  11. JetBooking - For booking & rental websites that offer daily services
  12. BirchPress - Customizable notifications
  13. Team Booking - Support PayPal integration
  14. MotoPress Hotel Booking - Automatic season tracking and price adjustment
  15. Booked - Allows creating personal calendars for employees
  16. Bookly Pro - In-built analytics tools
  17. Booking & Appointment - Supports 60+ languages

Using the best appointment booking WordPress plugin, you can easily manage your meetings, bookings, and other events. Such plugins support adjustable calendars, several payment methods, as well as search and filtering features. You can use them to set up SMS and email notifications, configure different types of meetings, as well as create individual calendars and personal accounts for each of your employees.

1. StartBooking

Full information about clients
  • Fully customizable
  • Obtains information about clients
  • Allows managing group meetings
  • Form editor
  • Limited integration

Verdict: StartBooking is a powerful WordPress booking plugin. It has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easier for clients to quickly select a service and book an appointment. Using this plugin, your clients can select services from a list as well as pick a suitable time and date. Start Booking WordPress comes with an in-built form editor.

It can be integrated with many WordPress themes, which will allow you to configure different stages of the booking process, change colors, as well as select the displayed elements. Besides, it enables you to collect information about your clients when they order your services. The StartBooking plugin lets you accept online payments. It integrates with Stripe, which accounts for quick and easy payment processing. You can get access to booking analytics. It will allow you to evaluate the state of your business more accurately.

startbooking wordpress booking plugin interface

2. Simply Schedule Appointments

Unlimited number of meetings
  • Many integrations
  • Great support team
  • Convenient management options
  • Adjustable SMS notifications
  • A free plan has limited functionality

Verdict: Simply Schedule Appointments is an all-in-one plugin for businesses. It has a simple and unique interface that allows clients quickly select a necessary service. Similarly to Webnus, it allows you to organize an unlimited number of meetings and work with any number of users. You can also set up email notifications, adjust the styles of widgets depending on your brand as well as manage slots and availability dates.

This plugin has adjustable fields and styles. Thanks to it, you can manually add and edit fields, change colors, fonts, and more. Simply Schedule Appointments integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, Mailchimp, Twilio, Zoom, and many other services.

simply schedule appointments wordpress booking plugin interface

3. BookingPress Plugin

Unlimited appointments
  • 35+ Addons completely free to use
  • Manage multi-location businesses
  • Customizable and smooth booking experience
  • The free version includes only the PayPal payment gateway
bookingpress logo

Verdict: BookingPress Plugin is an all-in-one WordPress booking plugin designed to cater to various service-based businesses. It assists them in automating their online appointment booking process seamlessly.

BookingPress offers a straightforward and efficient solution for managing bookings and appointments. With this plugin, you can effortlessly create booking forms, configure availability and pricing, and seamlessly process payments through your website.

One of the primary advantages of using BookingPress is its flexible and customizable booking system. It provides access to premium add-ons, all available for free, and supports more than 17+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Mollie, WooCommerce, Razorpay, and many more.

While a free version of BookingPress is accessible on the WordPress platform, it is advisable to opt for the premium version of BookingPress to unlock its complete capabilities and take advantage of its comprehensive feature set.

bookingpress website

4. Amelia

Real-time SMS notifications
  • Allows completely automating client interactions
  • Can be installed and set up in just a couple of clicks
  • Convenient event booking templates
  • In-depth documentation on plugin functionality
  • Lacks a couple of settings
amelia wordpress booking plugin logo

Verdict: Amelia lets clients create reservations and appointments via your site with minimum effort. It offers a broad range of tools including a step-by-step booking solution for clients and 2-way sync support for Google Calendar that allows employees to better monitor their schedules. Clients can pay for their appointments via PayPal or Stripe. Furthermore, you can integrate WooCommerce into the system to expand the list of potential payment options while introducing tax and invoice support.

You can take advantage of this solution to provide discounts for your clients and once they’ve scheduled a booking, they can sign up to receive notifications via email or SMS. SMS notifications are especially noteworthy since they not only message clients regarding upcoming appointments but also the employees who have accepted the booking. Amelia lets you provide information about all employees and even allows clients to book specific members of the staff directly.

amelia wordpress booking plugin interface

5. Booknetic

Customization and automation of online bookings
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effortless appointment scheduling
  • Abundant posts, aesthetics
  • No free version
  • Limited integrations
booknetic logo

Verdict: Booknetic stands as a leading WordPress Booking Plugin, renowned for its prowess in customizing and automating online appointment bookings. It's a game-changer for businesses seeking to streamline their appointment management processes and the ultimate tool for enhancing customer service, boosting retention, and simplifying appointment management for businesses of all sizes.

One of Booknetic's standout qualities is its polished booking experience, which shines both on the frontend and backend interfaces. This plugin offers extensive customization options, allowing you to add multiple locations, staff members, and services as needed.

Booknetic supports popular payment gateways like PayPal, Mollie, Razorpay, Square, and Stripe, with WooCommerce integration for added functionality. It even lets you decide whether to charge the full amount or require a partial deposit.

booknetic wordpress booking plugin

6. Tyche Software

Great for service providers
  • Full WooCommerce integration
  • Excellent reporting
  • Reward points feature
  • Outdated interface
  • Support via email only
tyche software logo
Tyche Software

Verdict: Tyche Software stands out as a leading provider of WordPress booking solutions, particularly renowned for its exceptional Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. This innovative tool caters to the needs of service providers who understand the significance of efficient time management.

It empowers service providers to align their offerings with customer demands, simplifying the booking process and elevating the overall customer experience.

This WooCommerce Booking plugin does much more than just booking; it offers a comprehensive solution for businesses. It's designed to ensure that executing plans at the right time becomes a reality, preventing business owners from reaching their breaking point. What sets it apart is its compatibility with major WooCommerce marketplace plugins, making it the go-to choice for businesses seeking effective booking management and exceptional customer service.

tyche software wordspress booking plugin

7. LatePoint

Simple in everyday use
  • Swift appointment setups
  • Integration with various platforms
  • Supports multiple staff and locations
  • Detailed analytics and insights
  • Basic license limitations
  • Basic license limitations
latepoint logo

Verdict: LatePoint is an innovative and user-friendly WordPress booking plugin designed to simplify and enhance the appointment scheduling process for businesses and their clients. It boasts a clean, modern interface that allows for quick and effortless booking experiences. Key features include a straightforward setup, customizable booking templates, and seamless integration with popular services and payment gateways.

Ideal for a wide range of service-based businesses, LatePoint streamlines client interactions, offers real-time updates, and supports multiple staff and locations. Its intuitive dashboard provides valuable insights and analytics, making it a comprehensive solution for managing appointments and elevating customer service.

late point wordpress booking plugin

8. Salon Booking System

For beauty businesses
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • Repeat booking
  • Tips feature
  • Convenient notifications by email
  • A free version doesn’t allow accepting online payments

Verdict: Salon Booking System is a plugin developed specifically for beauty businesses. It’s perfectly suitable for owners of beauty salons and barbershops as well as for hairdressers, manicurists, and other professionals. This WordPress booking plugin comes with convenient features for sending email and SMS notifications so you won’t need to use third-party email marketing software. Besides, it integrates with a Google calendar, which allows you to automatically copy all booked appointments from your site to your calendar. Your clients can select a professional, see when they are available, and book an appointment.

In addition, it can also send notifications about an appointment either to the administrator or assistant working in a salon. Salon Booking System also has a set of shortcodes that will save you a lot of time when you decide to edit your content.

salon booking system wordpress booking plugin interface

9. MotoPress

Flexible payment options
  • Appointment scheduling & booking
  • Customizable booking wizard
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Automated notifications
  • Additional costs for premium extensions
  • Limited language support
motopress best wordpress booking plugin logo

Verdict: My experience with MotoPress extends beyond seeking help; it is an association that I had to carry out every handling and setting up in my business. Their Appointment Booking plugin has literally transformed how I conduct appointments in my business. It's very user-friendly and consists of everything I've needed to keep myself organized right there.

The most recent version of Moto Press, using which my clients could book an appointment online, is just a few clicks away and all the settings could be done in it according to my own business. Besides that, I could get power support of every type for my every query or difficulty. Updates are constantly made, so chances are that your plugin is updated until it is at its best.

motopress best wordpress booking plugin

10. Bookingo

Unlimited number of classes
  • Unlimited number of groups
  • Regular updates
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Payments in any currency
  • Expensive license
bookingo wordpress booking plugin logo

Verdict: Bookingo is a great booking plugin for the companies that provide educational services, such as language schools. It lets you create any number of groups and classes with adjustable fields. You can set up individual notifications as well as blocks with surveys, tests, and grades. This multi-functional plugin allows you to create several classes. For instance, you can create classes for beginners and organize professional classes for people who have narrow specializations.

For each separate group, you can indicate the start and end time of a class or course, indicate the number of lessons and users, etc. When your courses become profitable, you can accept payments in any currency, which will allow you to get new students from all over the world.

bookingo wordpress booking plugin interface

11. JetBooking

For booking & rental websites that offer daily services
  • Real-time availability updates
  • Flexible pricing rates
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Step-by-step booking wizard
  • Great support via chat, ticket, Zoom
  • Dependency on Elementor
  • No automated SMS
jetbooking logo

Verdict: JetBooking by Crocoblock stands out as a well-received WordPress plugin with a strong user rating of 4.8 stars. Its core strength lies in its robust booking and reservation management capabilities, making it an attractive choice for web agencies and freelancers who are building sites for clients.

Noteworthy features include real-time availability updates, flexible pricing options, and seamless payment integration. These attributes collectively empower users to efficiently handle bookings, whether for hotels, events, or rental properties. Moreover, the ability to customize templates ensures a tailored user experience.

jetbooking wordpress booking plugin

12. BirchPress

Two-way synchronization
  • Customizable notifications
  • Form editor
  • Blocks specific dates
  • Suitable for developers
  • Some issues with sending emails
birchpress wordpress booking plugin logo

Verdict: BirchPress is a secure booking plugin that supports PayPal and credit cards. Besides, Birchpress and WooCommerce Appointments are the only plugins that support two-way synchronization. One of the most convenient features of this booking plugin WordPress for entrepreneurs is that it allows you to block some days. For instance, you can indicate when you will be on vacation.

This plugin is easier to use than third-party photography booking apps. You can easily configure booking notifications. Besides, it has a customizable booking form, which allows you to quickly create and design any booking form using the in-built editor. This plugin is suitable for different businesses from the tertiary sector, such as beauty salons, educational classes, gyms, and companies that provide other services.

birchpress wordpress booking plugin interface

13. Team Booking

For individual calendars
  • Low price
  • Perfect for teamwork
  • Virtual meetings in Zoom
  • Every employee can have their own calendar
  • Some issues with coupons
team booking wordpress booking plugin logo
Team Booking

Verdict: Team Booking is a functional booking plugin that lets you set up email replies for confirming bookings with your clients. Besides, Team Booking has its own API for easier integration. To process payments, you can connect PayPal or Stripe. The plugin has a nice, user-oriented interface.

Another advantage of this plugin that will help you drive more clients is that it allows you to create coupons and offer discounts to attract the attention of your potential customers. Besides, this plugin is perfect for teamwork. For instance, you can add employees and let them manage their own availability calendars.

team booking wordpress booking plugin interface

14. MotoPress Hotel Booking

For hotel businesses
  • Room availability calendar updated in real time
  • Automatically tracks seasons
  • Many payment gateways
  • Online-based reservation
  • Might be difficult to configure
motopress hotel booking wordpress booking plugin logo
MotoPress Hotel Booking

Verdict: MotoPress Hotel Booking is an advanced plugin that makes it easier for you to manage your website, whether you provide hotel booking or other similar services. This plugin comes with a convenient room availability calendar for every room listed on your site. Thanks to it, your client will be able to see whether a hotel room is available for a specific date.

Besides, you can automatically change prices depending on the season, edit the duration of a stay, and the number of guests. This plugin also allows you to calculate compensations.

It supports a variety of payment gateways, such as PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Braintree, and Beanstream. Your clients can also pay after the delivery. This plugin allows a site admin to manage incoming bookings and automate confirmation.

motopress hotel booking wordpress booking plugin interface

15. Booked

Different types of bookings
  • Several types of bookings
  • Allows assigning event calendars to team members
  • Adjustable blocks
  • Integrates with third-party plugins
  • Prices above the average
booked wordpress booking plugin logo

Verdict: Booked supports several types of booking, including paid, guest, and registered. You can create a calendar or a list of your bookings and translate them into other languages. In addition, you can assign calendars to different people from your company. For instance, if your team includes personal trainers, they will be able to fill out their profiles and manage their own schedules.

As this WordPress appointment plugin doesn’t have any unnecessary features, it can be considered a great choice for beginners. You can customize its blocks as well as adjust colors and calendar fields. Besides, you can connect third-party plugins, including WooCommerce Payments, Front-End Agents, and Calendar Feeds.

booked wordpress booking plugin interface

16. Bookly Pro

Automated reminders
  • Supports Stripe and PayPal payments
  • Adaptive booking features
  • In-built analytics
  • Integration with Google calendars
  • No free version
bookly pro wordpress booking plugin logo
Bookly Pro

Verdict: Bookly Pro is one of the best plugins for big companies that allow you to connect and control any number of employees. Using this plugin, you can manage bookings and notify your employees about upcoming meetings using automated messages.

Besides, Bookly Pro allows you to connect your employees and their Google calendars to different services, such as cloud platforms, videoconferencing software, and scheduling services. You can also turn on their notifications and use in-built analytics tools with a lot of stats, which will help you track the most profitable products and offer generous discounts to your clients.

bookly pro wordpress booking plugin interface

17. Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

Extensive admin control options
  • Automated SMS reminders
  • 60+ languages
  • Booking lists
  • Zoom integration
  • Expensive
booking & appointment wordpress booking plugin logo
Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

Verdict: Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce is a reliable solution that allows you to quickly and easily organize your workflow and make it easier for your client to book your products or services. For instance, they can book a lesson or a meeting with one of your team members.

You can fully control the dates available for booking, manage your price list, indicate for how many hours one can book your products and services as well as limit the number of bookings for specific days. The latter option will be especially important for those who own restaurant businesses.

Besides, if you provide educational services, you can add this plugin to your platform and start communicating with your clients in Zoom. What makes it stand out among other premium booking plugins is that it supports over 60 languages, which explains its huge popularity.

booking & appointment wordpress booking plugin interface