Best Image Optimizer

If there are too many photos on the page, you need to optimize them to speed up the page loading. Look though the following 23 best image optimizers that are free, online, offline or as WordPress optimization plugins to make image compression fast.

Best Image Optimizers

The best image optimizer will allow you to compress any image or change its type preserving the quality. When the images are left full size, it increases the loading time, which, in turn, annoys visitors. To increase it, you need to make those images smaller.

1. JPEG Optimizer

jpeg optimizer
  • Lowers the image size to make sure the webpage loads quicker
  • Simple in use
  • Great functions
  • Supports JPEG only

A very simple online program that, as can be derived from the name, only works with JPEGs. Just load them up in the program and make them weigh less. A very favorable feature is the level bar, used to regulate to which extent an image will be optimized. This free JPEG compressor allows performing resizing and there is an EXIF reader.

2. Optimizilla

photo compression software free
  • Use it to make changes to 20 pictures in one load
  • Gives you previews of the input and the output after compressing
  • The intensity of the optimizing can be controlled by you
  • Supports drag & drop
  • Downloading each file separately

Apart from JPEG, Optimizilla can also size down PNG files. Use the slider to assess the program output by comparing the results with the original image, so that you’re sure to be satisfied with the work done. This allows users to decide which is the lowest acceptable quality for their aims. A pack of up to 20 items can be imported and the best JPEG compression degree can be set for each one separately.

3. PNGGauntlet

png optimizer
  • User-friendly
  • Parallel comparison in real time
  • Supports PNG, JPG, GIF
  • Quality loss

This is an image optimizer that can be downloaded and tied up to various compressors (PNGOUT, OptiPNG, DeflOpt). It will preserve the picture clarity while making your PNG files much lighter. Additionally, the same work can be done with JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP, compressing them into PNGs. The conversion itself, though, is slower than other alternatives offer.


online image size reducer
  • Export to Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Sharp images
  • No visible quality deterioration
  • Long, one-by-one image uploading process
  • No ability of manual control

It is a great photo compression software, no charges, without limitations. The images will look absolutely identical, but the file is downsized to the tiniest possible value. Whichever file extension is the most requested, like JPEG, PNG, GIF, even SVG, it performs optimization easy. In certain cases, one image can be reduced to 10% of the initial size. The only flaw of this photos compression software would be the absence of a multi-upload. Having prepared several images for optimization you will have to import each one separately.

5. TinyIMG

tinyimg interface
  • Top-notch image reduction
  • Trusted by thousands of companies around the world
  • Suitable even for beginners
  • 3MB limit on photo size

TinyIMG is a great tool for reducing a photo size by almost 3 quarters without degrading the initial quality. In fact, the changes made aren’t visible to the naked eye. TinyIMG is very straightforward, so even first-time users will figure out how to resize a photo. You just only need to drag and drop your PNG or JPG file and wait for the result. The program allows optimizing up to 10 photos in one go, but imposes a limit on the max file size (no more than 3MB each).

Moreover, you can use their TinyIMG Shopify app to automatically generate ALT tags and titles for pictures, which is perfect for Search Engine Optimization. You can upload optimized photos to your Shopify store right from the application. Users can restore images to the initial state whenever they need, as well as perform manual changes.

6. GiftOfSpeed

web image optimizer
  • Simple in use
  • Separate algorithms for PNG and JPEG files
  • Works with PNG multiple files
  • No opportunity to import numerous JPG files

This is one of the best image optimizers that applies different algorithms to PNG and JPEG files. Additionally, the program uses several compression techniques and is capable of substantial reduction of size with preservation of image quality. You can import multiple PNGs, but you still have to upload each JPEG separately.

7. Resize Photos

image compressor online
  • Free photo compressor
  • You can add special effects to outcomes
  • Adding captions
  • Adding borders, round corners
  • Setting reflections or shadows, rotating
  • Significant deterioration in photo quality is possible
  • Can be tricky for a newbie

Here is another great exemplar of the best image compression software. It performs resizing for future use in emails or forums apart from websites. After you import the images, select a preferred level of optimization between 1 and 100. A great feature of this image optimizer is the selection of picture editing effects. You can set borders or round the edges, add reflections, shadows, and captions.

8. Online Image Optimizer

best image compressor online
  • Instantly converts from one file extension to another
  • User-friendly
  • Fast
  • Upload size limit implied
  • Each image is uploaded separately

Another great image optimization tool is from Dynamic Drive and it lets you work with the major formats online. Resort to reducing the picture size or to converting files from one extension to another in several clicks. The restrictions, though, disable you from importing a pack of images, each goes separately and it has to be under 2.86 MB.

9. Trimage

image compression
  • Preserves image clarity
  • Cross-platform operating
  • Easy pick & drop option
  • Quite strange interface

The given image optimizer will empty any existing metadata before starting the intensive compression process. The only supported file extensions are JPEG and PNG. If you’re working on a Mac, choose another image optimizer.

10. AnyWebP

anywebp image optimizer interface
  • 1-click conversion
  • Supports WebP format
  • 24/7 support
  • Convert hundreds of WebP files simultaneously
  • Limited format support

AnyWebP is a handy tool for converting WebP images to general JPG/PNG and ICO. During image optimization, you can set the format, size and quality of a finished file.

You can also use the program to convert other photo formats to WebP in a very quick way. The best part is that you can perform conversion for free without uploading images to the server.

11. CompressNow

optimize images for web online free
  • Immediate optimization of a 10-pack of pictures
  • The compression intensity can be personally controlled
  • Simple pick and drop operating mode
  • Limits image import to 9 Mb

This one is the best image optimizers with a bulk upload feature provided. It successfully works with JPEG, PNG and GIF animations. Set the desired compression intensity and then save the results on your PC for future use. Uploading the items, you can drag a whole bunch of ten for simultaneous optimization.


image optimization by kraken
  • A bulk import of 20 images
  • Easy and quick in use
  • Big feature set
  • Imported files must be under 1MB in size
  • Many features are blocked for free

Kraken image compressor has a rare bulk import feature and supports most common file types (JPGs, PNGs, animated GIFs). The export options are either a packed zip with all files or a selective individual download when needed. Additionally, the import can be launched from Dropbox, Google Drive or Box with the outcomes being exported to the former as well. Using this photo compressor software for free, upload images of under 32 MB, or 100MB in total for a pack. Having a bigger rotation of images, it is better to get a subscription plan: $5/mon. for 500MB, $9/mon. for 2GB, $19/mon. for 5GB.

13. PunyPNG

free image compression software
  • Compress 20 images (500KB each) instantly
  • Easy and quick
  • Compresses without losses
  • Fit for professional developers and designers
  • For more advanced features, access to the Pro version is necessary
  • The free trial lasts a month

PunyPNG is the best image compressor for pros in digital design or website developing, which can decrease file size without image quality loss. It uses several algorithms, analyses each image to select the most efficient one for this particular case. Most common file extensions are supported and the software will select the optimal technique. The cheapest subscription is $3 per month.

14. ImageOptim

image optimizer mac
  • Without photo quality loss
  • Convenient interface
  • Free
  • Mac only
  • May be slow in the compression process

ImageOptim is definitely the best choice for Mac users. The program’s algorithm achieves a loss-free compression outcome. Basically, the result will look completely identical to the original one but weigh several times less. The list of supported formats is pretty big and includes the leading JPEG, PNG and GIF. It earns the name of the best image optimizer for the total availability with no charge. Plus, you can integrate it with favorite compression tools, like Zopfil, PNGout, JPEGoptim. The app is set to erase any EXIF, geolocation or other data, but if you need to keep those in place, changing a simple feature in Preferences will be enough.

15. Caesium Image Compressor

caesium image compressor
  • Compression intensity can be indicated
  • Gives a convenient before and after preview
  • Records statistics of the space that’s been saved with compression
  • Only for Windows
  • Limited functionality

Caesium image compressor is a free option for Windows users. It can process PNG, JPG, JPEG & BMP formats and the intensity of downsizing can be regulated individually. For better performance, there are two software versions – for a 64-bit and a 32-bit Windows system.

16. RIOT

image optimizer windows
  • For resizing
  • Can be combined with certain resample filters like Lanczos3, Catmull Rom, Bicubic
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • The instrument layout can be quite confusing
  • The feature set could definitely be expanded

Using this app, you can make batch photo compression to GIF, PNG and JPEG extensions. Apart from working as a photo compression tool, it is fit for more complex tasks, like specifying the number of colors, changing image contrast, brightness, gamma, inversion. You are in full control of what happens to the original metadata of each picture. The instruments like pan, zoom, rotate and flip are at your disposal in the working area too.

17. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

wordpress optimization plugin
  • 3 compression options with different quality loss
  • Convert up to 1000 images per month
  • The number of websites is not limited
  • Use the same API for each website
  • Using and installing the API key can be difficult for beginners
  • If you decide to uninstall the plug-in, you must also manually delete the backups stored on the server

The dashboard has additional tabs for upgraded functions. This image compressor plugin has three conversion modes. You can view the pictures’ size after loading and compressing them. This way you are able to check how much space you free up. You can shrink up to 100 pictures for free monthly. If you are not satisfied with this amount, you can purchase one of the plans. Their cost begins at $4.99 for 5,000 picture credits.

18. Compress JPEG&PNG images by TinyPNG

wp optimize plugin
  • Optimize up to half a thousand pictures free every month
  • User-friendly
  • Only PNG and JPG files can be optimized

This photos compression plugin is very simple. Its Settings page is so easy to understand that even a beginner needs no more than half a minute to figure everything out and start compression. You upload your pictures and this image optimizer compresses them automatically. You can optimize files of any size. In addition, TinyPNG has WooCommerce support.

19. Optimole

image optimizer wordpress
  • Works on CDN basis
  • The dashboard isn’t a part of WordPress
  • You cannot create back up or save the original picture
  • It is not suitable for very high-quality pictures

If you need to optimize your images without making much effort, then pay attention to this photo compressor WordPress plugin. One of the main advantages of this plugin is the speed of loading websites. It always selects the optimal image size for each specific browser or viewport. The plug-in is absolutely cloud-based. Optimole serves resized images via a fast CDN. You can use this image optimizer WordPress for free. To get more processing space or bandwidth, I recommend purchasing a premium plan.

20. Imagify

optimize images wordpress
  • Thumb nail & retina images can be compressed
  • Back up
  • API connection is available
  • Long installation
  • The user interface isn’t simple

It has three sections: Optimization, General Settings and Display Options. All settings are located on one page. It is possible to use one of the modes for image compression with a corresponding loss of quality. You can choose Ultra (lossier) or Normal (lossless). Automation is available for many features. For example, you can set a specific width for all pictures. It allows you to work with less than 1GB monthly. Paid plans cost from $4.99 for every month.

21. EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud

best image optimizer wordpress
  • Extra fast due to pictures staying in your server
  • Lots of settings
  • No quality loss
  • The created database table isn’t removed automatically after plugin’s deactivation
  • A free version provides only lossless shrinking for JPEG files

This plugin will help you speed up your website by reducing the size of images. You can resize all existing images with the Bulk Optimizer. If you want to compress only certain images, you can do it using the Media Library list option. You may convert the image format to WebP. The starting optimization price is $0.03 per image.

22. WP Smush

image optimization wordpress
  • Saves your server resources by using the resources of the plugin developer
  • Compatible with the Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Bulk optimization up to 50 images

23. FREE Photoshop Plugin by FixThePhoto

image optimization photoshop plugin free
  • Free
  • Fast JPG & PNG compression
  • Compatible with all Photoshop versions
  • Adobe subscription

If you don’t want to download third-party apps or use online image compressors, you may install this Free Photoshop Image Compression Plugin designed by FixThePhoto to make your workflow twice faster. This plugin is especially useful for photographers and photo retouchers who have Adobe software subscription and use its softwares for photo editing daily.

Data Tests with Image Optimizer Plugins

I decided to compare the effectiveness of these optimizers and plugins and find out which of them is the best image optimizer. I’ve tested them on the same picture. I conducted testing with a focus on the average user. I chose the default settings since the ordinary users do not really bother with them after installation. Here are my JPG test results.

JPEG Test Image

Plugin Original Size Size After Optimization Optimization Percentage Type of Compression


518 KB

169 KB




518 KB

248.6 KB




518 KB

274 KB


Lossy and Lossless


518 KB

338.7 KB




518 KB

488.9 KB




518 KB

493 KB



You see the leader is ShortPixel. It provides about 67% reduction in size in lossy mode. TinyPNG occupying the second position is significantly inferior. I also note that Imagify compresses the photo by only 34% despite the fact that it also uses the lossy mode.

Here are my PNG test results.

PNG Test Image

Plugin Original Size Size After Optimization Optimization Percentage Type of Compression


301 KB

34 KB


Lossy and Lossless


301 KB

67 KB




301 KB

79.7 KB




301 KB

90.4 KB




301 KB

247 KB




301 KB

257.4 KB



Talking about the PNG optimizer, the results turned out to be closer. Optimole won with 88.7% compression. However, its three competitors also showed decent results.

You see that the same image optimization tools were the leaders in both tests. You cannot say that they are the best. However, the fact that they demonstrate good efficiency plays in their favor.

I believe that if shrinking to 70% is not available to the ordinary user without buying a premium plan or changing the settings, such a photo compression tool should be at the bottom of the list.

The Benefits of Compressing Your Images

average bytes per page

Using the best image optimizer provides you with a number of advantages that improve your website’s performance. If we analyze the HTTP Archive data, about 21% of the web page is occupied by images. This is the second indicator after video content. Therefore, by compressing the pictures, you optimize the performance of your website significantly.

1. Speed Up Your Website

Using HD dimension images affects the speed of your site. It loads rather slowly. In addition to images, it needs to load other content like JS and CCS. The smaller the size of the pictures, the faster the site works. Use photo compression software free or paid to reduce the size of your content without losing in quality and speed up website loading.

2. It Improves Your Site SEO Score

A high SEO ranking is another reason for using image resizer. Since Google prefers fast page loading, websites with high dimensioned images are inferior to their well-optimized competitors.

3. Enhance User Engagement

High-performance, fast-load websites attract more people. These factors are particularly important for mobile users. The last study showed that if the site is loading for more than three seconds, then about 53% of people do not wait for its completion and leave the page. As I mentioned earlier, images make up a significant part of the website's weight. Therefore, using the best image optimizer, you get a huge advantage.

4. Boost Your Website Conversions

Thanks to the fast loading of your website, more users will visit it and spend more time there. As a result, you will get more potential customers and increased sales. In addition, websites with a good rating on search engines get more customers wishing to purchase their services and products.

FREEBIES for Editing Photos

Before you compress PNG or other images, you should edit them in Photoshop or Lightroom. To do this, I advise you to use these free filters for color correction.

Landscape Photoshop Action "Colorful"

free photoshop action for landscape photos free photoshop action for landscape photos

This PS action will fix problems with colors and brightness. It makes the image more saturated and adjusts the contrast. Rich and deep colors are the best to show the beauty and splendor of nature.

Black and White Photoshop Action "Classic"

free photoshop action for portrait photos free photoshop action for portrait photos

Choose this action if you are a fan of classic effects. It allows you to create a special mysterious atmosphere and to focus on artistic design. Through the use of black and white effects, all elements and objects are clearly visible and highlighted.

Bokeh Overlay Photoshop "Smooth Lights"

free bokeh overlay for portrait photos free bokeh overlay for portrait photos

If you need to focus on the main object, then you can apply this overlay. It will add some little glowing lights and instantly enhance your photo. This overlay is suitable for images taken in natural light.

Free Lightroom Preset "Sun Flares"

free lightroom preset for portrait photos free lightroom preset for portrait photos

Use this amazing preset before starting automatic image optimization. It will give your photos the warmth and sunny mood. This LR filter affects the white balance and contrast allowing you to get stunning pictures.

City Preset Lightroom "Cold Shine"

free lightroom preset for city photos free lightroom preset for city photos

I recommend using this filter for night city photos or pictures with sky or water (where blue shades prevail). You get more saturated and deep colors. Objects in photos will look more expressive and attractive.