10 Best Ecommerce Website Builders

10 Best Ecommerce Website Builders in 2022

If you’re launching your own store, one way of doing it is to hire a team of professionals and avoid stress. If you want to be in full control or maybe save funds, you will need one of the best eСommerce website builders to make it functional and appealing.

It is as easy as picking the template, uploading items, and filling in descriptions, allowing you to be ready in a day. A system like that will take care of payments and user protection, plus give a considerable boost with the provided SEO optimization.

Top 10 Ecommerce Website Builders

  1. 3DCart - eCommerce build, manage, and grow
  2. Wix - Simple website builder
  3. Shopify - Handle all the hassles of eСommerce
  4. Pixpa - Fantastic option for selling photos
  5. Squarespace - Best-in-class e-commerce templates
  6. BigCommerce - Cloud e-commerce platform
  7. Weebly - All-in-one powerful eCommerce
  8. Volusion - Award-winning eСommerce software
  9. GoDaddy - Basic tools to maintain a store
  10. Big Cartel - User-friendly prompts

If you want your store ready in no time, just select one of the multiple options below. Most of these services are equipped with customization tools to make sure your website stands out. They additionally provide integration with social media or wholesale suppliers. The operation of such services normally requires either a one-time or a monthly fee for acquiring access to all instruments.

1. 3DCart – Our Choice

eCommerce build, manage, and grow
  • Guarantees precise customization
  • Straightforward pricing policy
  • Advanced features
  • Good SEO instruments
  • Beginners would get lost

Verdict: 3DCart is one of the best eCommerce website builders for those, who have serious intentions and a complicated project to carry out. You can start with one of 100+ themes and then indicate how you want to manage orders, carry out your marketing, etc. The service operates on PCI Level 1 compliance, so all user information will be as safe as in a bank.

Those, who what to sell items online, will be fully equipped with this powerful website creator. Arrange everything visually and functionally, then start tracking sales and analyzing your store’s efficiency. There is a whole integration section that is also rich in features. You can work with social media or with other e-commerce giants like Amazon and several more, selling to a wider audience with little trouble.

3dcart e-commerce website builder interface

2. Wix

Simple website builder
  • Simplistic design
  • Configures hosting for you
  • With SEO functionality
  • Levels of subscription plans allow cutting expenses
  • After launching a website, you can’t change templates

Verdict: This is one of the top eCommerce website builders for those, who need the stripped-down professional tools without bells and whistles. You can complement the desired empty template with the functional and decorative elements of your brand in a simple drag-and-drop manner. The sidebar with options allows you to elaborate on e-shop sections, menus, filters, and many other elements while also taking care of backgrounds and other visual things.

This web design software can impose some limitations, like preventing you from making certain changes to templates of particular categories.

On the other hand, it offers great protection to your content because you can “forbid” users to download images. The latter can be easily fitted to your website with the quality and size adjustment tools.

wix e-commerce website builder interface

3. Shopify

Handle all the hassles of eCommerce
  • Clean and convenient dashboard
  • Easy Facebook integration
  • Drag-and-drop site creator
  • Abundant customization options
  • Hitches with photo upload

Verdict: This platform can be a cheap eCommerce website builder for freshly-starting businesses or a complex instrument for large companies. Its popularity is probably the most efficient promotion tool, with nearly 20% of all online shops having been created with its help. The fact that updates are being promptly issued is another good marker.

A website can easily adjust a page cliché to properly represent the brand. The eCommerce image optimization parameters will help you make the page properly represented on the variety of devices your customers might be using. Keeping an eye on the inventory is also super-easy here. If you are a free user, you will get a selection of 10 free templates, and with a fee, you can browse through an incredible multitude. Besides, you may create your free website from scratch at WebSelf.

shopify e-commerce website builder interface

4. Pixpa

Fantastic option for selling photos
  • Convenient drag-and-drop controls
  • Free domain and SSL certificate included in each package
  • Aimed at photographers and digital artists
  • Reliable and user-friendly eCommerce integration
  • Storage space is somewhat limited

Verdict: Pixpa was initially designed as a website builder that allows creating portfolios with integrated eCommerce features. This platform is primarily aimed at photographers, graphic designers, digital artists, and other creatives. I like that you can build Shop functionality into your website in a matter of seconds. Pixpa also lets you design and customize product pages and lists, sort products into categories, generate discounts, keep track of all orders, etc.

Pixpa offers a huge selection of pro-grade templates. Even if the library isn’t as diverse compared to some other platforms, you can still find a suitable option with a beautiful design that is optimized for use on any device.

pixpa ecommerce website builder interface

5. Squarespace

Best-in-class e-commerce templates
  • Attractive and functional templates
  • Effortless social media integration
  • Allows flexibility in page building
  • Sensible pricing policy
  • Few payment options provided

Verdict: For today, this is one of the best eCommerce website builders. It has already gained the trust and developed an abundance of features. The employed specialists know well what features are in demand and quickly introduce them in the system. That falls into most modern trends and always looks refined.

The templates are clean and intuitive, as well as mobile responsive. This means that the whole range of users will enjoy the look of your page on any kind of device. It will be easy to ensnare customers with only just customizing a template for your brand. Naturally, social media integration is also present, so advertising there will be quite easy. If you need well-coded, fully-featured & innovative extensions with dedicated and personal support, you'd better refer to Mageplaza.

squarespace e-commerce website builder interface

6. BigCommerce

Cloud e-commerce platform
  • Advanced customization parameters
  • Allows gradual feature expansion
  • 0% transaction fee on all plans
  • Physical, digital items, and services supported
  • Not exactly beginner-friendly in operation

Verdict: This is a big shop website builder that has integration across many other platforms. You can work with social networks or marketplaces that are accessible across the world and give your business great coverage. Moreover, it operates in over 65 countries and currently supports the functioning of 25,000 stores.

Naturally, for a service of this scale, it makes sure that your website looks its best on any screen size and is fully supported by any platform. They took care of beginners by providing over a hundred templates where you can just drop the content and tweak the design quickly before spitting it out. Store owners with deep knowledge are absolutely free to do their designs in any way they see fit.

bigcommerce e-commerce website builder interface

7. Weebly

All-in-one powerful eCommerce
  • Exceptionally simple in use
  • Among the most affordable services
  • Supports stores and info pages
  • Effective SEO and advertising tools
  • Too stripped down for a larger business

Verdict: This is one of the most user-friendly website builders with eCommerce tools for those users who have very modest requests. It provides you with a multitude of templates for small posters and large informational websites and has several e-commerce layouts as well. The page can include several kinds of info and visual slots, plus some functional elements like buttons and forms.

Any element you activate can be further tweaked to your liking regardless of its type; HTML codes can be used as well. Content can be uploaded from your computer or pulled from sources like YouTube. If you need an app, there are several hundred options provided here, too. Even if you don’t own a computer, you can still use this service as a mobile app on any device.

weebly e-commerce website builder interface

8. Volusion

Award-winning eCommerce software
  • Impressive list of payment methods
  • Efficient and in-depth analytics
  • Has an app
  • Simplicity of use
  • Not for selling digital products

Verdict: This platform grew rapidly after its launch and is now an active eСommerce store builder for 30,000 businesses. The updated version has been recently launched with a significant improvement in User Experience.

The inventory now makes it much easier to keep track of your stock. For less equipped users, there is an app where you can build and manage your page from a phone or tablet. There is huge support for apps that expands the customization capabilities and covers accounting, client management, and more.

volusion e-commerce website builder interface

9. GoDaddy

Basic tools to maintain a store
  • Requires no experience
  • Swift site building
  • Sensible pricing
  • Learning algorithms and metrics tracking
  • Doesn’t sell through social media

Verdict: This is one of the less powerful eCommerce builders to accommodate those, who have modest needs and have no desire to sieve through the advanced features. The process starts with picking a template from a moderate list with diverse options. You can then proceed to upload images and texts, create order layouts with the online form builder, and introduce or refine other elements to help your customers enjoy shopping.

On this platform, you can trade through several other marketplaces, the more niche ones as well as the largest companies. Another great feature is the absence of any transaction fees so what your customers pay goes directly to you. Choosing the right payment gateway, you can optimize the financial side to operate to your highest benefit.

godaddy e-commerce website builder interface

10. Big Cartel

User friendly prompts
  • Simplistic interface
  • No charges for basic stores
  • Time sensitive discounts
  • A vast marketing toolkit
  • Few payment gateways

Verdict: This is potentially the best website builder among the free ones. The sale features are very stripped down so it will be good for selling singular pieces rather than in bulk. For the same reason, it will be more fitted to deal with small businesses but if you expect to expand massively, you should opt for MyCodelessWebsite builder.

If your requests are that modest, though, you will be fully fitted to the point of being provided with a free logo maker. The interface is very beginner-friendly, with reminders and explanations guiding you through the process and helping you to master all the tools. However, you do need to know simpler coding to be able to set all the elements of your web page appropriately.

big cartel e-commerce website builder interface