13 Best Online Form Builders in 2021

13 Best Online Form Builders in 2021

Choosing the best online form builder can be quite challenging since many options on the market offer almost the same features. Typically, these form builders contain drag-and-drop editors, packed with similar basic themes and features. You save the results in a form of a spreadsheet-like grid and receive notifications of new responses via email. But how to make the right choice and find the option that will satisfy all your needs?

Top 13 Best Online Builders

  1. Google Forms
  2. Microsoft Forms
  3. Wufoo
  4. JotForm
  5. Typeform
  6. Formsite
  7. 123FormBuilder
  8. Cognito Forms
  9. Zoho Forms
  10. Formstack
  11. Paperform
  12. Leadformly
  13. Gravity Forms

In this post, I will offer 13 worthy applications and point out their main differences. My favorite online form builder is Google Forms service. Find out the reasons why in the post below.

1. Google Forms

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  • Stunning capabilities for making questionnaires
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great design options
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Verdict: Google Forms has many undeniable advantages that make it the best online form builder. I will start with the fact that it is a completely free option. All you need is to have a Google account. The next important benefit is the ability to automatically save the results of a Google Sheets spreadsheet. In the future, you can use them for in-depth analysis. Moreover, this form builder works very fast. It takes you less time to create and edit field forms using the Google Forms editor than in any other application.

Although the Payment Acceptance feature is not available here, you get lots of other great features. You can use short- and long-answer text boxes, dropdown menus, checkboxes, file uploads, multiple-choice selections, etc. At your request, you can add optional and compulsory questions, insert videos or pictures, create questionnaires with the ability to score answers. In addition, you can set basic conditional logic which will control the displayed questions based on previous answers.

Google Sheets integration allows you to check your form responses, create lists and reports based on form data using all the features of a spreadsheet. Moreover, Zapier integration gives you the opportunity to share the obtained data in other applications.

google forms best online form builder interface

2. Microsoft Forms

For analyzing form results in Excel
  • Creates summaries automatically
  • Provides response info in real-time mode
  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • Too simple tools

Verdict: If Google Sheets does not satisfy your requirements or you are just used to Excel and do not want to switch to something else, then you should pay attention to Microsoft Forms. This form builder has only a few differences from the Google product. As a whole, it has the same set of capabilities required from the best free form builder.

Adding your questions in this form builder will not be difficult for you. Select a question and type of answers to it, enter the answer options. That’s it! Although you will not find some of the answer options offered by the previous form builder, Microsoft Forms will provide you with some unique response tools. For example, your customers cannot upload files when answering your questionnaire, but they can use the Net Promoter Score.

nitro pdf interface

3. Wufoo

To quickly create graphical reports
  • Reliable protection against spam
  • Clear and straightforward interface
  • Form submissions logs are excellent
  • UX is rather plain and boxy

Verdict: Wufoo is one of the first web applications launched back in 1999, as a part of SurveyMonkey. It is one of the best form builders that many businesses have been using for a long time. Perhaps this is the reason why it seems a little outdated. But in fact, Wufoo offers completely modern tools for creating forms.

Although Wufoo is inferior to its rivals in design, it easily makes up for it with its impressive customization capabilities. If the previous two form builders offer you a standard form look, Wufoo allows you to create absolutely unique things.

You can align form fields and text on the page, choose fonts, backgrounds, colors when you create custom themes, as well as show response options in several columns. You can use a DocuSign field to get signatures or set up payment by integrating your payment gateway and special fields in the form. In addition, you can set up a system of logical question construction based on previous responses.

wufoo online form builder interface

4. JotForm

For highly customizable forms
  • Drag and drop online UI
  • Creating forms is very clear
  • Great choice of types
  • Prominent features are paid

Verdict: It is a great free tool for creating forms with virtually unlimited customization options. Its ability to customize forms is superior to Google and Microsoft products and is almost identical to Wufoo. But at the same time, this program provides the ability to collect signatures and payments in its free plan.

JotForm contains over 10,000 diverse form templates. Here you will find job application templates, contact forms, market research surveys and many other options. You can use both ready-made templates and build your forms from scratch. You can create one or several pages. In addition, JotForm allows you to make forms with one question on a separate page.

It is surprising, but all these powerful things are available absolutely for free. In some cases, you may need to upgrade this form builder software. You will have to do it if you plan to receive more than 100 responses per month, create more than 5 forms, or delete the JotForm sign from the form.

jotform online form builder interface

5. Typeform

With perfect design
  • Clear and easy-to-understand interface
  • Interesting design with some zest
  • Amazing customization options and various integrations
  • May seem a bit complicated for beginners

Verdict: Your clients will use a special key to see multiple-choice questions, configure the dropdown menu options, and move on to the next field by pressing Enter. For example, to fill out a rental form application template, your customers will only use the keyboard.

Maybe this will not work in all cases, but this form creator software offers you a ton of other options for using forms. In addition to the classic form fields, you can add multimedia, parts of the text and cover pages. This application is convenient for use on mobile phones as its large buttons are great for touchscreens.

Having received data from your respondents, you can easily send information to other applications and tools.

typeform online form builder interface

6. Formsite

For encrypting text fields
  • Big-name client base
  • Reliable e-mail support
  • Plans are limited at all levels
  • First two levels aren’t suitable for e-commerce

Verdict:If you want to ensure the information in your forms is well-protected, then Formsite is the best online form builder for you. It allows users to encrypt their data, making it unreadable for anyone, who tries to access it without the owner’s authorization. The website comes with integrated payment options such as PayPal and allows you to employ encrypted fields to receive financial or ACH information via your form directly.

The form builder allows you to use the same data blocks multiple times by creating a standard billing block and then encoding it into your other forms while saving you a ton of time in the process. Alternatively, you can establish a connection between several forms and automatically copy selected responses given by your users so that they don’t have to fill in identical information over and over again. Lastly, you can merge the info from multiple forms into a single document for more convenient viewing.

formsite online form builder interface

7. 123FormBuilder

For quickly creating a basic form
  • Newbie-friendly form with a plethora of features
  • Top-notch technical support
  • Easy creation of standard forms
  • Large number of paid functions

Verdict: You can either begin with an empty form that you can shape in whatever way you like, or pick one of 1400 premade options that cover all purposes from contact forms to complex tax forms for various business industries. Once you’ve picked a template, you can resort to the website’s drag-and-drop feature to add all the needed fields in a matter of seconds.

After you’re done constructing the form, 123FormBuilder lets you choose between multiple style options, however, most of them are pretty minimalistic and straightforward. That being said, you still have the option to resize the form, enlarge or minimize the padding between the borders, and pick a preferred color scheme.

While it’s hard to impress someone with the design of a form created in this service, you can be certain that you’re putting out a reliable way of collecting data for your business needs.

123formbuilder online form builder interface

8. Cognito Forms

For forms that use conditional logic
  • Solid selection of features
  • Allows creating both basic and complex forms with relative ease
  • Highly reliable client support
  • More functions would be welcomed

Verdict: Cognito Forms offers a free plan that allows users to generate an unlimited number of forms with the tools mentioned above while accepting 500 monthly entries. However, you have to pay a fee of 1% of all received payments (via Stripe).

The only reasons why you may need to move to a paid plan is if you have more than 1 user, would like to get rid of the company’s watermark, plan on receiving thousands of entries, or need premium features like information decryption for additional security.

cognito forms online form builder interface

9. Zoho Forms

For small businesses
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Simple creation process
  • Lots of useful resources available for beginners
  • Lacks design customization options

Verdict: Zoho deals with everything from CRM to accounting and their form creator software deserves a special mention as well. As long as you have an account on their platform, you can start using this service for free. It allows you to establish form rules for creating tasks and sending e-mails from Zoho when an entry is submitted. Alternatively, you can make use of the integration functionality and attach forms to their CRM or Creator tools.

This service is the best form builder for teams as it allows you and your teammates to design forms and process entries together. You can validate entries and check out statistics by using the service’s dedicated smartphone app or share form data via other Zoho applications used by your teammates.

If you’re looking for a service that will help streamline the workflow of your business, and especially if you’re already a user of the Zoho platform, then this is the option for you.

zoho forms online form builder interface

10. Formstack

For complex workflows
  • Beginner-friendly and intuitive
  • Can integrate third-party services
  • Reliable and fast technical support
  • Slightly outdated design

Verdict: If your business requires form entries to complete an approval process or if it’s in a tightly-regulated industry, this is the best online form builder for you.

The offered workflow tool allows you to construct approval workflows that can be sent out across the company to specific employees that need to review them and fill them out before passing them on to the next person. You can also save the provided data in a special application that can be integrated with Formstack.

As for regulated businesses, this service provides special HIPAA and GDPR forms, which ensure the provided information remains secure. Moreover, it issues a warning if a form doesn’t meet Section 508 Compliance regulations, guarantying all employees fill out their forms properly before submitting them. Afterward, you can transfer the forms using other applications with the help of Zapier integrations.

Want to create forms that have different descriptions or change the order of the included fields? This service comes with a testing feature that allows you to view and compare 2 versions of a form simultaneously. The app also offers in-depth analytics that covers how users found your forms and who’s likelier to complete them.

formstack online form builder interface

11. Paperform

For forms that look like landing pages
  • Straightforward and intuitive use
  • Useful functions like customizable colors and text
  • Can upload an image as a background
  • Can’t be integrated with Microsoft Office

Verdict: Forms are created for collecting information, but occasionally you need to tell something yourself before others feel comfortable enough to share something with you. This service was created specifically for building forms that resemble a landing page rather than a simple collection of fillable fields. You can add images, headings, video clips, and large bodies of text to explain what exactly you’re offering. Paperform can be a great replacement for an actual landing page as it allows you to amass visitor data for such purposes as PPC ads and targeted advertisement campaigns.

Constructing a form in this service is as easy as starting a new document in a text processor like Word. Begin typing to create the form, press Enter to advance to the next line, and use menus for adding elements like pictures and video clips, aligning content, creating headers, and including question & response sections.

paperform online form builder interface

12. Leadformly

The leads-focused form builder
  • Focused on leads
  • Great anti-spam protection
  • Drag-and-drop feature
  • Can be embedded anywhere
  • Doesn’t have a subdomain (forms have to be published on your domain)

Verdict: Leadformly is the best online form builder for users, who can’t stand spam, which is sadly a relevant problem in online forms. The developer has created a spam trap that is amazing at detecting and deleting spammed responses. That trap is used instead of “Captchas” since they often lead to a fewer amount of leads.

This service allows you to embed forms on platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, etc. It comes with such useful functions as drag-and-drop, multiple user support, conditional logic, unrestricted number of forms, analytics, templates, and 24-hour customer support.

leadformly online form builder interface

13. Gravity Forms

The established form builder
  • Reputable service
  • WordPress plug-in
  • Integration options
  • Doesn’t offer a subdomain (need to have your own)

Verdict: Gravity Forms is one of the oldest form builders as it was originally released as a plug-in for WordPress before being distributed as a full-fledged program this year. Packed with all the features needed for creating professional forms, it offers a drag-and-drop UI and handy functions like conditional formatting and customizable HTML insertion among many others.

The provided integration options make Gravity Forms stand out from similar builders, as you can complement forms with services like PayPal, Zapier, and MailChimp. The builder costs $59, but you can use the free trial version before making the purchase.

gravity forms online form builder interface

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