8 E-Commerce Image Optimization Tips

8 E-Commerce Image Optimization Tips

If you have an online store, it's essential to use ecommerce images of the products you're selling. These images can be used on your website, social media platforms, or retailer e-commerce sites. However, the images should be eye-catching and that they represent the products you're offering.

If you look at online shopping, most people will shop with their eyes. If you don't have appealing images, you can't make more sales. It will, therefore, require you to take quality photos. The images should have the right lighting, clean background, and with the help of a photo editing software.

In case you do all that, but still, the product e-commerce images aren't impressive, what can you do? You should seek a product photo retouching service.

8 Hacks to Make Ecommerce Images More Attractive to Customers

If you are new with product presentation, you need to know that e-commerce images should be clear and of high quality. Here are some essential tips on how to make your e-commerce images to be more attractive:

1. Use a Perfect Color Combination

ecommerce image

If you need to have an outstanding photo for e-commerce that will attract customers, use a color combination. When you don't use perfect brightness and color, you can’t catch your customer's attraction to your product.

If you can’t make this perfect, it's better to hire a company that deals with photo editing to give you the perfect color correction service. You should avoid the use of more dark or bright colors in your photos. The best one is the use of the natural combination.

2. White Background or Simple Props

ecommerce photo

If you're in doubt about the e-commerce image, use a clean white background. This is also a perfect way for you to create product photos professionally. In case you feel it's essential to add more interest to the photos, you can add simple props.

When you decide to use props, the best for your e-commerce product photos are those that are relevant to the product you're offering. It will also help you to show off your product's realness.

Instead of you having a white background in your photo, it might be necessary to add props to the product image. This will give your customers a better idea in regards to the quality of the product they are buying. Remember that the main focus should be the product and, therefore, necessary to avoid going overboard!

3. Use Product Photo Shadow

ecommerce image with shadows

The other way to make customers attracted to your photo is through the use of photo shadow. This has been an effective and popular method that will make the photo more beautiful. Besides, shadow allows the photos to look natural and catchy when under grey or white background. You can utilize the different types available such as drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, and more.

If you need to use photo shadow, test various types with your photos. Later, choose one that is looking at the best and gives you the best for your product photos. For example, in most e-commerce websites, those clients who sell leather bags, shoes, and dresses mostly use natural shadow. For glass or crystal products, they use reflection shadow. So, you should also be careful with the quality of your shadow.

4. Show Multiple Angles

ecommerce image with multiple angles

e-commerce shopping doesn't allow the client to physically touch the product before he or she can buy it. It all depends on the way the viewer sees the images. So, using image at one angle will not do. The shoppers are eager to know what they will get before they make any purchase. To show them how the product looks, take pictures from all angles.

Using images with multiple angles is essential, especially in the fashion e-commerce category. For example, if a shopper wants to buy a new pair of shoes, they need to know the way it looks. So, they look for front, back, and side images of their shoe. You have to ensure you have provided the best shots for the customers.

The customers will buy your product, especially after they have a good idea that what they can see is what they will get. When you take images from different angles, it will attract more customers and even help to reduce returns. The customer will get back to your e-commerce site if the product is similar to the images you use. It also helps them to get the full picture.

5. Add People to Images

ecommerce image with people

If you add a little human touch into your e-commerce product images, they will go a long way. This even helps to increase engagements and, most importantly, conversions. For example, if you add human face into your landing page, expect your conversions to increase. So, when you add e-commerce product photos, add people, and they will be more effective.

The other benefit of using people in your images is because the shoppers see themselves in the images. They feel they also want to snuggle with the product too, and they will head to the checkout.

On your e-commerce website, you can opt to add a section that will display user-generated content. So, images for real customers that are using your product will demonstrate social proof on the e-commerce site. If the visitors see that you have happy customers, they also need to become your customers.

There are other importance’s of using humans in product images. These human pictures help customers to relate to the product better. You should also try to use someone that fits the target of your ideal audience. For example, if your products target middle-age customers, you need to use a middle-aged person in the picture.

Including a human picture gives customers a frame of reference. It allows them to estimate small and large products.

6. Add Useful Graphics

ecommerce photo with text description

If you need to add effectiveness in your e-commerce image, use graphics that will help with a product presentation. When you add useful graphics, they will help the customers to make a good purchase decision.

Today, there are commonly used graphics to represent the product, such as sizing charts and comparison charts. For product comparisons, they are pretty straightforward. If it's about sizing charts, you can do more than the standard chart that comes complete with measurements.

To have a notch chart presentation, you should provide your customers with more measurements. You can also impress customers. But, to do so, you need to showcase the difference that occurs between the regular fit with others that uses the human model. You can also show the different sizes that will fit customers with various builds and sizes.

7. Incorporate Lifestyle Shots

ecommerce photo

This should be an obvious case. For example, comparing a product listing that shows only plain product images having white backgrounds. And the other product listing that shows plain product images with lifestyle shots. The latter always win all the time.

So, it's essential to ensure you include the lifestyle shots for your product presentation. This technique helps the potential customers to picture about how they can use the product.

Besides, also using lifestyle shots will add visual interest to your product images. So, the images will look more aesthetically.

8. Show Product in Use

ecommerce photo lifestyle

You might have taken good pictures of the product and also edited properly to look nice. For most customers, they can't buy such products because they are looking nice. The customers need to envision the products on how it will help them in their real lives. It's also necessary to consider showing the product in use as it helps the customer understand how the product can improve their life. So, you should make it for the consumers to envision the scenarios through the products in scenarios.

For example, if you are selling a lawnmower, don't only show its pictures idling. It will be better to show when it's working on the lawn. It, therefore, means you avoid images for e-commerce with a white background.

If you use this kind of photos showing the product in use, they will help to attract more customers. The reason is that they will help the consumer to have a better imagination of how the product will be effective or used in real life. With that, you are likely to expect more sales as the potential clients love such images.

E-Commerce Images FAQ

Why do I have to resize my e-commerce images?

You need to have a perfect size image because it’s a crucial part of the e-commerce business. Avoid using too small or big sizes. In most e-commerce marketplaces, they have recommended product photo size.

Is there a need to apply photo retouching techniques for e-commerce images?

Yes. In most cases, the raw image has some spots. You can, therefore, avoid it as original photos have spots. With the help of Photoshop, you can remove all spots seen on product photos. Also, you need to be careful to make your spot retouch perfect such that no one will understand what you've done.


You need to have attractive and catchy images for e-commerce for targeted customers. In this type of business, the product photography is a significant way to catch valuable buyers. In case you showcase images that aren't gorgeous, you can lose major valuable buyers.

So, don't ignore the value of having a good product image for your e-commerce business to ensure you're making more successful lead and sales. But all that depends on having attractive e-commerce images.

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