3dcart vs Shopify: What to Choose

3dcart vs Shopify 2022: What to Choose

Are you going to sell products online and can’t decide 3dcart or Shopify to use for building your store?

3dcart is a solid e-commerce program that lets you sell unlimited number of items, arrange an effective payment system using more than 100 different service providers, and manage your sales with efficient instruments.

Shopify is another popular service that gives you tons of helpful tools to adjust and launch your online shop. Shopify website contains lots of features for adding items, managing your inventory, and helping your clients from the moment they visit the page until the purchase.

What Is 3dcart?

3dcart logo 3dcart offers advanced features for every aspired user to start a profitable e-commerce business. Using this platform, you can experiment with mesmerizing themes optimized for mobile devices, personalize your store with HTML coding, etc.
With 3dcart, you can use any of 160+ payment gateways without additional expenses. As a result, you can accept payments in the way you want, without transaction fees, penalties, and hidden commissions.
This universal program has great features, stunning mobile themes, the latest SEO standards, and marketing tools to make your conversion rates grow.
  • 3dcart interface
  • 3dcart interface

    3dcart: Strengths and Weaknesses

    icon 200+ built-in features. The platform includes all the necessary things to build a website for online trading. It contains a shopping cart, a blog for content marketing, and an online store that you can customize according to your preferences and needs.

    It doesn't matter if you are a seller of physical or digital products, you don’t need to search for any additional services or tools as this platform has everything including domain name and 3dcart web hosting.

    icon Lots of beautiful themes. The service provides a plethora of mobile themes, so you can customize the design of your online store. Besides, you can easily access your theme files and modify them to match you brand aesthetics. You can add product photography samples, change fonts, and choose the corresponding styles.

    icon Own domain name. You don’t have to pay for your domain name. Once registered, it is renewed annually. If you want to use an existing domain name for your new website, 3dcart team will help you integrate it.

    icon Lots of cart tools. By choosing this service, you get a huge collection of the shopping cart and checkout instruments. You can set one of three payment types. If your customers want to keep the selected purchases until the next visit, they can use a special option.

    In addition, they can create their own wish lists. You can also attract new customers by offering them a gift for registering with your online store. Finally, there is a special option here that allows you to send automatic messages to customers who selected some items but didn’t complete an order. This feature can be a powerful argument in favor of this platform in a 3dcart vs Shopify competition.

    icon High security level. The service uses the most reliable and proven methods to provide the utmost protection for you and your customers. You can also be sure about the safety of personal data and credit cards.

    icon 160+ payment gateways. The platform provides a huge selection of payment methods. The payer's geolocation doesn’t matter. 3dcart web hosting service works with leading providers. I should note that you don’t have to pay any additional fees for integration or transactions. ACH and eCheck payments are also available. Moreover, you can deal with digital wallets such as ApplePay and AmazonPay.

    icon Convenient shipping methods. The platform allows you to offer various delivery methods and inform your customers about the current rates of the most popular shipping companies. You can also arrange your delivery, set your own rates, or provide a nice bonus in the form of free shipping. Besides, it is possible to make and print shipping labels right from the online store manager.

    icon Online store manager. You can easily manage your trading operations. Using the built-in manager, you can launch various reward programs and promotions, work with orders, sell digital products, take advantage of the built-in CRM, check out your statistics, and more.

    icon Fast and reliable. 3dcart reduces downtime to almost zero. This will help you retain more customers. It is one of the fastest platforms in the industry, with 99.94% uptime. It works flawlessly even during the rush periods. Plus, payment processing is always smooth. As a result, there are no issues at checkout that could impact your conversion rate.

    icon Not intuitive. Comparing Shopify vs 3dcart in terms of simplicity, the latter lags behind a bit. You need to customize your website with HTML or CSS if you use 3dcart. This can make the software seem too complicated if you have little experience in this field.

    What Is Shopify?

    shopify logo If you need a reliable platform to arrange your online business, Shopify is one of the best options. Choosing Shopify annual plan or any monthly option, you get a huge range of features for your e-commerce project.
    There is a wide choice of pro-level themes. Besides, you can set your storefront using a special editor. Developers provide a mobile version for those, who want to monitor their business wherever they are. You can please customers with numerous Shopify payments methods.
    • shopify interface
    • shopify interface

      Shopify: Strengths and Weaknesses

      icon Convenient store management. A solid selection of management tools is an important argument in favor of this service in the 3dcart vs Shopify stand-off. These features allow you to create customer profiles and groups. Moreover, buyers can create their own accounts. Thanks to these features, you can fulfill orders almost immediately, sell digital products, offer product variations, and handle refunds.

      Plus, the inventory tracking tool lets you control the availability of products more efficiently. You can automatically stop selling if you have no product at the moment.

      icon Great choice of marketing tools. Shopify works with Google Analytics and adheres to the leading SEO practices. The platform provides many marketing tools to leverage social media to promote and sell your products. Check out e-commerce image optimization tips to attract more customers to your online store and social networks.

      The store control panel allows you to monitor sales and orders, provide discounts, arrange various promotions, and more. After producing product analytics, you can export or send it via email.

      icon Convenient shopping cart. You can change languages, choosing from 50+ available options. Another benefit is auto tax calculation and automatic switching to mobile devices when a purchase is made via a smartphone.

      icon Mobile functionality. The ability to use a mobile app can be a strong argument in the Shopify vs 3dcart battle. It lets you manage your business on the go. It has the necessary tools to keep tabs on trends, fulfill orders, control inventory and products. All transactions are synchronized between the app and your shop.

      icon Excellent design. You instantly get access to 10 free themes. Most of them include 2 or 3 style options in different colors and visual variants. These themes are pretty responsive and suitable for various industries.

      icon Robust drag-and-drop editor. It is one of the features that makes this software so popular. This tool is so simple that even newbies in website building can use it. You can take advantage of the available 70 themes to achieve the desired look of your online shop. Moreover, you can use HTML and CSS if you want to change your website more.

      icon Customer support service. You can contact the support team all around the clock. You can call, send an email, or use the live chat to find out everything you want to know. There is also a help center, forums, and Shopify Academy for self-help. Moreover, this platform has a wide range of experts, such as e-commerce designers, developers, and marketers.

      icon Transaction fees for third-party payment methods. The platform has its own payment system. Besides, you can work with more than 100 outsource payment gateways. But, if you use any of them, you'll pay additional Shopify transaction fees of 0.5% to 2.0%.

      icon Need to reformat themes when switching. If you don't know the proprietary coding language, then it can be difficult to modify Shopify themes as they are created with a specific language called Liquid.

      3dcart vs Shopify: Price

      3dcart vs shopify battle price

      3dcart pricing plans include monthly or yearly options. If you decide to pay for the whole year at once, you will receive a discount on the monthly cost. There are four standard plans and a business option:

      • Startup Store: 19 dollars monthly, if you choose an annual plan, the price is $17.10/month
      • Basic Store: 29 dollars monthly, for annual plan owners, the price is $26.10/month
      • Plus Store: 79 dollars monthly, $71.10/month for the annual plan
      • Power Store: 129 dollars monthly, $116.10 per month
      • Pro Store: 229 dollars monthly, if you choose an annual plan, you pay $206.10/month

      3dcart also offers a 15-day free trial. In this case, no credit card is required.

      As for Shopify, you can choose one of three standard plans or the Enterprise option:

      • Basic Shopify: 29 dollars monthly
      • Shopify: 79 dollars monthly
      • Advanced Shopify: 299 dollars monthly
      • Shopify Plus is an enterprise option. It is offered based on quotes. It means you need to contact the Shopify team directly to find out the pricing.

      You can take advantage of the two-week free trial version. You do not need to provide your credit card for this.

      3dcart vs Shopify - Who Wins?

      Both programs contain all the essential tools to build a successful online shop.

      If platform usability is important to you, or you're new to building websites and online sales, then Shopify is the right choice. It's easy to use, has free themes, but its payment system is a bit confusing.

      However, if you are skillful enough to modify your website using HTML and you want to get more interesting options and features, then 3dcart is for you. It contains a huge set of features and is fast, reliable and secure. 3dcart cooperates with some payment systems to offer discounts. As a result, 3dcart pricing is more flexible.

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