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Verdict: BinaryFolks is a team of experienced software developers, designers and technical architects who create custom software for photographers, artists, and business owners. It was founded by ex-google, ex-salesforce, and ex-amazon engineers. A highlight of the company is a large variety of services aimed at clients from different industries. Fortune 50 companies of the world are among the clients of BinaryFolks. Experts assist people from around the globe and have an individual approach to each order.

BinaryFolks is technically flexible when it comes to choosing a suitable technology/platform for a particular project. I am impressed that over the past 10 years, the company has completed thousands of projects in 15+ countries, covering different types of industries. Besides, 94% of customers order services from this team for follow-up projects.

  • Lots of services
  • Assist clients from different niches
  • Develop custom software for photographers
  • Fast automation of business processes
  • Secure and detailed approach to tasks
  • Do their best to cater to client’s needs
  • Fortune 50 companies of the world are among their clients
  • Founded by ex-google, ex-salesforce, ex-amazon engineers
  • Confusing pricing policy
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BinaryFolks is one of the top software and app development companies, which provides customized software solutions with a focus on enterprise applications, SaaS-based products, web & mobile application development. The company uses modern approaches while developing and customizing non-standard software to make every application or program innovative and unique, and most importantly - 100% convenient and useful for you and your customers.

Complete BinaryFolks Review

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BinaryFolks develops sophisticated and end-to-end IT solutions for various industries, including education, transportation, e-commerce, real estate, oil and gas, and more. The company offers unique and customized solutions using professional software, app, and website builders for photographers.

All their products can be easily adapted to new trends to add to your business growth and help you find new customers. The company uses specialized tools to analyze all aspects of your daily activities.

After the information is collected, professionals optimize your operations by dint of efficient solutions, taking into account your requirements. These guys have extensive experience and all the needed technical skills to bring to life the boldest ideas, relying on cutting-edge technologies.

Automation of Business Process for Photographers

binaryfolks business process automation

BinaryFolks can efficiently automate business processes, using modern methods. They are ready to take up the most challenging tasks to achieve company’s goals, improve operational efficiency, productivity, and standardization. Thus, clients can avoid human errorы, track activities with ease, and streamline decision-making processes.

In addition to streamlining your current workflow, experts can also improve efficiency and increase your current profit. BinaryFolks helps you save money and time, eliminate manual work, and achieve the reputation of a reliable brand.

The team drives your business forward by automating main business processes and collecting accurate data to clearly define which activities give your business the best ROI. Thus, you’ll better understand what processes should be improved or automated. This approach works well for a multitude of spheres, such as management of social media for photographers, invoice processing, and operation management.

Effective Software Project Management from the Beginning to the End

binaryfolks custom software development benefits

BinaryFolks custom software development company follows a unique approach while working with every client. The project fulfillment procedure consists of 4 stages. First of all, experts learn and analyze client’ requirements.

BinaryFolks organizes frequent meetings to get a complete understanding of your demands, taking into account expected results and possible challenges. Then, they transform business requirements into a corresponding technical document for both parties to agree on.

When the agreement stage is over, the team schedules future works into phases. Designers create an intuitive, modern, and eye-pleasing UI for an application or program, using high-quality web design software. Developers give ideas a visual representation. They make sure that business philosophy, data, integrations, and other elements are implemented correctly.

The team performs regular tests at the development stage and launches the final testing before the release and deployment phases. After the software is approved, they introduce it to the production environment.

The 4th stage is maintenance. The software must be constantly updated to perform its functions well. BinaryFolks provides free support for 90 days after a project was completed and regularly helps with optimizations.

Create User-Friendly Data Visualization Software

binaryfolks interface data visualization software

The company helps optimize and visualize your data using visual means. Data visualization software allows to transform complex and massive data into an easy-to-understand form. This visual information is easier to comprehend, analyze and interpret for a business person who deals with lots of data in the form of numbers or texts on a daily basis.

The company uses professional infographic makers and the best data visualization tools, to create a user-friendly app that speeds up workflow and decision-making process. With data visualization software at hand, you can select a smaller portion of your dataset and use the filtered dataset for instant viewing or analysis.

Fast Mobile App Development

binaryfolks mobile app development

BinaryFolks offers a full suite of services for iOS, Android and web development. The company covers all aspects of the mobile app development cycle, from coming up with a concept to bringing it to life, no matter how varied or specific your requirements are.

The company develops applications exclusively suitable for a specific mobile operating system, e.g., photo editing apps for Android. Tech-savvy developers use languages that the respective frameworks understand, such as Swift and Objective-C for iOS apps and Java for Android apps.

They also create hybrid applications that are designed and coded so that they can be used on multiple platforms (for example, one app for Android, iPhone, and Windows). Hybrid apps have a single code base for all platforms.

You can also order a progressive web app, which is a web application that uses the latest web technologies to provide users with an app-like experience. PWA takes the best from both its own app and website and then bundles them together. With a PWA, developers only need to set up their codebase once, and the PWA will work on all platforms.

Creation of User-Friendly Location-Based Apps

binaryfolks interface geolocation app development

BinaryFolks develop location-based apps for fast travel and location checking using mobile devices. These are not only spy apps, but also applications tied to a specific location that allow you to search for eateries, shopping malls, multiplexes, etc.

Such applications usually use GPS, which records the location and time, that is sent via satellites from space, and determines the exact location of the desired object. Sometimes, when GPS is not available, an app uses the information from cell towers to determine the location. Mobile networks help determine which cell tower a customer is using and compare it with the database of available stations.

With the help of the apps by BinaryFolks, you send personalized marketing messages at the right time and to the right place, finding companies, brands and customers based on their location. Using geolocation services, which are now present in every smartphone or GPS tablets, you can collect the key data about your customers, or even monitor a person or vehicle in real-time. 

Development of Easily Customizable Extensions for Browsers

binaryfolks interface browser extension development

These guys can create any extension for any browser, making it user-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to customize. Thus, people visiting your website will have a more pleasant experience.

Want to get a free Chrome extension mimicking password managers, which stores encrypted passwords in private accounts? Or you need an extension that will work like photo organizing software?

Need a note taking app which allows you to take notes, collaborate with the other team members, track projects, follow deadlines, and optimize processes? Or you think of ordering a web application that works like eSignature software and allows users to easily and securely sign documents electronically?

No matter what extension you need for your business, skilled developers will turn your dreams into reality. BinaryFolks studies all your requirements to make sure the result will coincide with expectations.

Top-Quality Web Scraping Services

binaryfolks interface web scraping services

BinaryFolks is a leading web scraping company that knows how to convert unstructured data into actionable information. It can clean up any data regardless of size and location automatically. The company offers comprehensive, fully managed, enterprise-grade scraping services, turning millions of web pages into structured data.

All you have to do is provide a list of sites and fields to crawl, and define how often you want them to perform such actions. The company takes into account all aspects and develops a special web scraper that automatically finds and extracts data from web pages. Once complete, you will receive the data in the needed form and at a specific time.

Rich Experience in Development and Design for Various Industries

binaryfolks interface portfolio

Being in the market for over 10 years, BinaryFolks has implemented thousands of successful web and mobile projects. You can see how well the company copes with the task by looking through its works for different industries. Check out their recent projects ordered by clients from different countries – Loan Calculator, The Online Exam Management Software, Online Survey Tool Transport Data Curation Scrapping, Wine Marketing Software, and Online Ebook Store.

Useful Recommendations in the Blog

binaryfolks interface blog

The company has created and is actively developing a blog full of relevant and helpful articles dedicated to different topics. Beginner entrepreneurs can learn how to start an app, how to choose the best fleet management software, and what programs are suitable for startups.There is also info on how to select the best ecommerce website builders and more. Some articles are actually real-life stories to get inspired by. Locating the needed article is very easy as there is the Search option. Navigation is also on point, as you can choose an article from a specific category, such as news, e-learning, IoT, ecommerce and others.

BinaryFolks Prices

You can easily contact BinaryFolks to order customized software, mobile apps, or browser extensions, web scraping, business automation, or data visualization. Clients can get in touch with the company representatives by phone, e-mail, or a special form on the site.

Make sure to indicate your name and business, contact information - phone and mail, and also select the size of the company (startup, small company, medium - large enterprise) and enter a comment in the special field. BinaryFolks will contact you as quickly as possible.

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