OyeLabs Company Review 2023: Pros and Cons

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: OyeLabs is a company that primarily specializes in offering IT, software outsourcing, mobile app, eCommerce, and website development services. For me, one of the biggest advantages this company possesses is its heavy emphasis on understanding the requirements put forth by their clients to ensure the delivered solutions match their exact specifications.

As a photographer, I like that they select developers and designers based on the client’s specific business niche. As a result, you receive a professionally-made robust solution that will ensure you stand out from the competition.

  • Always meet deadlines
  • Kotlin and Java application development
  • Personalized SaaS products
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • 24/7 client support
  • Large number of positive reviews
  • Ensure all client information remains confidential and secure
  • No detailed pricing information
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OyeLabs exists to provide technological solutions for elaborate business and social problems. The company works with a broad range of industries including healthcare, education, transportation, logistics, finance, photography, and so on.

OyeLabs – Main Features

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The employees at OyeLabs are competently prepared and ready to work with the latest technology available to develop solutions for iPhone and Android alike while ensuring the provided result remains future-proof for years to come. Their development team has amassed over 65 thousand hours of work experience and has a 95% customer satisfaction rating while working with businesses from all around the globe.

Innovative and Cutting Edge iOS and Android Apps

oyelabs example android app

OyeLabs offers comprehensive iOS and Android app development services. I like that their applications are optimized for all popular platforms (Android smartphones, iPads, iPhones, etc.) to ensure the user can fully enjoy the experience on their devices. I needed to receive an Android application. This app development company employs Kotlin and Java since they’re convenient, efficient, and are intuitive to use for developers.

I was first contacted by a manager who asked me about the main idea behind the application and my business in general. After ironing out the details, the company prepared an offer while also providing recommendations regarding my app. Once the project has been agreed upon, I signed an agreement and the NDA.

UI and UX design is the most complicated stage of the mobile app development cycle hence why their employees began with wireframing. To ensure the results are up to the highest standard, their developers employ premium UI design software. Once completed, I received the initial layout that included an icon, the home screen, login/registration form, and several other elements. I was offered two UI/UX options to pick from. If needed, their specialists are ready to make any necessary adjustments to fine-tune the designs.

OyeLabs’ quality control specialists check the state of the application during each development stage to ensure it meets all necessary criteria and offers a smooth, unhindered user experience. The project was completed within the set deadline and my overall experience with the company was nothing but positive.

Once the development is finished, the app goes through rigorous testing that analyzes its functionality, usability, and performance on a broad range of devices. I also liked that the company helped post my app on the App Store and Play Store without charging an extra fee. Once the application was released, OyeLab offer frequent updates as well as a maintenance period to ensure everything goes smoothly.

MVP Development to Drive Your Business Forward Faster

The company also offers a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development service. Their experts explained to me that the primary goal of MVP is to measure and evaluate the current demand for your product on the market. The results determine whether you should continue working on it or stop for the time being.

Their team begins by validating your product’s concept, receiving feedback from consumers, and continuously enhancing and reiterating the product until it has reached its peak condition. The employees rely on clearly defined processes to ensure the final product is designed to last. I liked that OyeLab’s experts take their time to fully understand the client’s idea and create a product that is appealing, useful, and perceived as valuable by your target audience.

As for the turnaround, it entirely depends on the order specifications and desired result. The size, scope, and quality of the project all affect the overall amount of time required to design an MVP.

Professionally SaaS Product Development

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OyeLabs’ expert SaaS team has helped international B2B, B2C and B2B2C enterprises and startups produce effective, reliable, and scalable solutions created with state-of-the-art technology. Regardless of whether your software is dedicated to photography, CRM, video content, accounting, marketing, entertainment, or other industry, this company is ready to become your SaaS partner.

I was interested in this service so I decided to order a SaaS consultation. For starters, an OyeLabs manager discussed all the details regarding my order over the phone. Their experts then further specified my project description and I answered a couple of questions.

Next, I was offered a full manual on the SaaS product creation process that used my project as an example, which in my case was photo editing software. I was given in-depth answers to all questions that interested me, and I also received a turnaround and price estimate.

24/7 Express Customer Support

This agency employs a support team that answers all your inquiries and offers consultation during all cooperation stages while ensuring your experience is as pleasant as possible. Their specialists can be contacted 24/7 and are willing to fix any issue you might have.

Useful Blog with Real Readership from Experts

oyelabs blog

The company’s website has an informative and useful blog. The OyeLabs blog features interesting articles that will teach you what aspects to consider before designing your first app, how to establish your NFT marketplace, how to create a SaaS product with minimum effort, how to make a food sharing application, and so on. The blog is regularly updated with relevant articles.

OyeLabs Prices

The company’s official website features some general pricing information. For instance, the service provider App will send you back $30,000. Meanwhile, a web dashboard is priced at $24,000 while MVP will cost you around $25,000. A US producer for a SaaS application has a fee of about $60 per hour.

The final cost of each order is calculated individually based on the client’s needs. The company will first talk to you about your idea, business plan, and other aspects before settling on a price. If you’re interested in getting a quote as soon as possible it’s best to contact OyeLabs directly.

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