SHOW TO CLIENTS Service Review 2022: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: SHOW TO CLIENTS is the largest platform for hosting, sharing, and demonstrating professional presentations. It is especially popular among universities, colleges, various agencies and skills development companies (NSDC), as well as MSMEs that need to reach their target audience and show professional videos and presentations.

The distinguishing characteristic of SHOW TO CLIENTS service is that it is available only for displaying professional presentations. Moreover, users can not only read or study materials presented by educational institutions and companies, but also provide their presentation if it meets the platform format.

  • Search by keyword
  • Free to use
  • You can share your materials
  • Support for popular video formats
  • Download presentations by topic
  • Accepts only business-related presentations
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SHOW TO CLIENTS adheres to a single key concept – to store business videos and professional presentations in one place so that users from all over the world can easily share their experience and knowledge. People can always join and contribute to the development of the platform simply by sending all their proposals in an email to the official mail.

SHOW TO CLIENTS – Main Features

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Novice photographers, designers, and businessmen can make good use of SHOW TO CLIENTS. By entering a keyword in a search field, you can always find a number of informative videos or presentations that help understand particular concepts and delve deeper into specific fields.

If you are an expert in a particular industry, you are welcome to share your knowledge in a form of a video created in the top video presentation software. Note that you need to use popular video and presentation formats (PPT, SWF) and keep the quality high.

Convenient Search Engine for Professional Videos and Presentations

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SHOW TO CLIENTS platform has a very convenient search engine, so you can find the desired video information based on several criteria. The standard search bar for all sites is located in the upper center of the screen and allows searching by keywords.

You can also search by presentation type: interactive presentations, PPT presentations, and video presentations. Interactive presentations contain mainly product reviews or an inventory of some subtleties of the production. The category of PPT presentations contains mainly guides for using any programs and various useful tips. The video presentation section consists of videos that are aimed at teaching something, including common repairs, psychological videos, and more.

But it's worth considering that all these three categories include videos with totally different topics/ Therefore, if you are interested in a specific topic, then it is better to use the new function on the “Themes” website. There you will find 30 different topics ranging from design presentations and photo presentations to presentations for travel, startups, and creativity. There is a number of available presentations or videos next to every topic.

You can also find the video you want by using the industry search category. The category is very extensive, which means you can define where to look for info more precisely. For example, you can easily find presentations on sales and marketing, e-commerce, education, health, manufacturing, construction, and more.

Extended Access if Needed

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Users can add their premium status presentation and get a number of additional features. Premium presentations are actually extended presentations that can reach a larger audience than an average presentation uploaded to SHOW TO CLIENTS sharing service and, accordingly, you will quickly attract viewers’ attention to your products/services, or your blog.

The key feature of premium presentations is a special sequence and highlighting on the main page using a special premium icon. Also, premium status provides top listing in all relevant categories. Premium presentations are great for viewing because you can enjoy full-page spreads without any pop-up ads getting in the way.

After a premium status is assigned, it becomes possible to download images of goods or services, and you can also use the Lead Management software connection. Such a premium page has its own distinctive design. Moreover, users can leave a comment and go to the company's website if they are interested in the services offered. You can order the activation of this function by contacting the company by email.

Excellent Opportunity to Find Target Clients

SHOW TO CLIENTS is an excellent platform for finding targeted business clients. You can use the best free presentations software to create an informative presentation about your company, to show how well it copes with different challenges, and why it is at an advantage to similar agencies.

This approach to creating a video or presentation, when you have a clear idea of the problems that you intend to solve with your products or services, will help you attract target customers. People visiting SHOW TO CLIENTS come from all walks of life. Many users are successful manufacturers, traders, retailers, entertainers, artists or entrepreneurs; they may live in different industries, but they all gather at SHOW TO CLIENTS. So, find a feature-rich slideshow maker, create a presentation, and upload it to the platform to communicate your values to a broad range of clients and potential partners.

If you are looking for a specific business idea, you can look through the website to extract it from several presentations and try to implement it by dint of an online slideshow maker. If users want to know what type of presentation is suitable for their needs, they can find the needed info here as well. If a person wants to know about specific developments in the field of multimedia and how to present his/her products or services properly, he/she can visit the website, as the choice of materials is truly amazing.


SHOW TO CLIENTS is a free presentation sharing platform. In order to use the services, you must register on the site. You will get a confirmation letter to the email address you indicated. Confirm it and start working on the site.

It is possible to activate the premium function, but there is no information on the website about the cost of this service. It is only indicated connect that you need to get in touch with the company’s representatives by email to find all the info.

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