Afritech Media Digital Agency Review: Ways to Increase Audience

By Kate Gross 24 days ago, Apps and Software

Afritech Media Agency

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Verdict: Afritech Media agency help consumers interact with your brand whether you are posting a YouTube video, blogging on social media, or selling products. What I like about the company was that they create standardized and modern designs and that they have good customer support.

The agency works with aspiring and experienced photographers as well as other small businesses. They create attractive websites and provide effective online marketing solutions. The agency has established partnerships with such companies as Goodison Solutions, Meraki Designs, Financial Fortune Media, Heritage Connections, Apex Physiotherapy, and more.

  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Over 150 completed projects
  • Deal with negative feedback on social networks
  • Reliable customer service
  • Modern designs
  • They should improve their response time
afritech media agency interface

Afritech Media provides a variety of services, including content marketing, web design, tech magazine publishing, and guest posting. Thanks to their solutions, your brand will become more recognizable and your business will grow. The company's specialists will help you design and maintain your accounts on social networks, create a corporate identity and logo for your brand, develop a website and promote it on search networks.

They were called the best digital marketing agency at the MEA Awards 2019. The same year, they received the Top Web Designing Company 2019 by Good Firms award. Plus, the agency was recognized as one of the best in its industry in 2020.

Afritech Media Digital Agency — Main Features

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Afritech Media digital agency works with individual and corporate firms. They offer their help in developing your brand identity and promoting it through various digital resources. The experts will come up with relevant content that will help convey the idea of your brand and engage your audience.

Create Design by Maintaining UI/UX

afritech media agency web design

Afritech Media creates memorable web designs that resonate with audiences. This web design company make sure that the website looks equally good on computers and smartphones.

To check their work and prepare this Afritech Media agency review, I decided to order a redesign of my website. The team studied my business, looked at the examples of sites that I like, took into account my wishes. After I approved the layout, they started creating a new design. I liked the final result. They managed to create a modern web design that captures the essence of my brand.

Corporate Identity Development for Brand Recognition

The agency employs experienced professionals capable of creating a brand from scratch. They study the market, your strengths and weaknesses to present you to the audience in the best way. This service includes the elaboration of fonts and colors, visualization of accounts on social networks, and so on.

The logo is one of the main components of the corporate identity. To create it, experts study the basic features of your brand and business. Optionally, you can provide photography logo design templates as an example.

Stimulate Interest for Brands' Services through Content Marketing

afritech media agency blog

Well-thought-out content marketing can bring more attention to your products. Afritech Media will provide you with relevant content that will interest your potential customers and make your company more popular. You can find out the skill level of their team by reading several articles on their blog.

The team writes expert articles for various industries, social media posts, website texts, press releases and other content. They will also help you choose the tone of voice and convey information so that the audience trusts your brand.

You can order guest posting from them. The team will write an article for posting on third-party sites visited by your audience. They will select relevant sites with good traffic so that many potential customers know about you. Thanks to this service, I got plenty of new subscribers. Moreover, the number of orders for a photo session has doubled.

Deeper Work on Online Reputation

Afritech Media offers a SERM service. Experts improve the brand's online reputation. They track negative feedback on various platforms, Google Maps and social networks. The experts suggest an optimal strategy to respond to the negative reviews.

These guys partner with influencers from different niches. This technique will help you improve your reputation and gain the trust of new customers. Besides, the agency is preparing agents of influence on the forums.

Creating Websites for Sales Growth

afritech media agency web development

In addition to branding and content management, Afritech Media also develops websites. They work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS. Agency experts also use Ajax, CSS3, Jquery, PHP, CodeIgnitor.

An agency can create a blog or portfolio for a photographer, as well as a large-scale e-commerce store that integrates with a payment system. Before creating a website, the web development company studies the niche and competitors. After that, they develop the site layout and think over the design concept. At the request of a client, the team chooses web hosting and cloud computing, adds third-party software/API integration.

Afritech Media Digital Agency Prices

The cost depends on the specifics and complexity of the project. Contact a representative of the agency through the form on the website or by email and find out how much your project will cost.