Inlytics Review 2024: Benefits & Features


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Verdict: In my opinion, Inlytics is a good tool for anyone who wants to understand how to optimize their LinkedIn presence and define the type of staff they should publish on their pages. As a photographer, Inlytics makes clear to me what content gets the most attention on my page.

While preparing to write this review, I discovered that this tool excels at giving historical data for your old publications and involvement on one information panel.

  • Сlean, visual dashboard
  • Real-time statistics
  • Post planner and scheduler
  • Absolute focus on personal LinkedIn profiles
  • Excellent collaboration options
  • Affordable price
  • Helpful FAQ section on the website
  • Free version with limitations
  • Needs constant connection to the web
inlytics interface

Inlytics informative panel, which is available in real-time, is intuitive and easy to understand. You can check the number of displays, views, reactions to your publication, comments, and the level of involvement.

The informative panel also contains a Timeline Content Table, which visualizes the effectiveness of your page content. You can check the exact time when most impressions, likes, or comments to your publications take place. To simplify the interpretation of data, Inlytics offers colorful visualization.

Inlytics – Main Features

inlytics logo

Inlytics is a highly functional LinkedIn analytics tool for keeping an eye on your page performance, optimizing your profile, and checking engagement and audience data. Its well-organized dashboard provides a visual representation of data in real-time, whereas historical analytics allows you to check how effective your content is.

Using the platform, it is easy to collaborate with your team, schedule your publications, as well as post excellent content with recommendations and insights based on data. Inlytics is popular among personal brands, recruiters, photographers, social media marketing companies, sellers, teams and businesses, coaches, etc.

Intuitive Platform

inlytics interface data analysis

Inlytics is a LinkedIn automation tool that has a direct connection to your page, so data collection from your contacts will be a trouble-free task. You’ll get insights about your company reviews, job positions, and regions you have the strongest connection to.

The main dashboard features the following points:

Post Impressions and Views. This data lets you know how many views your posts or articles got during a specific time period.

Reactions on your Posts. The metric "Reactions" shows how often your publications receive reactions in the selected time span. For instance, Likes or Claps.

Comments on your Posts. The metric "comments" showcases the frequency, with which people leave comments on your posts or articles within a specific period.

Engagement Rate. When it comes to analyzing content, the Engagement Rate is probably the most valuable metric. It displays the percentage of people who viewed your publications or articles.

Deals with Detailed LinkedIn Data

inlytics interface linkedin data

As a photographer, I appreciated that Inlytics gathers LinkedIn in real-time, so companies always have the freshest data about their content performance, engagement level, as well as important audience insights. Knowing these metrics, you won’t have trouble creating content that resonates with potential clients.

Moreover, this feature provides LinkedIn profile analytics to provide you with comprehensive data on your LinkedIn profile picture, target demographics, your page visitors, and industry trends.

Performs LinkedIn Competitor Analysis

inlytics interface linkedin competitor analysis

Another strength of the tool is that it allows you to compare your performance with industry leaders to define your competitive potential. Using this web analysis tool, you won’t have trouble optimizing your marketing efforts by discovering the latest trends and award-winning practices in your field.

Besides, Inlytics also delivers profile statistics, profile views, search appearances, and profile recommendations to turn your LinkedIn contacts into potential buyers.

Helpful Blog from Specialists

inlytics blog

The developers conduct Inlytics blog that tells people how to develop impressive LinkedIn marketing strategies, providing multiple samples for inspiration. All articles are divided into various categories for more convenience like Analytics, Marketing, HR, Definitive Guide, Company, Product, and LinkedIn.


It is possible to register for free. The unpaid version provides basic LinkedIn insights and allows you to schedule up to three publications monthly.

LinkedIn Professionals who want to receive the metrics automatically should opt for the Essential plan ($12.50/mo). It offers cutting-edge analytics options, unlimited data storage, a data refresh button, comparison tool with labels.

The Complete plan ($20.00/mo) includes all goodies from the Essential plan, as well as a scheduling Tool, which allows posting u to 20 publications per month. It also supports LinkedIn publishing notifications and audience management.


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