10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for Fastest Growth in 2023

Nowadays, the market offers a great variety of Linkedin automation tools that attract users with their unique features and capabilities. The functionality of these programs includes automated connection requests, profile viewing, and message sending.

You should also remember that LinkedIn offers guidelines to make sure that no misuse and spamming will happen. As automation options will allow you to manage your networking efforts, you should use them in a considerate manner.

Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools

  1. LinkedHelper 2 - Intelligent outreach automation option
  2. Dux-Soup - Вrip campaigns are easy to set up
  3. Meet Alfred - Effortless lead generation
  4. Zopto - Uses AI technology
  5. SocialPilot - Bulk scheduling
  6. Expandi - Sophisticated targeting options
  7. NapoleonCat - Recognizes faces automatically
  8. Dripify - Optimal option for novices
  9. Wiza - Data in real-time
  10. LiProspect - Integrates 4G mobile proxy

1. LinkedHelper2

Smart outreach automation
  • Powerful automation options
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Custom message templates
  • Allows adding a signature to a message
  • Limited functionality
  • Bad option for aspiring users

Verdict: LinkedHelper2 is a highly functional tool that can help you grow the visibility of your business on LinkedIn with minimum effort. Invitations to contact and sending messages are the main functions of the program.

Besides, LinkedHelper2 offers such features as downloading contact data, which is also offered by other contact management software. As a result, the brand/company’s visibility on LinkedIn will boost effortlessly.

The auto-mailing system is another highlight of this software. It allows staying in contact with your partners round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Also, this function enables users to add their own unique signature to messages.

The program is not free, its cost is $15/month. for a standard subscription and $45/month for an extended feature package. Before buying, you can use the 14-day trial version to fully test all the features.

linkedinhelper linkedin automation tool interface

2. Dux-Soup

Вrip campaigns are easy to set up
  • An excellent option for novices
  • Chat with the technical support team
  • Allows getting info about your profile visitors
  • You can add notes and tags to contacts
  • Loads system and browser
  • Expensive license

Verdict: Dux-Soup makes all the processes automated, so lead generation will take you minimal time. The program attracts new followers by targeting your prospects with personalized LinkedIn outreach.

Using Dux-Soul, you can easily develop intelligent campaigns for sending LinkedIn connection invitations, automated views, following and endorsing profiles, and sending InMails and messages, which seem more human.

Besides, it is possible to add tags and notes to contact when viewing it to frame your messaging. Also, the program allows tracking your answers.

This automated LinkedIn software offers a free package with basic features, but it is very limited. The paid packages offer more in-depth options like cost-efficient lead generation, importing prospect lists, and network building.

There are several subscription options - the individual plan costs $11.29/month, whereas a team pack with an extended list of functions will send you back $41.25/month. The tariff for agencies costs $412.50/month.

dux-soup linkedin automation tool interface

3. Meet Alfred

Effortless lead generation
  • Management of several accounts
  • Smart functions
  • High efficiency
  • Personalized messages
  • Duplicates messages
  • Expensive subscription

Verdict: Meet Alfred is a cloud-based generation app that makes outreach activities automated and speeds up enterprise sales procedures. The tool seamlessly works with third-party apps like

CRM, email marketing software, and more, allowing the agencies to optimize their workflow and make it more productive.

Some functions of this LinkedIn automation software use AI algorithms, which let you fill out a profile automatically, and generate reports and analytics, making it easy to track the productivity of their campaigns and decide on the intensity of outreach efforts based on data.

Meet Alfred offers a one-week trial, as well as various pricing options, which differ by a range of the included features and capabilities. A Basic subscription costs $39 per month, a Personal package is priced at $59 per month and a Business subscription will send you back $89 per month.

meet alfred linkedin automation tool interface

4. Zopto

Uses AI technology
  • Advanced features for customer search
  • You can choose the desired level of engagement
  • Scalable
  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence
  • Does not cancel campaigns automatically
  • Outdated design
zopto linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: Zopto allows managing several profiles. Working with Recruiter and Sales Navigator accounts, this automation LinkedIn software offers flexibility based on the field your company is active in. The algorithms of the service can be configured to imitate a person and respond to messages from the Inbox automatically, so you don't have to worry about being blocked on LinkedIn.

The program allows importing lists and contacts from the multitude of the available CRMs and other ticketing software via Zapier.

It is also possible to configure narrow highly targeted lists of prospects, in or outside of your network, based on hundreds of data points. The system will then use AI to get rid of the unnecessary items on the lists.

There are several plans available: Personal - $195 per month, Grow can be used by two accounts - $312 per month, Agent subscription is limited to five accounts, but the price is $780 per month.

zopto linkedin automation tool interface

5. SocialPilot

Bulk scheduling
  • Publication planner
  • Excellent analytics
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • There is a URL reduction feature
  • Complicated interface
  • Sends messages with a delay
socialpilot linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: SocialPilot allows you to implement a great variety of marketing strategies: from creating content and scheduling publications to analyzing its effectiveness. The scheduler can be customized for different LinkedIn accounts and pages, with the ability to send up to 500 messages at once.

The service conducts very detailed analytics of your LinkedIn presence with performance metrics like followers count, post updates, clicks, engagement growth, click-through growth, etc.

This automated LinkedIn software enables users to download and share PDF reports via email in an instant. SocialPilot supports seven other social media platforms in addition to LinkedIn, so you can use it to schedule publications, which makes it a popular option for social media marketing companies.

The service provides several pricing options: from $30/mo for a single user to $200/mo for agencies that have more than 50 social profiles. Before buying, you can familiarize yourself with most of the features in the 14-day trial version.

socialpilot linkedin automation tool interface

6. Expandi

Sophisticated targeting option
  • Advanced automatization
  • Billing settings
  • Teamwork
  • A/B testing
  • Poor customer support
  • Frequent bugs
expandi linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: Expandi is often regarded as the best LinkedIn automation tool as it allows creating the highest number of personalized touch points with your audience in no time. Extended web analysis tool in Expandi enables users to perform A/B testing to tinker with different campaign strategies. This is an optimal way for establishing a strong connection with everyone you approach.

Expandi allows sending personalized Invites to Connect, Messages, and InMails, and when combined with the View, like Content, Follow & Endorse features, it makes processing messages from potential customers more successful. The full set of features is available for $99/mo. To familiarize yourself with the tool, you can use the 7-day free trial.

expandi linkedin automation tool interface

7. NapoleonCat

Recognizes faces automatically
  • Publishing and scheduling to social media
  • Social media planner and publisher
  • In-depth analytics
  • Ability to add tags to contacts
  • Embedded translator of letters and messages
  • Complicated in use
  • Confusing billing options
napoleoncat linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: NapoleonCat is a versatile platform that integrates well with not only LinkedIn but also other popular social networks. Besides, this is an excellent Instagram marketing tool, which allows you to work with leads in all sources from one account and schedule publications in a couple of clicks.

Using the Inbox Folder, you can even turn comments into customer service tickets. From here, it is also possible to like and reply to them in a flash. Moreover, you won’t have trouble communicating with an international audience, as it has an embedded translator.

The Basic package, which is designed for 3 users and includes basic options, costs $32/mo, whereas an advanced package with enhanced tools like automated moderation is priced at $76/mo

napoleoncat linkedin automation tool interface

8. Dripify

The most optimal option for novices
  • Video tutorials
  • An excellent option for novices
  • User-friendly UI
  • Configurable message templates
  • Does not allow saving custom templates
  • A restricted set of features
dripify linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: With Dripify, creating sales funnels will only take you several minutes. This cloud-based tool takes advantage of sophisticated algorithms to analyze a potential audience. To build an effective prospecting sequence, import leads to the program from the corresponding CSV file. Then use the intuitive control panel to define the time intervals and triggers.

Dripify is customer service software that enables users to answer client messages in just a few clicks with the help of configurable custom templates.

There is a seven-day free trial, after the expiration of which you’ll need to purchase a Basic package with standard functions priced at $59/mo Pro tariff offers all options you might need when working in LinkedIn. It costs $79/mo. Advanced package is the best solution for teams and it is priced at $99/mo.

dripify linkedin automation tool interface

9. Wiza

Data in real-time
  • Flawless functioning with a search page
  • Convenient export of data
  • Management of inbox mail
  • Chrome extension
  • Complicated pricing policy
  • Bad option for beginners
wiza linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: Wiza is cloud-based LinkedIn automation software, which allows connecting Sales Navigator. Thanks to such integration, the export of verified leads and email addresses from Sales Navigator to CSV or chosen CRM will be smooth and trouble-free.

The program also stands out among the competitors with the ability to configure Chrome extension with ease. Besides, the service allows exporting up to 20 emails without paying a dime.

Wiza is an excellent tool for developing advertising agencies as its configuration takes minimal time and technical knowledge.

The platform uses LinkedIn real-time data and allows conducting of massive outreach campaigns with about 2500 enriched contacts without paying much effort. The cost of the simplest single-user subscription with the basic feature set is $30/mo. More advanced plans cost $50/mo and $100/mo.

wiza linkedin automation tool interface

10. LiProspect

Integrates 4G mobile proxy
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Wide selection of target settings
  • Integrates 4G mobile proxy
  • Convenient UI
  • Does not always enter messages correctly
liprospect linkedin automation tool logo

Verdict: Using humanized algorithms, LiProspect easily generates leads thanks to B2B marketing and sales techniques. Also, the service has proven itself as a highly functional statistical analysis software, meaning that it is possible to configure targeting more detailed to achieve highly accurate results.

The collected analytical data can be easily imported in a couple of clicks for further use in advertising campaigns. You can also easily blacklist unwanted users by simply copy-pasting profile links into the system.

The main difference between LiProspect and similar services is that it comes with a unique 4G mobile proxy for each account. This feature provides complete data security and protection against blocking by LinkedIn. While most platforms offer a seven-day free trial, LiProspect allows trying out the tool for 15 days for free. If the service satisfies all the requirements, then you should purchase a subscription that costs $89/mo.

liprospect linkedin automation tool interface