CareerHunter Review 2023: Benefits & Pricing

By Kate Gross 9 days ago, Apps and Software

CareerHunter Platform

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Price: $15.99 for one test or $79.99

Verdict: CareerHunter is a web-based service offering advanced tests for determining career prospects. They are based on the analysis of the interests, personality, values, and skills of a person.

I was impressed with the career options recommended to me by this service. It allowed me to find perfect matches and think outside the box.

As a result, I decided to finally start a photography business, open my studio with several photographers. I’ve been thinking about this idea, but it was this service that helped me make an informed decision.

  • Advanced career test with multiple assessments
  • In-depth job analysis
  • Edgy technology
  • Course and job suggestions
  • Limited free access
  • It might take a while to take all the tests
careerhunter platform interface

You can take each test available on the CareerHunter platform separately to get access to your results upon completion. However, to get recommendations about your career prospects, you have to take 6 tests. It will also allow you to get access to job matches and get information about the courses that you might need to take.

CareerHunter will analyze your data to provide you with the best options out of 250+ possible career matches. As a result, you will get a personalized report containing job recommendations, information about photography courses, and the analysis of your results.

CareerHunter Platform – Main Features

logo careerhunter platform

CareerHunter is an online platform launched in 2017. It was built for students, recent graduates, and specialists who want to launch a successful career. The service was created by talented psychologists and psychometricians.

This convenient platform helped thousands of clients to select the best career paths that reflect their interests, skills, and personality. Users are required to take a series of psychometric tests to get in-depth reports and recommendations.

Quick and Easy Registration Process

careerhunter platform registration

I didn’t notice any issues with the sign-up process and was able to create a new account quickly. The site requires you to indicate your name, email, age, and gender, as well as your professional and educational background. CareerHunter also allows you to access a detailed guide on how to use this platform. You will see helpful explanations that will make the testing process more streamlined and intuitive.

User-Friendly Interface and Test Procedure

careerhunter interface

To make the most out of CareerHunter, make sure to take all six tests. The list includes such options as Career Interests, Work Personality, Career Motivators, Abstract Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

I completed all the tasks in about 2 hours. The UI is easy to use, so I was able to find all the necessary information quickly. The site has a stripped-down design, which makes it easy to find all the available options. I changed some of my answers after rereading them.

Well-Designed Questions

When taking the first three tests, I was supposed to rank five sentences depending on their importance. This task was easy to complete, so I didn’t encounter any difficulties with it. I quickly put the most important statements higher.

careerhunter questions

Then, I had to solve a more complex task. The creators of the tests also want to see how people understand logic, math, and written texts. I had to find the right pictures to complete a pattern, demonstrate my comprehension of graphs and charts as well as read summaries and select the best answer.

I didn’t have any difficulties with multiple-choice-format questions. It was easy to choose the right answer out of 4-5 options. It enabled me to quickly complete the task without wondering how to answer the questions.

Useful and Detailed Career Report

You can access all the information about your perfect career match and recommendations from a dashboard. In addition, you can save your results in PDF format after taking all the tests. In the reports, you will find a detailed description of all your matches and useful pieces of advice. I liked the fact that there are also tips on how to read the report.

careerhunter report

Besides a list of the best career options to choose from, I was able to access information about useful resources. Due to this, I got curious about different ways of advancing my photography career.

In addition, I was able to read materials about the current state of the industry, job openings, and personal development opportunities. It helped me to make a more informed decision.

Career Compatibility with Accuracy

careerhunter career test

The test was stunningly accurate, which left only positive impressions. This service is based on an advanced algorithm that can analyze your test results and select the careers that you can succeed in.

The platform helped me find a career that perfectly fits my personality, wishes, and skillset. When looking at each match, I was able to see percentage scores and read other detailed information that helped me understand what career might be perfect for me. It allowed me to become a more confident person and find the area I am genuinely interested in.

Discovering New Career Paths

careerhunter career paths

When using this site, you will get useful career recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised by this fact. I saw a lot of careers that required photography skills. It got me thinking about new ways of advancing my career. The matches were truly impressive as they allowed me to think about new possibilities that I hadn’t considered before.

Ability to View Course and Job Suggestions

I was also pleased with the available photography and graphic design courses. Besides, I received job recommendations that were created using my career matches and test scores.

careerhunter course suggestions

The company has established a partnership with popular online learning platforms. It allows you to choose from a variety of courses posted on Coursera and FutureLearn. Due to this, you can select the most suitable options for advancing your studies. You will also get access to job postings created by leading providers.

Great Customer Support

CareerHunter provides a lot of useful information for its clients on the website. Their customers can easily contact them or find answers to their questions. On the contact page, you will find the contact info of the customer support team. Clients can contact them by email or phone number, as well as send them a letter to their address.

You can also reach out to the support team by filling out a contact form. Clients can also browse the FAQ section. It contains a lot of information and helpful solutions, so you can quickly fix any issue you might face.

CareerHunter Prices

CareerHunter allows partial access to their testing suite on the free version. To fully access all areas, you have to pay $79.99. It will allow you to get 6 test results and full reporting tools, learn information about your career matches, as well as get a custom report.

You can also purchase each test for $15.99. In addition, you can get three tests for free to check whether they are suitable for your needs.


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