NetOptimizer Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Mac/Win
  • Pricing: Free/$29.95-59.95

Verdict: NetOptimizer is a convenient Internet booster software that will become a handy assistant to everyone who needs to boost the speed of their connection to the web.

Even if you do not know how to use commands and are not an expert in this field, this program will do all the hard work for you applying the most optimal configurations automatically.

It boasts a user-friendly interface and provides overall control over the network configurations that are adjusted on your device. The program is indispensable for photographers who want to upload, share, and transfer high-res pics. Besides, it supports real-time collaboration.

  • Optimizes settings automatically
  • Increases internet speed efficiently
  • Allows managing I/O latency
  • Trouble-free optimization of data caching
  • Deletes browser junk in a jiffy
  • Working configuration methods
  • Free version with restrictions
  • Lacks mobile application
netoptimizer interface

NetOptimizer provides users with Auto and Advanced Mode to meet your requirements and level of professionalism. It delivers top-level service for an affordable price.

Besides, the result is really amazing: the download speed increases considerably, and web pages load speedier.

NetOptimizer: Main Benefits

netoptimizer logo

If you struggle to load pages or download files, there is no need to start looking to upgrade your hardware in an instant. In this case, it would be reasonable to take advantage of a dedicated PC optimizer, such as NetOptimizer. Its functionality allows for accelerating slow connection to the web.

The tool can optimize your browser configurations, get rid of browser junk, optimize data caching, etc.

Intuitive Interface for Beginners and Quick Process

netoptimizer interface tutorial

An intuitive graphic user interface is another strength of this application. With it, users won’t have trouble understanding NetOptimizer functionality. Here, you won’t find complicated windows, pop-up panels, or annoying ads.

I also like that the tool showcases detailed info about the computer it is functioning on. These details include the OS version, model of processing unit, amount of RAM, computer name, and IP.

netoptimizer interface optimization

The process of speeding up connection only involves three steps. First, download NetOptimizer as the .exe file for free. Then launch automatic Internet optimization to optimize the connection configurations on your PC.

Besides, you can tweak the settings manually. To activate the changes, you need to restart your device and then enjoy a speedy connection, fast download, and seamless browsing experience.

Easy Auto Mode Optimization

A user should not be tech-savvy or spend much time studying some complicated tutorials, as there is highly functional Auto Mode, which scans a great variety of parameters Internet connection speed, I/O latency, data caching, network performance, throughput, and efficiency.

Once the analysis is over, the software upgrades these settings automatically, without your involvement.

netoptimizer interface auto mode

With the help of this tool, you won’t have trouble uploading and sharing high-res pics with customers or online portfolios. It also enables collaboration in real-time with clients or other shooters on projects and editing.

NetOptimizer will let you view any online resource that focuses on photography, software, and equipment without trouble. Besides, you will be always up to date with industry trends, become a participant in webinars, or visit photography events. 

Customizable Advanced Settings

netoptimizer interface advanced mode

On the other hand, you are free to reject the automated settings and take advantage of the Advanced Mode to tweak the needed parameters manually by entering the needed values.

Optimizing hidden settings such as I/O Internet Packet Stack Size setting to align with your ISP's speed and boost your browser efficiency is not a problem as well. Besides, configuring your preferred DNS servers for higher speed accelerates your browsing experience.

The program supports both automatic and manual selection, which is a huge advantage. Besides, it optimizes the cache instead of cleaning it up, which is another considerable advantage.

Efficient Browser Cleanup Functions

netoptimizer interface browser cleanup

Internet junk reduces the speed of your PC and makes it vulnerable to various threats. Shooters will only take advantage of fast browsers to navigate websites, galleries, and cloud-based solutions while opening any online resource in no time. NetOptimizer leverages cutting-edge cleanup technology to delete junk to boost speed and upgrade security.

After analyzing your computer, the tool defines all the installed browsers and enables users to handle Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Internet Explorer data.

NetOptimizer Price

The sum you’ll need to pay for using NetOptimizer depends on the number of connected computers.

1 computer - $29.95

3 computers - $39.95

5 computers - $49.95

10 computers - $59.95

You can take advantage of the trial version and define the optimal web connection configurations, but you won’t be able to save them. This situation can be fixed by purchasing a license, which unlocks access to the program forever. Moreover, the program lets users know when they can download free updates to upgrade their tool.

After the expiration of the license, you can continue using the tool but it won’t be updated anymore. So, if getting some fresh updates and email support are important for you, be ready to extend your license. By the way, each PC has a unique license ID, so it won’t work on any other device.

It is great that by purchasing NetOptimizer, you get 60% Off FileCleaner, which is a top-rated all-in-one cleaner for Windows.

NetOptimizer FAQ

  • • Is it possible to install NetOptimizer on my PC?

NetOptimizer is a portable application, so you won’t have to install it on your PC or other devices. You need to download the .exe file, open it and start optimizing your connection. Besides, computer users will also appreciate the ability to run NetOptimizer from a USB thumb drive.

  • • How does NetOptimizer define the most effective settings for my PC?

NetOptimizer uses effective algorithms to define your Internet connection type and your OS parameters to determine the settings that should be tweaked. If they are fine, you’ll see green checkmarks next to each parameter.

  • • Is NetOptimizer safe to use?

Safety of use is one of the main strengths of the tool. When working with the app, it is possible to undo the changes with the “Reset to OS Defaults” button.

  • • Does NetOptimizer offer metered connection support?

Of course, NetOptimizer has a specific configuration for metered connections, so you won’t have problems tweaking your computer network settings for the best possible 3G, 4G, and 5G performance.

  • • Which parameters can I adjust with NetOptimizer?

NetOptimizer modifies hidden Windows network parameters such as TCP settings, TTL, I/O settings, and network efficiency.


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