Ephotovn Review 2024: Benefits & Hidden Cons

By Tata Rossi 7 days ago, Apps and Software

Ephotovn Services

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VerdictThere are few reviews about Ephotovn edits online. The price for the fully-fledged photo editing starts from 2 dollars per image, which is quite costly if you need to put some small amendments.

Not all editors are professionals, and frequently a client receives a poor-quality picture. In addition, Ephotovn website does not contain enough editing examples of product photography, which is one of the main directions of the company.

  • Оn-time delivery
  • Simple communication process
  • Intuitive orders placement
  • Unbounded changes
  • Opportunity to pay per photo without subscription
  • Non-professional quality
  • No option to choose a specialist for cooperation
  • Just one image in trial version
  • Real estate services are too bounded

1. Ephotovn Ecommerce Product Image Editing

According to the website, the initial price for product retouching services is $0.5 per image, including just some very basic changes. If the service gave more detailed information about the pricing, it would work better.

* Product Photo Editing Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

No full portfolio. Ecommerce editing is thought to be one of the most complex spheres, and most clients are willing to assess the quality of the completed projects before they order a service, when they apply to the company for the first time.

Attention to details. The site mentions that they edit tiny flaws, such as smoothing the clothes folds, deleting unnecessary labels, spots, buttons and other things which demonstrate the unprofessionalism of the responsible photographer.

Automobile & accessories editing is not professional. The company performs a complicated editing of car photos and the details, but the quality could be better. Frequently the car looks non-appealing on the background selected by the retoucher, and the details appear flat and unrealistic.

Intuitive direction of work. Ephotovn includes the major categories of products, the editing of which is their specification. This list includes clothes, shoes, glasses, bags, jewellery, beauty-related goods, etc.

Photos are not optimized to meet the marketplace demands. Unfortunately, the company deals solely with post-enhancing of the goods shoots, and do not put the photos in frames and standards of the main marketplaces, what a lot of similar companies do. Therefore, the clients have to resize/compress & adapt pictures by themselves before editing.

2. Ephotovn Clipping Path

Ephotovn offers manually performed clipping path services, which are thought to be accurate.

* Clipping Path Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Multiple options for clipping path. Ephotovn features several options: as clipping paths and alpha channels, up to the clients’ comfort. The specialists are able to separate the colors or produce multiple paths so you can deal with various segments.

Color matching results are not always harmonious. At times they select the shadows, which do not correspond to the reality, which makes goods look artificially. Besides, it’s frequently a reason of clothes article not going with buttons, zips, finishing details.

Invisible mannequin option is not pleasant-looking. It often happens that together with mannequin removal in the photo retouchers are able to touch small parts of clothing, especially thin clothing like mesh.

3. Ephotovn Background Removal

Ephotovn delivers some item removal services, involving background removal, offering several options of replacing it.

* Background Removal Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Cutting the edges of the goods. One of the widespread problems of Ephotovn is that they may touch the edges of items while performing background removal. At first glance, it may be invisible, but at times such inaccuracy may even deform the shape of the subject, which does not favor the purchase of such item.

Background removal option. When the majority of the companies offer white or transparent background as an ultimate output, Ephotovn lets change it to any necessary. The client is able to send a desired picture or leave their wish relating to what they want to see the background for each separate item.

Isolating images with irregular shapes. Ephotovn deals with performing complicated projects, and within item removal options offers the opportunity to isolate items with irregular forms, edges and several holes on a different layer for the further enhancement.

Added shadows are not realistic-looking. Unfortunately, all the services with adding various shadows kinds show inappropriate quality. Added shadows frequently look flat and unnatural, not adding the volume, but deforming the image.

No details about the revision process. The company sticks to the policy of unbounded changes, but does not give enough information on the website regarding what may be considered as an edit within an order.

4. Ephotovn Color Correction

Color correction services is a part of every editing process, suggested by Ephotovn, regardless of what genre they are working with.

* Product Color Correction Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Natural skin tone. They professionally take face retouch, so after the editing the skin tone will look naturally without unpleasant sub tones, which is also a very widespread problem among people dealing with retouching.

Recoloring troubles. Editors frequently smoothen the textures while recoloring, which makes the goods look artificially and unattractive for customers-to-be. It especially concerns pictures of clothes made of wool, linen and other natural materials.

Brightness & contrast correction. As the result, the image looks more voluminous.

Poor quality shades selection after color correction. Some clients complained that after correction the colors obtained unnatural shades which do not match the ones that the thing have in the reality. The same issue is frequently encountered after setting the white balance, which is especially visible on the photo where light shades prevail.

Black & white transformation. In this case, you are able to define the style of black and white photos having made it more contrast, vintage or give some shade.

5. Ephotovn Jewelry Retouch

Jewelry frequently contains some fingerprints, micro dust or scratches which we want to eliminate. Ephotovn performs jewelry retouching services, cleaning jewelry in the pictures and prepares them for printing and online shops.

* Jewelry Photo Editing Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Overexposured images after light enhancement. While correcting the light imperfections, the retouchers may take the process too thorough, whitewashing the light in a way that a photo seems overexposured. Once again, it confirms amateurism of retouchers while working on white balance.

Adding realism to precious stones. Precious stones frequently look dull and flat, but Ephotovn experts may amend this by adding realistic flares, shadows, reflections. The results of this work look quite satisfying for the majority of clients, in comparison to metals.

After post-enhancing, precious metals look like too polished and lose their characteristics. For example, silver resembles plastic, as the editors oversmooth the texture.

Hallmark stamps look artificial. Ephotovn can insert hallmark stamps on the images of jewelry, if needed. However unfortunately, it draws attention most frequently that they were added while post-editing, and are not a part of the jewelry.

6. Ephotovn Real Estate Photo Editing

Ephotovn also delivers real estate photo editing services to the clients. They take both interior and exterior images, amending the basic characteristics of the photos.

* Real Estate Photo Edit Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Doesn’t offer special services for the industry. Ephotovn basically provides the standard editing features, which are widespread for any picture genre. But most clients will also require at least virtual staging and 3D rendering services, which are not offered by the reviewed enterprise.

Preparation of the image to more specific services. Ephotovn can remove unnecessary things, rubbish, furniture, making it appropriate for further use, e.g. for creating 3D virtual tour.

Furthermore, the company performs basic virtual renovation, recoloring walls and items, deleting imperfections like spots and scratches on the furniture, etc.

No day to dusk. Ephotovn features a sky replacement option, but doesn’t offer day to dusk services, which are quite similar as per the technique itself.

Image straightening. Ephotovn straightens the corner of the incline without an image deformation.

7. Ephotovn Portrait Editing

Ephotovn offers basic portrait retouching services, with the price starting from $3/per photo.

* Portrait Retouching Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3.5/5

Pricing is not clear. Ephotovn sets the minimum price of 3 dollars for basic editing of portrait photos, and 8 dollars for high end retouching. With the minimum pricing, they do not give the information on what is included in that amount, and what is to be paid for additionally. A client may just select a quote to know the exact price.

Simple process of making an order. You have to drag and drop the preferred images, or copy and paste them to the special line of the form. After that you select the services and mention all the requirements you want the editor to follow.

Examples before/after. The website does not feature a separate fully fledged portfolio, but as regards the portrait editing, they give enough examples of completed works.

8. Ephotovn Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding photo retouching services are subdivided into basic and high end. They suggest separate options for amending the photos of bride and groom, ceremony shots, reception images, etc.

* Wedding Retouching Problems Reviews ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Do not meet all requirements of the client. As a rule, clients who order post-enhancement of wedding photos feature quite a few individual wishes. However, not always a retoucher performs everything that a client mentions, missing some tiny corrections which disappoints a customer.

Background improvement. Ephotovn may improve the background, make it more blurred, remove unnecessary people and objects, highlight the texture, etc.

Add special effects. Unfortunately, the website does not contain details regarding what effects do they work with. However, it’s possible to include standard sparkling, grain, some smoke and so on.

Do not work with RAWs. The company doesn’t support RAW format for the processing. It may be a big problem, since a lot of wedding photographers apply this format to keep all the metadata and other parameters of the pictures.

No option to amend the position of objects. Ephotovn does not take photo manipulation, which is a big disadvantage for wedding stories. Frequently brides want a photo where a dress or a veil magnificently flows, and at times you have to change the incline of the head or add a smile, slightly cover a smile, etc.

Ephotovn Prices

Ephotovn suggests 1 photo as a free trial for any picture type. Besides, they offer bulk order discounts, which are calculated personally. All the prices indicated on the website are just initial ones, as the whole cost will be provided in each concrete case.

The starting price on product images corrections is $0.5/image. Jewelry editing initial price is $2/per image.

Real estate editing price is $2 per picture. Wedding photo processing starts at $0.3 per image.

Newborn photo editing services cost $3 per image. The price on headshot is $3/per photo.

Model editing starts at $5/image. Professional retouching comes for $8/photo.

ephotovn prices comparison

Ephotovn Alternatives


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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $1.50
  • Free Trial: Free $12 credit
  • Bulk Order: Yes
fixthephoto logo

Verdict: FixThePhoto takes a leading position on the market of retouching, as they are professionals in editing all possible types of images. The editor team is highly professional, they always follow the clients’ requirements and take into account the references, while Ephotovn experts have some problems with this.

The website contains portfolio on all genres of photos and a detailed information on every service type. Besides, the prices are reasonable, and pricing is transparent in comparison to Ephotovn.

fixthephoto product retouching fixthephoto product retouching


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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $1.50/image
  • Free Trial: Free $12 credit
  • Bulk Order: Yes
weedit photos logo

Verdict: WeEdit.Photos is a professional retouchers team who suggest online portrait and wedding editing services. The team offers 24×7 client support and reasonable prices, e.g. $2.5 per portrait retouching, while Ephotovn prices are a bit high.

On the whole, portrait, wedding and studio photographers are their main customers, but they deal with all possible kinds of photo editing, involving ecommerce. To make an order, you have to sign in, attach some unedited images and write instructions.

weedit photos photo editing weedit photos photo editing


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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: By request
  • Trial: Yes
  • Bulk Order: Yes
ymage logo

Verdict: Product editing services offered by Ymage and Ephotovn are quite alike. Both enterprises are able to edit pictures with mannequins, remove backgrounds, make clipping paths, perform image masking, add drop shadows. Nevertheless, the quality of some services is doubtable.

In addition, Ymage may polish up the skin, erase wrinkles in clothes, as well as restore damaged image sections, the option isn’t provided by Ephotovn. Yet, unfortunately, as in the case of Ephotovn, Ymage offers too few examples of work samples, which repels a lot of customers-to-be.


  • Rank
  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $0.95/image
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Bulk Order: No
pixelz logo

Verdict: A subscription-based system starts from $95/month where a single image costs from $0.95, Pixelz is not very comfortable for most customers, specifically for those who owns small online stores and needs to make only several photos better.

They have expertise in product photography only, but frequently customers complain that the outcome is not as professional as they have expected. But they offer 3 images for free and a convenient ordering platform, which is the advantage compared to Ephotovn.


  • Rank
  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $0.95/image
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Bulk Order: No
pixc logo

Verdict: Pixc specializes at ecommerce improvement, offering all the required options for the purposes of online shops. They not only improve the pictures but also optimize them for Shopify, unlike Ephotovn.

Just like Ephotovn, this company needs more before/after examples. In addition, they don’t take portrait and other types of retouching, while Ephotovn is a more versatile player.

Paper Boat Creative

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From by request
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Bulk Order: Yes
paper boat creative logo

Verdict: Paper Boat Creative delivers similar services, such as ecommerce, portrait retouching, clipping path etc. There is a great portfolio on the website, intuitively subdivided to genres, which is also needed for Ephotovn.

The color correction they offer is more expert and offer a realistic outcome than the options in Ephotovn. They deal with complicated projects, but the clients complain that the editors frequently do not meet the deadlines and individual needs of the customer.


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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $2.50/image
  • Free Trial: No
  • Bulk Order: Yes
retouchup logo

Verdict: RetouchUp is one more functional Ephotovn alternative, which provides a more extensive set of options. They do not just offer product retouching but more focused on portrait and body retouching.

Nevertheless, the process of placing an order is very tedious, a lot more complicated and time-consuming than in Ephotovn. The customer has to fill out a lot of forms, and the original images take too long to load, specifically if you include several items at once.

Clipping Path India

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From 39 cents/image
  • Free Trial: No
  • Bulk Order: Yes
clipping path india logo

Verdict: Clipping Path India features a good reputation in the product photography sphere. As its name suggests, the company concentrates on making image cut-outs. These are usually PNG files employed in online shopping enterprises.

The service features over 300 retouchers worldwide. This means that their turnaround time is pretty fast. Clipping Path India also deals with portraits. Nevertheless, their outcome is not the best as compared to Ephotovn.

Clipping Factory

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $0.49/image
  • Free Trial: No
  • Bulk Order: No
clipping factory logo

Verdict: Clipping Factory is expert in manual photo isolation services. They make clipping paths, image masks, and utilize similar techniques, etc. Thus, the variety of editing tasks these guys can do is much narrower, in contrast with Ephotovn.

Just like Ephotovn, the agency features a bit complicated pricing that brings various categories and additional options. Unfortunately, there is no free trial as well, so a client may not evaluate the quality of their work before paying for a subscription.


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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $2/image
  • Free Trial: No
  • Bulk Order: Yes
picsera logo

Verdict: Picsera offers similar to Ephotovn editing services, plus 3D modeling and rendering. On the whole, they work with ecommerce sphere, optimizing images to widespread marketplaces like Amazon (which Ephotovn doesn’t provide).

Unfortunately, you will not come across examples of completed projects on the website, even PicsRetouch offers several variants for demonstration. Furthermore, the website looks a bit out-of-date, that’s why the potential clients may doubt regarding the company being progressive.

* The photo reviews in the galleries above were selected to show you all possible failures you may encounter when ordering such work from freelancers and services. These are the most common problems that require your extra attention to ensure professional final results.