ShootDotEdit Review: FixThePhoto and ShootDotEdit Comparison

By Tata Rossi 17 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

shootdotedit or fixthephoto comparison

Do you use ShootDotEdit but you’re not satisfied with their pricing system and would like to find its cheaper and faster alternative? I’ve prepared a comparative review of two services - FixThePhoto and Shoot Dot Edit to find out about the services offered, prices, discounts, and many other things that will help you make the right choice.

ShootDotEdit service assists wedding and event photographers with their editing needs. In general, they enhance colors and take only batch orders. So, you can’t order retouching of several family shots.

ShootDotEdit is a perfect variant for wedding photographers who take around 500-700 photos every photo session. Read on the ShootDotEdit review to see whether it’s suitable for your needs.

ShootDotEdit Quality of Work

  • fix the photo vs shootdotedit quality of work
  • fix the photo vs shootdotedit quality of work
  • fix the photo vs shootdotedit quality of work

    Unfortunately, ShootDotEdit doesn’t provide a separate page with the examples of their work. In fact, I couldn’t find any before/after examples on the website. This is a huge drawback for any editing company.

    It’s a well-known fact that ShootDotEdit specializes in color correction. However, the site has insufficient information about these services. This leaves us with many questions: what does their workflow include? And what exactly am I paying for? You cannot order many additional services because they simply do not exist in their pricing lists.

    FixThePhoto, on the other hand, provides a detailed description of the whole range of services available to users – from basic to deep editing of wedding pics. Choosing FixThePhoto, you can rest assured that you will receive high end results. It’s also worth mentioning that FixThePhoto retouchers always strive to follow the current wedding photo trends, and perform complex edits in pastel, vintage, B&W, film, matte, and dark styles.

    • fix the photo pro wedding editing fix the photo pro wedding editing
    • fix the photo pro wedding editing fix the photo pro wedding editing

      They try to ensure that their clients’ photographs end up looking unique, romantic, and touching. In addition, the company’s website has many examples of finished works. You can explore them before placing an order.

      ShootDotEdit Sign-Up Process

      The ordering procedure plays an important role and can either attract or scare off a client. To place an order on ShootDotEdit, you have to sign up by providing various info, including company’s name, mobile number, website as well as address in case you order printed photos.

      When you are ready to place an order, you will have to answer several questions regarding your order in a special form and select additional services if you need them, for example, cull, straightening, renumbering or renaming of pictures, time syncing, JPG upload or export, uploads to another site, selecting DVD delivery or a Rush for a job.

      fix the photo vs shootdotedit sign up process

      Things are much simpler with FixThePhoto. You place an order without registration. You may sign up later. Choose the necessary type of image retouching, select areas to focus on if necessary, send references, and choose additional services.

      ShootDotEdit Additional Services

      shootdotedit additional services

      Another important feature of the ShootDotEdit company is the creation of gallery sites. This option is absolutely free for all users. The company's specialists will create a site with your photos and design it properly. Hosting is free. Besides, they will promote your business and sell your images.

      The ShootDotEdit team will create a gallery for you, inform potential customers about it via e-mail, as well as print your pictures and deliver them to customers. Then they will send you a check. This is a good opportunity to have passive income and promote your business.

      FixThePhoto provides enhancement services fully specializing in this area. That is why you can order here almost any type of edits, including wedding post-production:

      The service covers various photography genres and can cope with the most difficult tasks.

      ShootDotEdit Support

      One of the main advantages of ShootDotEdit is its customer support team. Real professionals, who will answer all questions. Chat is open around the clock. You can also call the support team (from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. PST) and get qualified advice using the phone number published on the website.

      Also ShootDotEdit puts together helpful resources including wedding photography tips for beginners and experienced pros alike. They include guides, covering the topics photographers need like webinars, case studies. This is a great compensation for an inactive blog.

      You can get in touch with FixThePhoto specialists tight from the main website. There is a built-in chat where managers answer your questions 24/7. Moreover, you can find lots of useful information in the blog. It includes photo editing tips, photography tips, gear and apps and software reviews.

      ShootDotEdit Prices

      fix the photo vs shootdotedit prices

      If you compare the prices for one edited image, it turns out that they are almost the same for both companies.

      However, ShootDotEdit works only by subscription. You cannot order editing of one or several images without paying $112 or $299 a month. It is worth noting that this price does not include such services as culling, straightening, cropping, etc. Retouchers can provide them, but they must be paid for separately.

      According to ShootDotEdit reviews, the main difference between the two offered plans is in the number of available orders for one month. In the case of Rollover, it will be limited.

      Additional Services

      fixthephoto additional services

      FixThePhoto is ranked first in various genres, and real estate photography services are not the only ones. Here are the most popular services that this team provides:

      BoxBrownie specializes in real estate and product photography. Therefore, they do not have as many additional services. They provide automotive photo editing services, floor plan layouts, 360 virtual tours, etc.

      FixThePhoto works in a different way. When placing an order on the site, you can choose any additional services you need. As for wedding pictures, the price starts at $0.05 for one shot. Culling costs $0.20 per image.

      The site offers two packages: Wedding Light costs $99 and includes color correction of 700 images. Wedding Pro ($159) includes basic touch ups of 20 shots and color correction of 700 pictures.

      Moreover, FixThePhoto offers several beneficial bonuses for its customers. Use a promotional code or place an order for more than $300 and get a guaranteed 15% discount.

      *By mentioning Average Quality we mean the average quality of editing services at popular freelance platforms. The photos you see in this post were edited by freelance retouchers for $5 per photo. FixThePhoto examples were edited by professional FixThePhoto retouchers also for $5 per photo.

      FixThePhoto Customers Feedback

      13 Customer Reviews
      4.7 out of 5 stars
      Sophie Shambrook. Greenville, SC
      I am really impressed with the result! Thanks!
      Paul Broad. Los Angeles, CA
      Thank you, guys! You are doing a great job. I liked how you changed my images, and also how patiently you listened to all my requirements. I will definitely use your services again and recommend you to my friends. Good luck!
      Barbara Davis. Winslow, AZ
      Excellent result. This is exactly what we needed!
      Karin Burnett. Oklahoma City, OK
      Thanks for a good job! I will definitely tell my friends about your services.
      Jason Brown. Gruene, TX
      I'm in love with the way you do your job! As always, I got the perfect result in no time! Thank you, all the best! :)
      Anthony Harrison. Columbus, OH
      Thank you. The work was performed at a high level. I will be cooperating with you in the future.
      Rebecca Myers. Toronto, Ontario
      Wedding pictures look stunning. Thank you very much.
      Gary Williams. Phoenix, AZ
      The photos are fantastic. You are just real wizards. Love you. Big thanks!
      Katrina Watson, San Diego, CA
      Professionals who know their job! I’m completely satisfied with the results. Plus, I got my shots really fast.
      Steven Rizzi, Grand Rapids, MI
      Great job! I’ve applied to these guys several times to remove unnecessary objects from images. They provided top-level services at a reasonable price.
      Andrew Krimmer, Richmond, New South Wales
      A great company to cooperate with! My order was ready within a short period and I’ll definitely approach them again.
      Robert Crofts, Sunny Side
      I recommend these guys since they did exactly what I asked for! Professional results in a short time!
      Leslie K Anderson, Brantford, Ontario
      Affordable services for everyone! Patient managers will listen to all your comments and take into account all recommendations.
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