ScanCafe Review: FixThePhoto and ScanCafe Comparison

By Tata Rossi 8 days ago, Software Reviews

scancafe or fixthephoto comparison

Whether you’re an existing ScanCafe customer or are thinking about becoming one, you’ll find this ScanCafe review to be useful. In this complete review, I will explain what kind of service it is and who should address it.

ScanCafe is a photo digitizing service, it specializes in scanning negatives, slides, photographs, video footage and restoration. If you examine diverse digitizing slides services reviews, you are likely to see ScanCafe in most of them.

The ScanCafe site consists of a large number of different tabs, which together with the outdated design can scare new users, but if you have a closer look, you’ll understand that the platform is quite simple.

ScanCafe Quality of Work

  • scancafe vs fix the photo examples
  • scancafe vs fix the photo examples
  • scancafe vs fix the photo examples

    If you can’t decide who is better in ScanCafe vs FixThePhoto battle, keep reading. In fact, a common thing between these companies is the restoration. It is often considered to be among the most complex Photoshop techniques. By ordering such a service from, you can recover old photographs that don’t have copies or were damaged in any way. Thus, your old pictures will be granted a new life.

    ScanCafe provides several levels of digital restoration. The first level is very cheap, which is unusual for this type of work. But if you look closely at the examples, you’ll see that it mostly involves color correction and general flaw removal, which isn’t always mentioned in Scan Cafe reviews.

    Unfortunately, this service has a small gallery with no zoom-in option, so it is difficult to fully assess their work. However, we’ve prepared a ScanCafe review trying to describe their main features.

    • scancafe alternative photo restoration sample scancafe alternative photo restoration sample
    • scancafe alternative photo restoration sample scancafe alternative photo restoration sample
    • scancafe alternative photo restoration sample scancafe alternative photo restoration sample

      This is something that cannot be said about the FixThePhoto service. It isn’t only full of high-quality previews, but each photo is also accompanied by a description listing all manipulations made by the retoucher.

      FixThePhoto has more discounts and a lower price for work. But they work with orders only in a digital form, so if you don’t have a photo scanner or don’t want to use third-party services, then you won’t be able to order restoration from FixThePhoto.

      ScanCafe Additional Services

      Most ScanCafe reviews claim that this site features an incredible number of services – in total, I counted 11 services, 2 of which are related to the restoration/digitization of a video. It is really interesting that ScanCafe performs a lot of manipulations manually.

      You can order the digitization of your negatives, slides, APS film and ready-made photos. The color correction after digitization is included in the price, which makes ScanCafe one of the best digitizing services.

      scancafe photo scanning services reviews

      As for the video, ScanCafe accepts VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital 8, and Mini-DV formats. You can even digitize entire movies shot on film. In addition to scanning, there is also a restoration service. You can either send them your images or a scanned copy if the quality of scanning satisfies them.

      A nice thing is the possibility to order is a gift box or gift card, as well as a value kit, which is more budget-friendly than a regular order, but I think not everyone has that many pictures (from 500 scans).

      Since FixThePhoto doesn’t digitize your images, you can use one of the third-party photo scanning services and order the restoration from FixThePhoto. It will still be cheaper than using ScanCafe.

      ScanCafe Prices

      scancafe vs fix the photo prices

      As you can learn from digitizing slides services reviews or their website, ScanCafe prices range from $1 to $88 and higher for a single photo. ScanCafe offers 4 levels– basic, which costs between $1 and $16, medium – from $22 to $33, advanced in the $44 to $55 range, and extreme that starts at $88. However, you can find out the exact price only after you’ve sent a free quote.

      FixThePhoto prices lie somewhere in the middle: their minimal price is more expensive than at Scancafe, but the maximum is cheaper. FixThePhoto has 3 levels here: standard is priced at $25 per image, premium at $35 per image, and extreme for $50. The price is fully justified by the quality of the restoration and the service as a whole.

      Another huge advantage FixThePhoto has over Scancafe is the availability of discounts. At FixThePhoto, large projects get an attractive discount between 15% and 50% no matter the type of service required.

      *By mentioning Average Quality we mean the average quality of editing services at popular freelance platforms. The photos you see in this post were edited by freelance retouchers for $5 per photo. FixThePhoto examples were edited by professional FixThePhoto retouchers also for $5 per photo.

      FixThePhoto Customers Feedback

      13 Customer Reviews
      4.7 out of 5 stars
      John J Werner. Rome, GA
      The photo looks excellent! Thank you very much.
      Justin Forsyth. APPLETON, WA
      thank you the picture turned out perfect. I will refer my classmates to your services in the future!
      Floyd French. Toronto, Ontario
      Dear Ms Ann,
      I’m thrilled to have found you! Excellent job!
      Stephan Ritter. Schlehdorf, Freistaat Bayern
      awesome, I love the work you did...perfect!!
      Anita R Poole. Elkhart, IN. OK
      Hi! You guys did a great job! It looks great and fits my company's specs. They've approved it for posting to our website and I'm very pleased. Thanks.
      Kevin Smith. Monticello, GA
      Hello Ann,
      You did an amazing job! Thank you. I’m am very pleased with your work!
      Adam Smith. Pittsburgh, PA
      I am satisfied with the photos, thank you!
      A Johnson. Columbus, OH
      Hi Ann! The image looks amazing!!
      Connie Boggs, Grantsville, UT
      Great results at an affordable cost.
      Dwight Swopes, Bainbridge, GA
      I’ve enjoyed working with the service and will use it again.
      Patrick Adler, Freistaat Bayern, München
      Compared to analogs, it offers reasonable prices, fast turnaround, ease of use, and high-quality results.
      Alexandra Arbuckle
      I have used this service many times. It’s the best service for me.
      Donna Lash, Riverside, CA
      I always get amazing images from FixThePhoto and will continue addressing the company in the future.
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